Kris Jenner: Is She Faking Split from Bruce Jenner?

    November 17, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Is Kris Jenner faking her split from hubby Bruce Jenner? Is this all some big ploy that will play itself out with a dramatic reconciliation on Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

Bruce Jenner recently claimed that things are great between the two. In fact, he said he and Kris ‘couldn’t be happier.’

“She supports me. I see her every day. We’re doing absolutely great,” he said.

So how does Kris Jenner feel about Bruce’s kind and rather loving comments? Well, it seems she has been saying similar things ever since their split became official back in October. How strange is that?

VH1 reports that the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will be all about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom rather than about Bruce and Kris Jenner’s split. Is this even further indication that this split won’t be lasting long?

Keeping Up With the Kardashian fans, as well as various media outlets will likely be keeping a very close watch on all things Jenner in the upcoming weeks and months. When something seems amiss in the lives of these reality show stars, there is almost always a concrete reason behind it.

The holidays are coming, and everyone knows this time of year can conjure up feelings that have lain dormant for a long, long time. Might Kris and Bruce decide over Thanksgiving or Christmas that they really do love each other and are meant to be together forever?

It will be interesting to see the state of Kris Jenner’s relationship with estranged hubby Bruce Jenner after the first of the year. When all that remains of the turkey is the giblets in the freezer, and the last few needles from the Christmas tree have been swept under the rug (along with a few more Jenner-Kardashian secrets!)–then the real feelings surface. That’s when push will come to shove, and fans will learn if Kris Jenner has really been faking her split from Bruce.

And who knows? After the holidays are over, fans might even learn if Bruce is a leg or a breast man.

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  • TK

    Everything about the family is fake. Did we forget the fake wedding so soon?

    • themadmexican


      • ThaTruth5

        Wow,funny ppl come up here & wish they’d go away, but be the 1st to make sure that they comment. Anywho..
        I think it’s great when 2 ppl realize that they’re better apart & can still remain friendly. I don’t even think the haters know why they’re upset about something like that, I mean, does it affect YOUR life?? Doubt it. Well, congrats to them for keeping a tight knit family, maybe ppl will stop being so jealous & realize that they’d prosper as well, as soon as they stop downing this fam for living THEIR LIVES!

        • Dan

          No, we look to see how many people like you are dumb enough to watch this train wreck family. Tight knit family…….oh pullleaze..you must spend a fortune on this family’s garbage…

      • ThaTruth5

        Probably when yall stop stalking all of their articles & let them go! Until then, be happy that you have something 2 read about, since it seems this is the ONLY interesting article to you haters.

      • rhonda

        Never! why should they? As long as people watch this crap like my daughter, the money will keep rolling in.

    • ThaTruth5

      & the fakest of them all (you undercover fans), will be 1st to comment…u know yall don’t miss a beat w/ this family. They can put out an article on how many times they s*itted in a day, & yall will jump on that article like b*tches in heat.

      • tamarahope

        @thatruth5, Hey take a chill pill & calm down its just a post its not worth busting a gut over people,we all have the right to post! You like them that’s fine I don’t! Lie once you will lie again!

    • tom

      Bruce Jenner is the biggest pussy I’ve ever met. He’s got no balls, he’s a wuzz.

  • Not going to say

    Ok -it’s he kartrashians who will do, say, be anything, anytime, anywhere to keep themselves in the media and the media falls for it as do we reader.

  • http://yahoo.com Cush

    I could PUKE Kris Jenner….she makes me sick and who gives a damn if she’s with our without Bruce Jenner, really? I like watching the Kardashian’s, but with less of her and her and Kim’s fake asses would be fine with me. More Khloe, Kourtney, Kendal, Kiley, Robert, Bruce, Scott, Mason, Penelope, and the Jenner boys & wife, but Kim & Kris…forget about it…and Kanye…who cares?

  • Teetem

    Of course she’s faking it!! Absolutely everything about this woman is fake!!! They’re not a real ‘family’ – they’re just a series of crises/controversy/BS situations. Anyone who believes one iota of anything said by anyone associated with this ‘family’ is dillusional…

    • ThaTruth5

      Let me tell you the funny part tho…it’s the ppl that claim they’re fake & this & that, but what does it make YOU to comment of something so “fake”. That means, you need 2 get a life then boo!

  • Rafael Centenera


  • tamarahope

    I wouldn’t put anything past her,she & the rest of the family have proven before they well lie & deceive us for ratings! I stopped watching the show when I found out the wedding was fake-that told me the show isn’t a reality show its all fake!

  • flow

    Fake or not, who cares…


    Just like everything on this show; everything’s scripted. The Tweets being similar and the nice way they treat each other are the same way, it’s all scripted. I just wish the script would have them all meet a gruesome end where they all have to buried and DNA test confirm they are not Elvis. Then the nation files a law suit to stop syndicated replay. The first part though is the writers must have an episode there they are all without makeup and unbiased doctors identify every scar and which plastic surgery resulted from the scar. 1 last thing, tell us who Klhoe’s bio-dad is. My $ on OJ.

  • http://yahoo Sandra Hyder

    This family is crazy ! all of them i would’nt put anything pass this whole bunch of them they will and do anything to up there Ratings all they care about is making that all minty dollar

  • Doug

    Someone needs to put this woman away. She is too much and she is fake like a doll. She already admitted to scripting their reality show. Enough media attention on these creatures. Hopefully their show gets the axe soon so we don’t have to hear their personal business anymore, and watch their empire take a dive. No one lives like this in normal life!!

  • Doug

    Who wakes up in the morning with full make-up as if they’re getting ready for a wedding? It’s so fake and scripted and ppl watch this shit and make these creatures rich. Even their late father is probably rolling in his grave right now…….

    • Shannon

      That’s a laugh, their late father was a good buddy of OJ’s, he was on the team of lawyers that got OJ off. He didn’t care that OJ was a murdering, disgusting creep. Robert Kardashian had no dignity either and he loved the media attention too, he just wasn’t as interesting to the audience as the women are.

  • Pam S

    This is nothing new. She cannot stand the kids to have the attention. She has to get her face in there and make things about her.

  • kara

    I think it’s sad that I’m even sitting here reading an article about it, but I just wish Bruce would get away from the “drama-Mama” and her drama-babies. I felt like he was above this in his day, many years ago, but who knows? None of us can truly believe that there’s anything good, wholesome or happy about their so-called “family” b/c of the things that are portrayed on their show. I stopped watching their show b/c I don’t want to lower MY standards by watching them. I’m not a hater, I’m just above them in morals (by a LONG shot)! It’s so pitiful the way they call each other nasty names, whore around w/whomever they choose and then act like that’s “normal”. Just disgusting…I wish their “family” would go away and shows be taken from anyone’s view…oh, well, I know that sex sells, but these women don’t look sexy to me. Sexy means there’s something really left to the imagination (for me anyway), and they have shown that they leave NOTHING to the imagination. They disgust me on every level…it’s ok if you don’t feel the same…my opinion doesn’t have to be yours.

  • Shannon

    It’s pretty hard to believe y’all don’t watch the show and the family’s every move, when you rush in here to post against them. Yes, they are pretty much all famewhores, but at least I admit to watching them, and no I don’t like them, although I do remember well when Jenner was an American hero, but they keep me interested…just like all of you in here to voice your opinions. If you didn’t pay any attention to them, you wouldn’t be here at all. LOL

  • Susie

    Sure it is. The ratings dropped on the show!!!!

  • CharleyN

    I sure hope this is not just for publicity. I hate to see any family broken up, but this is one for the record books. Everything is “hers”. He should thank God everyday that she “allowed” him to buy the place in Malibu. In some ways, this is a family to be pitied. If they lost their fame and fortune tomorrow, where would they be?

  • luika

    I don’t watch the show due to the story how this woman Kim Kardashian get her spot on tv, but I feel sorry for Bruce and Rob also Khloe they seem to be victims and being force to be part of the show. The life of Rob and Khloe is a living hell she lost her husband and Rob can’t achieve anything without Mom’s complaints and sister Kim, How they can treat a person like that. Also I read some stuff from the media to keep track of the ones I mention but not all the time. Remember this people made a clothing line using Thailand slaves, Kim has her spot due to a porn video. But Bruce has been the laugh of the show, Rob the abnormal guy who can’t do anything right and Khloe sometimes I think all that information about her husband using drugs was for ruin his reputation and separate the couple he refused to be a clown or a pet like Bruce.