Kris Jenner Denies Claims That She Used Ecstasy

    December 7, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Kris Jenner’s personal life has been posted all over the news, with her daughter Khloe Kardashian possibly getting a divorce, her separation from her husband, Bruce Jenner, and her youngest daughters, Kylie and Kendall, taking a walk on the wild side, it seems that Jenner may be at her wits end. However, new allegations are being thrown at her by O.J. Simpson’s manager, Norman Pardo, that Jenner once enjoyed “ecstasy fueled parties.”

“Kris was known for having a good time. O.J. says there was a lot of partying going on back then. O.J. always says, ‘[There was] a lot of ecstasy,'” Pardo said. Maybe Pardo has nothing better to do because this is the second time in only a couple weeks that he has made claims against Jenner. The most recent being that her daughter, Khloe, could be the daughter of O.J. Simpson as well. ‘It’s all going to come out sooner or later. Khloe could be OJ’s kid,” Pardo said.

When Jenner was married to her late husband, Robert Kardashian, the couple was very close to Simpson and his wife, Nicole Brown. The went on vacations together and were known to spend most of their time with each other. Kardashian even served as Simpson’s defense attorney during Simpson’s 1995 murder trial where he was acquitted of murdering his wife and her friend, Ron Goldman. “They all took their vacations together. There was a lot of partying going on back then. Kris cheated on Robert – she was known for having a good time,” Pardo continued.

Despite the allegations, Jenner remains firm in saying that she has never used drugs, and that she knows, for a fact, that Robert Kardashian is Khloe’s father. “I have never touched ecstasy in my life,” she said. And as far as Khloe goes, she says, “I have never heard such crap in my life. I was there, right. I gave birth, I know who the dad was. Everything’s good. We’re all good. It’s the family joke because Khloe was blond and not dark-haired. People just … get a life.”

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  • Anyone

    We have to stop being so naive in this country. There are two different sets of rules for people. One for people with money and fame. The other for people without money and fame. Those with money and/or fame can do whatever they want. Those without money or fame will go to prison for the smallest of things. Doubt what I say? Go to a prison and talk to the inmates there. Look at their backgrounds. It is pretty much all about poverty in some shape or form.

    We act like people in Hollywood are these hard working people. Yes, they work hard, but for very short durations. They have a lot of free time on their hands. A lot of cash. When people have a lot of free time on their hands, what do they do? They party and screw. They use a hell of a lot of drugs.

    I honestly don’t care but I hate hypocrisy. That is all we are in this nation is a bunch of hypocrites. We see things happening but don’t acknowledge them. We apply two different standards to people. It is like the whole topic of underage drinking and sex. Which applies to the younger Jenner girls. In the real world, all we see is underage people drinking and having sex. Yet, we deny it as if it isn’t happening. We cling to the illusion that teenagers are still “children” when in reality they are doing everything adults are doing and are choosing to do these things. Go to any club in any major city in this country. They are full of underage girls. Those girls purposely go there. No one is forcing them to dress up, travel, get a fake ID, drink, and go after older men. They are doing it because they want to. The guys are doing it too, but really more than anything it is the girls. Girls are hardly victims in this world. They freely choose to put themselves in situations. Heck, every grown woman I have ever known has told me a story about how they went after older men when they were underage. It is so obvious but people just live in a fantasy world and say it isn’t happening.

    At the end of the day, we just don’t deal with reality in this country. The Kardashians faked a whole wedding. Out of all they did, that was the worst thing. I don’t care about the sex tape — half of america is doing homemade porn. I don’t care about the ring incident or the fake drama or the business scandals. The worst thing was the wedding. They faked the courtship, they faked the engagement, they faked the wedding, they faked the honeymoon, they faked the 70 days after the honeymoon —- what on earth makes you think they suddenly found the will to tell the truth?

    Lastly, the wedding made a mockery out of love and a good institution. Marriage is special. It is needed. Men and women are simply better together. That is half the problem in this nation — no real family units. Nobody sticking together. Out of all the things they have done — I can forgive them for everything and really I don’t care because they never have harmed me — but it is hard to forgive someone who makes a mockery out of love and family. So many people in this world want that and they don’t have it.