Kodak Launches Facebook Photo Album App

Social Media

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Kodak has introduced a “Social Photo Album Creator” for Facebook that lets people combine photos from the site and work with others to make an album together.

There are three steps to using the Social Photo Album Creator:




 1.Create an album from your Facebook photos.

 2.Invite others to participate and add their pictures to your album.

 3.Visit a Kodak Picture Kiosk and print from your Facebook account at the kiosk.

"With the new Social Photo Album Creator from KODAK, Kodak has solved the problem of consumers having to look through dozens of different Facebook friends' albums for pictures of a particular event," said Rolando Martinez, Retail Systems Solutions Americas Business Manager, Eastman Kodak Company.  

"Not only can Facebook users invite friends to collaborate in creating and sharing one album, now they can easily tell their story by making something unique with those memories in a matter of minutes.”