Kmart “Jingle Balls” Commercial Controversy

    November 20, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Kmart is sure to have the most entertaining and controversial commercial of the holiday season. The Joe Boxer ad, which was released this week, has been nicknamed “Jingle Balls”, and shows six men shaking their (well you know) to the sound of the Christmas classic, “Jingle Bells”.

The “Show your Joe” ad starts very innocently with six very handsome men standing behind a table ringing bells. The controversy begins when they move out from behind the table and begin shaking their hips.

While some have found the commercial truly offensive, many others have commented that the commercial is “hilarious” and “the best of the season”. Kmart’s Facebook and Twitter profiles have been bombarded with both good and bad comments.

“Kmart exec’s – you’ve taken Kmart to a whole new Smut level, with your junk jingle,” said
Jon- Karen Arthur. Another Facebook user wrote, “No… I believe that sickening commercial is horribly inappropriate for a “family oriented” store. It is not being a “hater” to expect common decency in a tv commercial. I choose moral uprightness..So I am boycotting Kmart this Christmas and invite others to do the same.”

What do you think about Kmart’s “Show your Joe” commercial? Leave your comments below.

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  • http://joeboxer emjay

    your ad is disgusting.Not in the family category. Joe boxer is definitely off my shopping list.

  • melody

    I loved this commercial. Kudos to kmart for having the balls to air it. Many stires wouldnt have but they kept it tasteful yet funny

  • gracie

    totally funny ad. People are so PC lately that they have lost their sense of humor.

    • Dee

      Tacky, disgusting and tasteless, especially for Christmas!
      I will never shop at K-Mart again, not that I regularly did before anyway.

  • mz

    Great commercial. . If it was females in thongs it would have been ok…. no controversy there…. get over it…

    • David

      Young impressionable children? Probably not

  • Leslie

    Another great commercial! I loved the “Ship my Pants” commercial. My whole family thought it was hilarious! This is great for the season. Great job.

  • Brenda

    We love it I am 52 and my mom is 71!!!!! The people that dont like it probably let their family watch shows every week that are much worse than this….If my kids were little again it would not bother me to let them see it…

  • Sarah

    Love it! Went online and bought ten pairs of joe boxers for my four boys!

  • Don Osiek

    There was nothing wrong with this commercial. They show everything else on television, yes even nude scenes. Stop trying to make something bad out of nothing. Kmart your commercial was great.


  • MITT

    I love it…hhaahha GENIUS…. theres nothing wrong with this commercial at all.. We can not shelter our kids from anything in life… They either get exposed now or find out the hard way …and this isnt even bad..

    • David

      We can NEVER shelter our kids ! U r a genuis

  • Birdella

    I am 61 years old, and I think the commercial is cute. I don’t see anything wrong, and I am not offended by it. If they had on jockey shorts, that might be something different. You see naked people on TV, or the maxi pad commercials ( now that one does offend me ) and no one hollers about that. I just think that Kmart brought some humor into a world with such serious times. Lighten up people.!!


    I am 64 years and loved this ad. I am so tired of TV spots which make no sense and are not even close to being funny. i own a national ad agency and wish i had come up with this ad.

  • Dee

    The commercial was gross and disgusting, anyone who likes this has an “anything goes” mentality
    Christmas deserves more respect.

  • Nora

    i thought it was gross. not really going to help you save your stores, kmart. but what can one expect, from a day and age, when sex toys can be advertised on day-time, and prime-time television, or shows are rolled out with titles like “cook your a** off”? it’s a shame businesses and advertisers are resorting to such low standards, to sell products and services. very disappointing, kmart. it’s curious that you would risk offending so many potential shoppers, when your stores are in such trouble. if your shareholders aren’t outraged, then they are fools; oh, i mean, if you still have any of those left. :/

  • Natasha

    Come on really. My kids see this it maybe funny but what do I tell my kids? So I say to you come on really? Not happy. this world is is not thinking . Now these days

    • Dee

      Try English – what are you trying to say?!

  • Natasha

    Can I tell my kids school principal to call k Mart when when he dose it in school to his teacher ? Thanks k Mart kids smart

    • Kjsavvy

      If your kid’s nuts make that sound then you have much bigger issues than him shaking them in school….

    • Dee

      “does” not “dose”

      Try using punctation and you will be legible.

  • Greta

    I think it is disgusting and insulting. Where will it stop. It is this kind of advertising that sinks our moral levels further down the road. Someone wrote it wasn’t this bad and they show nudity and this wasn’t that bad, if someone tells you to jump off a bridge are you going to follow because it isn’t that bad? I and my husband will be boycotting kmart this year as well! Shame on you and your supposed values

    • jac

      I totally agree with you. Kmart will not be entered again by me. This nation’s morals decline daily.

      • David Millet

        Watch this this with your 14 year old daughter and see how fast u can grab the remote to change it .I was appauled and felt myself sweat with anger and embarrassment for my innocent child being fed this vile content at her age .no apology needed all christmas items purchased at kmart will be returned and myself nor anyone in my family will EVER shop thrre again

    • Katie

      I think you should rethink your “morals”. Let’s start with basic grammar usage, sentence structure, and punctuation. Maybe if this country was smarter as a whole, commercials such as these wouldn’t be so offensive.

      • David

        U sound smart but u must be at your peak . This is not ok for children to see good luck please use condoms so there is no chance of reproduction

      • Mikw

        Katie…STFU with your anal grammar rant.

  • Steve

    Will never step into another kmart again. They’ve list all my biz.

  • Heather

    It’s funny! Lighten up people!!! It’s to make people smile and lighten up for the holiday when everyone is usually stressed

    • David

      My small innocent children arent old enough to be stressed

  • Greg

    The commercial may be funny for adults at later hours but is completely inappropriate at prime time were small children watching and asking questions as to why the adults are making comments about it.
    Come on Kmart really, you have a Christmas commercial with guys shaking their packages. This is in no way appropriate for the younger audiences that will be wide eyed and watching. As for those who are standing up for the commercial I’m sure they do not have small children in the house that are watching this commercial and if they do, shame on them.

    • David

      U must not have any children .this is not what I want entered into my child mind during hrr favorite holiday ! She just turned 14 wow

    • Mikw

      I completely agree. Commercial is acceptable for late nite viewing only.

      It’s on Prime time for God’s sake.

  • C Harper

    “ship my pants” and now “jingle bells”…your ads may be going viral…good for you…sad for the American public that appreciates the humor??? in them. With this beautiful holiday season upon us, why not follow the nicer ads of your other ‘brother’ stores, like Sears. If you think that I, along with so many others, will continue to shop K-Mart, you are sadly mistaken. Even though K-Mart is only 1 minute from my house, it will be other stores that I will shop in – K-Mart is definitely OFF my list…since Sears Holdings is the parent company, I am taking them off my store list also.

    • David

      No more craftsman tools for me because of this filth that I am supposed think is cute .I am a gearhead and love craftsman tools but can not put my morals and what is appropriate for my children in the tank ! No more kmart no more sears EVER

  • CC

    Ha ha ha..It’s funny,,not dirty at all,,lighten up people!
    The dirty Commercials are the Herbal Essence Shampoo commercials with that stupid woman pretending to have an Orgasm while washing her hair,,Boycott that!

    • David

      I do

  • jitney

    This commercial only reenforces that we have stooped to a lower level of expectation in society. We are now accepting cursing as regular everyday language, but yet we condemn a naked statue in a park, calling it obscene. But we also barely wear clothes over our own. I think we need to have a little discretion in our surroundings to project a better society, Hopefully, there are others out there that feel the same!!!!!

    Merry Christmas

  • http://Kmart Bianca

    Your ad is disgusting we would appreciate if you took it off

    Thank You!

  • http://Kmart Charlotte

    Don’t like your ad on t.v. We don’t need a family store showing this stuff as a family is watching shows together

  • TxAnn

    If it were a SNL skit,late night tv, fine, funny, creative. However, it’s NOT funny or appropriate when I’m watching prime time tv with my grandchildren. I also absolutely HATE the Herbal Essence orgasm commercial. Love the product, will never buy again!

  • Michelle

    Just another reason to continue to shop online and cancel cable/broadcast television and only utilize netflix for entertainment. Better to pay less, endure no inappropriate and vulgar commercials and shop in the comfort of my own home from companies I respect.

    Thank you, KMart, for helping our family (and extended families’ and many, many friends and associates) to make this decision!

  • Adilene Smith

    I love this commercial. Had me laughing and waiting to see it again. Love love love it!!!!!! Go sexy Joe boxer men lol

  • bebe rodriguez


  • Val Gilstrap

    Your boxer short-jingle bells commercial is the most tasteless thing I have seen in decades of watching tv. I have never bothered to review anything online before, but this crosses a line. No apology can correct it, no penance can atone for it. I will not be shopping at Kmart this Christmas, if ever again.

    • Katie

      Clearly, they aren’t apologizing.

  • http://www.saysmom.com maia

    that knees-spread pose makes them look like they’re taking a dump… and shaking their ‘package’ is neither erotic, nor funny… sure as heck isn’t in the ‘spirit of the season’…

    k-mart has bombed, regardless of how many [insert your choice of demeaning noun here] think it’s great entertainment…

  • http://WebProNews Linda Steben

    I think this boxer short-jingle bells ad is absolutely disgusting. I never thought K-Mart would stoop so low. It shows their morals and values. When I first saw this ad I was watching TV with my 3 grandchildren and I couldn’t believe what I was observing. I don’t believe I will support K-Mart anymore.

    Linda Steben

  • vfer

    Really? I think it is the BEST commercial Kmart has EVER done! I love it an laugh every time I see it. I think the people that are complaining are constipated and irritable dumbasses who don’t know how to enjoy life. Lighten up!

    • David

      I wouldnt know how to enjoy ur lifestyle porn maybe drugs but clearly obama

  • Donna Liebhardt

    Love Love Love… makes me grin every time I see it! Get over it prudes and go buy tightie whities!

    • David

      Just dont think its ok for children or are u a ped

  • http://webpronews.com lioness48

    1st is was “ship my pants” and “big gas” done in bad taste. Now you’re adding to bad taste your “jingle bxlls” commercial. Just who did you hire for these marketing disasters. Spend another dime to get good help. I’m definitely not shopping at Kmart.

  • Katie

    Watching a show with my young daughter and then to see this vulgar inappropriate commercial”. I find it disgraceful and in poor taste

    I will No longer shop at Kmart and STOP buying joe boxer

  • Victor

    KMart, you’re finished for good!

  • sad

    I can’t believe stop one man from saying DAM but we can see guy shaking there balls sad world

    • David

      IQ low?

  • Nancy

    This is a disgusting commerical. I hope they aren’t planning a similiar one for future holidays. They need to turn their efforts to improving the quality of their ads because there is entirely too much low class in this one.

  • Tee

    This commercial is definitely my favorite of the season. All the people going and getting butthurt about it need to loosen up a bit.