Kings Island Roller Coaster: New Record Breaker on its Way

    August 2, 2013
    Emily Greene
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A new roller coaster is in the works for Kings Island. The theme park, located in Mason, Ohio, is touting a new ride that is “world record-breaking.”

The new ride will be built in the area where the “Son of Beast” ride once resided, according to public records obtained by The Cincinnati Enquirer.

The new record-breaking ride will be created by the same designer as “Son of Beast.” What’s unclear is what record this ride will break, but hopefully that information will be given when the park makes an announcement on August 8 at 10 p.m.

Something else roller coaster enthusiasts will hopefully find out on Thursday is the name of the ride. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., the park’s parent company filed to trademark “Banshee” on an amusement park ride in April.

Until Kings Island gives more information, fans will just have to imagine what the ride could be. Editor-in-Chief of FUNWORLD, Jeremy Schoolfield, says new innovations in amusement park rides continue to change and get better. He said, “In recent years, we’ve seen all number of things, from where you put riders in relation to the track, what the track is able to do and the types of maneuvers the trains are able to make. Tallest, fastest and longest are some of the staples, but angle of descent – the first drop gets steeper – is something we’ve seen pushed in the past few years.”

Even though the ill-fated Beast ride has been demolished, Kings Island is offering 30-minute behind-the-scenes tours of the ride. As part of the Kings Island for the Cure campaign, now through August 24, participants will learn interesting bits of information about the world’s longest wooden roller coaster. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $25 online, or $30 at the gate. All proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Cincinnati. An admission ticket into the park is also required for the tour.

  • shade

    Here is what it won’t be. A new wooden coaster or any traditional type of coaster. It will be some hybrid or non-traditional crappy coaster. Something like gatekeeper or firehawk. It’s time to get back to traditional roller coasters and get away from making crap just because it is different. Just my opinion.

  • Whiskers

    I have rode every rollercoaster at KI, and honestly I really enjoy the park as a whole. I am excited to see what they have to offer as far as a new thrill ride/rollercoaster. This has been needed for a while, Diamondback is several years old now and they haven’t really added any new rides much other than the Skytower thing but I only go for the coasters, I don’t waste time in lines for carnival type rides. I am excited to visit next year and see what could be awaiting!

  • Joel

    I wish the parks would go back to the way it was in the 70s and 80s. Ever since Cedar Fairs bought out all the good parks it has gone downhill. I remember each year a park would try to top the others by having a bigger, badder ride. Now Cedar Fairs owns the majority of the parks totally eliminating the competetion aspect of the rides.

    • B McGuire

      Blah! CF has been the pioneer of rides for the past 70+ years. Paramount? Six Flags? Marriots?!?! do you remember them? they build rides with 2 trains. Basically building in a 2 hour wait for a new ride. CF/CP has consistently designed rides that can handle maximum ridership per hour. CF is producing a far much better product through its parks than any other entertainment company.

  • Dan

    I am really happy that my kids and I got a many rides on Son Of Beast. It was such a push-the-limits ride. I guess too much. I think Cedar Fair will keep the park competitive with newer, better coasters as evidenced by the announcement. While I appreciate wood coasters, I am in my mid-50’s, and the darn things beat me up too much. I’m afraid I now prefer a nice smooth metal coaster. It’s no fun to spend half the day at the park walking around with a sore back. I’m not proposing that no woodies be built or restored, just sharing my preference with the understanding that parks are for kids first and foremost. The change from Paramount to Cedar Fair that bothers me most is the disappearance of the rich Paramount ride and park theming. It would be nice to see Cedar Fair team up with a major film studio or maybe a video game company and imagine-ize their experience more.

    • bradford

      When I was young back in the late 70s-early 80s, I remember the Son of the Beast first as the Scooby-Doo coaster and then as the Beastie. For those of us too young (or short) to ride the Beast, this made us feel adventurous.

      Regardless of what CF is doing to parks around the country, at least they have real parks. Now I live in Pittsburgh where Kennywood is more like a carnival with fair rides in which people reminisce about the glory days of the Steel Curtain and We are Family instead of wanting a real coaster park.

      • Valerie

        I LOVED the Beastie-I remember going on it several times in a row as a child :)I don’t like that they started calling it “Son of Beast” because I loved the dynamic for those of us who were shorter. Like Gozilla and Godzookie

  • Charles

    Pursuant to the last paragraph of this article, I did not know the Beast was demolished. When did that happen ?
    I though it would remain forever and was till consider a major wooden coaster.

    • Larry

      I think the writer meant Son of Beast. I did a quick check of the Kings Island website, and The Beast is still operating.

  • Greg

    It is not Cedarfairs fault that other Amusent Parks had to sell to them. And they were lucky to get the Paramount Parks. That one even surprised me!

    Now back to the story! I hope KI has a record breaking in height and speed and has a friendly comp with CP

  • Rob

    The article’s author doesn’t realize there is a difference between The Beast (still in operation)and Son Of Beast (demolished).

  • WatchMaker

    Anyone ever ride a coaster while drunk or high?

    • Justin Bledsoe

      Dude, Now your talking. Makes it all the more surreal. Just make sure you keep your hands inside the car at all times and holding that can of beer firmly as well as the joint. Now let’s all go get some coaster time and chase white rabbits.

  • Tara

    The Son of Beast was dismantled. The Beast, which is still running, is the longest wooden roller coaster in the world. The article states “Even though the ill-fated Beast ride has been demolished, Kings Island is offering 30-minute behind-the-scenes tours of the ride.” That makes it sound like they are offering tour of the dismantled Son of Beast.

  • Doug

    The Son of the Beast needed to go anyway. That ride was very rough. I rode it twice and never went back.

  • Carolina Williams

    I am glad Son of Beast is gone. That thing made my kidneys ache! I have always preferred KI to CP and I live much closer to CP.

  • Justin Bledsoe

    I was a little confused when they said the “Ill Fated Beast” has been demolished. For a minute there I thought they were talking about the legendary Beast rollercoaster and not the “Son Of Beast” coaster. I’m glad that’s been cleared up. Still I wish I had the chance to ride “Son Of Beast” with the loop before it closed after a very short life. Go’s down in the books with Busch Garden’s “Drachen Fire”.

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