Kim Richards Gets On Newcomer Lisa Rinna’s Bad Side On RHOBH Season 5

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A sneak preview of the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is brimming with explosive fights and violent outbursts, and Kim Richards is one of its centers of controversy. No less than show newcomer Lisa Rinna has exploded at Richards for her behavior and the trailer for the fifth season has viewers asking why.

The trailer to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 starts out peacefully enough with a montage of scenes from the extravagant lifestyles of its cast members. Newcomers and fellow soap opera veterans Rinna and Eileen Davidson are introduced in the trailer as they join regular cast members Richards, Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and Yolanda Foster for this season’s dramatic storylines.

However, trouble quickly escalates among this group of housewives, including the spat between Rinna and Richards. In the show trailer, Rinna is seen throwing her wine glass at Richards at a club. “Don’t you ever go after my f*cking husband,” she shouts at Richards.

Apparently, the skirmish happened at the Supperclub in Los Angeles on October 22. A source told RadarOnline how the fight between Rinna and Richards became physical. “Lisa attempted to push Kim, and the women had to be physically separated! Lisa even made threats against Kim—it was totally crazy,” said the source.

Later in the trailer, Rinna is seen speaking to castmates at dinner, saying, “Everyone is enabling an addict.” The remark was reportedly made about Richards, who has been battling alcohol addiction and whose process has been documented closely on the show.

The last scene of the trailer shows another housewife fight, where Glanville slaps Vanderpump in the face. However, Kim’s sister Kyle told Daily Mail that reports that Rinna and Glanville were bringing drama to the show were “inaccurate.”

“It’s a very intense season. It’s going to be the best season ever. I’m not allowed to say a lot about, but it’s been very interesting to say the least,” said Kyle.

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