Kim Kardashian: Was Her Bikini Photo Doctored?

    December 13, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Were Kim Kardashian’s recent bikini photos doctored? That’s what the New York Post says, and they claim it was all Kim’s doing. A source tells them that Kim had her recent Us Weekly bikini shot photos taken by a ‘friendly agency photographer.’ Then she reportedly had them airbrushed before putting them up for bids from competing publications. The airbrushing supposedly made her look thinner, more toned and smoother all over.

Us Weekly obviously won the bidding war–coming in at $100,000. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star gets fifty percent of that–raking in $50k for her doctored photos.

The magazine, however, boasts on Kim Kardashian’s behalf, saying that just six months after giving birth to baby North West, her post-pregnancy body is already in bikini shape.

Reps from the Post say they saw Kim recently, and while she looks incredible just six months after giving birth–she doesn’t look anywhere near as good as those airbrushed bikini photos suggest.

Kim posted this Instagram photo two months ago, and she looked pretty darn good then.

Is it possible the New York Post has misconstrued exactly how much airbrushing was done on these recent bikini photos? These days everything that graces a magazine cover is airbrushed. Might it be that Kim’s airbrushing involved nothing more than the typical job done for every other cover model around?

While it would certainly be interesting to see Kim Kardashian in person, standing next to her Us Weekly bikini cover, it still wouldn’t be a deciding factor for whether or not she had her photos seriously airbrushed. Unless she removed her clothing, it would still be rather hard to tell.

Image via Facebook

  • Really?

    All photos are doctored. I hate to tell people this. That doesn’t mean the women are ugly though. That is a common misconception. I met a porn star once. She goes by the name Jesse Jane. All her photos are doctored and airbrushed, but in real life she was gorgeous too. She was also very nice.

    I think what is really the most fake is the height of people. Most people are much shorter than they are listed. Like Jesse is listed at 5’2”. She is no where close to that. She is tiny. Most porn stars are tiny actually. That is how guys look so massive with them. Porn is all smoke and mirrors and injections and surgeries and drugs. I am not talking just about the women. The guys too. You should see what they inject in themselves.

    Yes, photos are doctored. But don’t kid yourself, those women are good looking. They aren’t your average woman you care going to see at Walmart.

    It doesn’t matter what Kim looks like though. She is very phony. She could be the most gorgeous girl in the world but at the end of the day, you won’t know if you can trust her and that makes her ugly.