Kim Kardashian Posts Yet Another Selfie, This Time It's All About Cleavage


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Last year, Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star Kim Kardashian made big headlines with her ever-popular selfie. Now, she's at it again, starting the new year off with yet another one! However, this time it's a post-workout shot, and it's the cleavage that catches the eye.

According to E! News, the 33-year-old reality TV star hit the gym Friday for another post-baby workout. Kardashian sported a black sheer athletic top with matching black leggings.

However, she wasn't alone, as her friend Blac Chyna hit the weights with her. For those that have no clue who Blac Chyna is, she's the video model who gave birth to rapper Tyga's son King in 2012.

So, it's probably safe to say it was a post-baby workout for the both of them - and it's quite evident that the hard work has definitely paid off.

Kardashian has been under constant scrutiny about her weight since giving birth to her daughter North West, in June 2013.  Lately she's had no qualms about snapping pictures of her jaw-dropping figure, which always give the media and fans something to talk about.

Once again, she's decided to show the world her progress.  However, they didn't leave much to the imagination. Kardashian took to Instagram to share her post-workout shots with fans.

She and Chyna posted in front of the mirror, snapping two hot pictures. The first picture was a body shot, all about the cleavage, and her toned abs. The picture's caption read, "Getting right for the new year."

But, they didn't stop with just one picture. It wouldn't be 'Kim Kardashian' style if she didn't include a back shot. However, this time it was double-trouble because she and Chyna took the picture together. The second picture captured a full backside view of the two.

Both pictures immediately grabbed the attention of fans, garnering almost a million likes collectively. Kardashian has accredited the popular Atkins diet for her weight loss success. She's noted several times that the low-carbohydrate diet 'helped her get her body back'.

However, she's not done yet. Kardashian also told E! News that she has '10 more pounds she'd like to lose' to reach her goal weight. There's no doubt she'll make that happen.

Image via Twitter | Kim Kardashian