Kim, Kanye Buy Mansion To Renovate

By: Amanda Crum - January 8, 2013

Kim and Kanye are now not only expecting a baby together, they’re buying property together, as well.

The star couple announced during the holidays that they are excited to be the proud expectant parents of a child whose name will undoubtedly begin with a K, and while some believe the news is just more fodder for Kris Jenner to expand her reality empire, it seems Kim and Kanye are taking it seriously and are ready to settle down.

Their new pad is located in Bel Air and is currently undergoing renovations despite the $11 million price tag. Word has it that the couple want to add on a gym, movie theater, and (obviously) a full hair and makeup salon.

Kim has a lot on her plate right now already, between her various business ventures/appearances, the reality show, and her impending divorce from basketball star Kris Humphries. The two have been battling it out in court for months after Humphries accused his ex of orchestrating their wedding simply for the sake of viewers–since it was featured on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”–and says he wants his $2 million engagement ring back. Kim has refused to admit any such thing, however, and their divorce could get even uglier now that she’s pregnant; the state of California says that a woman’s husband is automatically considered to be the father of her unborn child.

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  • Dee

    The ad should read sucker boyfriend Kanye West buy mansion for Kim K. and her bastard dont know who’s baby it is child. Where she have that much money to buy anything. Thats why she trying to get these rich sucker tycons. Kanye you should know better. Anyone have a bet to place on how long this will last. Can’t make a slut a housewife.

  • Maria tracy

    I give it a YEAR!

  • hazel

    I wish them well and pray they have a Blessed life with the new home and baby. People should stop being negative and pray for the best for these young couples. If you were in her shoes you would not want to be called dirty names.

  • Muurky

    Truth be told, Kim probably doesn’t know who the baby’s father is !