Kim and Kanye's Baby Pics Worth $3 Million


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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not exactly renowned for being the most private of people. Kardashian, especially, seems to be famous simply because of her willingness to let every part of her personal life have a spotlight shown on it. The celebrity couple has had even less privacy since Kardashian revealed her pregnancy, releasing a torrent of paparazzi, news investigations, and (apparant) national interest.

Towards the end of Kardashian’s pregnancy, there was much ado about what the child’s name would be. Turbulence rocked the internet at the idea of a “K” name for the baby, and even more trouble arose at the eventual decision to christen the child “North.” Debates about the name being either clever or ridiculous abounded (and are still rather prevalent, just take a look at Twitter).

Baby North remains a pinnacle of public interest even after her debut on Earth. More drama is arising from alleged offers of up to three million dollars for exclusive sneak-peaks at the babe. According to insiders, People Magazine offered two million dollars for the first baby pictures, and an unnamed Australian magazine offered the three million. Even North’s grandmother, Kris Jenner, is not immune to the allure of the baby’s influence; Jenner is allegedly pressuring for North’s first photos to appear on her new talk show during its premiere week.

Kardashian and West, however, seem to have ideas of their own for the public reveal of their new bundle of joy. They are opting for the most privacy they can for the time being, with Kardashian keeping to the house with North before the first photo shoot. They have rejected both the two million and three million dollar offers. Insiders say that the planned shoot will not appear on Jenner’s show, and the proceeds are rumored to be going to an unnamed charity.

The eventual release of the photos from this shoot are sure to rock the internet and national tabloid headlines. Until then, we (apparently) wait on pins and needles.