Killer Thanksgiving Storm Isis Threatens Travel


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The western side of the United States is dealing with an intense storm by the name of Isis, and the southern and eastern parts of the country are sure to have their turn with it soon.

According to the Associated Press, the icy storm with the worst possible timing is already responsible for at least eight deaths and hundreds of flight cancellations throughout the southwestern states, and will last until midday Monday morning.

The wind, snow and hail not only make for unsafe air travel; it has also caused treacherous road conditions. The eight reported causalities are the results of fatal car accidents, including the tour bus accident that has injured three members of Willie Nelson's band and has halted the tour.

Eastern states are already feeling the extremely low temperatures, and many states are predicted to begin seeing the icy sleet, rain and snow at any moment now.

Southwestern states such as Texas and New Mexico are not as accustomed to icy driving conditions as eastern state drivers are, so this could be attributed to the fatalities, but it is never safe to travel during an ice storm for even the most experienced driver.

Keep up with your area weather as well the weather of your intended destination with The National Weather Service, and be prepared for flight delays and possible cancellations throughout this Thanksgiving week.

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