Kidney Donor Fired After Giving Up Organ For Boss

    April 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A New York woman is claiming she was fired after giving up her kidney to help save her boss’s life…and she wants it back.

47-year old Debbie Stevens says that when her former employer, Jackie Brucia, needed an organ transplant to save her life, she didn’t hesitate to help out, donating her kidney to the national pool so that Brucia would be moved up on the list of recipients. She says she couldn’t donate her own kidney to Brucia because the two weren’t a perfect match.

But after a painful and costly surgery, Stevens says she was berated by her boss for leaving work early when she felt ill from the aftereffects of the surgery and was eventually demoted to an office 50 miles from her home before being fired from Atlantic Automotive Group altogether. She says she feels used by Brucia, who had a hand in rehiring her in 2010 after Stevens briefly left the company, and that she feels Brucia was just grooming her to be a backup plan.

“She used her power to manipulate me,” Stevens claimed.

Stevens says her medical insurance will soon run out and that she may have a hard time finding another insurance company who will cover her since she has donated an organ and plans to file a discrimination lawsuit against Atlantic Automotive.

“Atlantic Auto treated her appropriately and acted honorably and fairly at every turn,” Atlantic Auto lawyer Robert Milman said. “We expect to have this resolved favorably in the legal system.”

  • Melissa Foster

    Debbie needed to keep personal and work lives separate. She should have donated the kidney out of compassion for the recipient – and not because she thought it would secure her job. If she was unreliable at work, she either needed to take a leave of absense or face the consequences. Her request to get the kidney back is ridiculous.

    • Kimera Sanchez

      What article are you reading? She DID donate it out of compassion. She didn’t do it because “lolomg I want to keep my job”. Please pay attention next time.

    • fifi

      the boss is a pig. it’s not like she just lent her money or a car. She put her life on the line out of compassion and generosity. You give up an organ for someone and tell me how it feels to be treated like crap by the recipient. You are kidding yourselves if you think otherwise.

    • fifi

      your mistaken. the boss, as a boss, should not have accepted her generous offer. the woman is a witch. no ones personality changes that tremendously after such a selfless act, by another person, unless they are manipulative and horrible to begin with. this is nothing more than disgusting and that poor woman was taken advantage of by a superior.

  • cass

    Yea, she didn’t hesitate to donate. Tough situation. She may have signed away rights, I don’t know much about that kind of law.

  • Abraham

    It can be done especially when the relationship is so strong.It can be consider as “giving out one out of two” when one convinction is equally so selfless.Her own case is neither out of selflessness nor convinction.Either ways she would nt ve demanded it back.Her claims should be considered.

  • http://Yahoo Ann Griffin

    She was stupid for giving her a kidney. She said her an this boss were’nt friendly, just a boss and subordinate employee relationship. Of course her act of kindness was going to cause some wierdness at work with her nasty, hateful, ungrateful boss. This was crossing a line between work and her personal life. I hope she wins her lawsuit anyway. Maybe her ex-bosses new kidney will fail. Then she won’t need to want it back,it would serve her right.

    • Cyndie

      She did not donate directly to the boss. The article says that she was not a match. She donated to the pool.

      We also do not know what kind of worker she is or what kind of boss the boss is. All we know is what she told to the newspaper.

  • devon@zubenubi.com

    Demanding your kidney back is stupid and weird. Your boss is mean, get over it and turn the other cheek. TACOS ARE THE WORLD(not really) LOVE GIR

  • Edizzle

    She is not asking for her kidney back. She wants her JOB!

  • scout

    That boss is a witch!! When the boss found that Ms. Stevens was a match (as a donor) she acted as nice as possible so that she would get a kidney. After the transplant she didn’t need Ms. Stevens anymore so she just got rid of her. She sounds like a horrible woman so Ms. Stevens should be happy to not have to work for her anymore. Find a better job with a nicer boss.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/kidney-donor-fired-after-giving-up-organ-for-boss-2012-04#respond johnny twotimes

    With this issue causing very bad press, who is going to do business at this dealership? Would it be in the best interest of the dealership to hire this woman back to avoid the lose of business, and maybe the end of the dealership? Just asking?

  • devota carols

    what stevens has 2 know is that people r really wicked n r found of using others more so those in power.but no matter what that boss does,feels (r thinks about u stevens u r still her only life saver n a livin part of u is the reason she is alive.just take heart u r a good person u definately will get something better.good luck.i love u.

  • Gloria Branham

    Maybe she was missing a lot of work, thinking that it would be graciously overlooked, There are three sides to every story. Hers, her bosses’ and the truth. Most doctors don’t send you back, before you’re ready to work. (able) Even in this day of hard times, people miss work, when they really shouldn’t. They should realize if they don’t want to EARN their paycheck, there are several in line to take their place.

  • Louie Boston

    The automobile dealership should fire Jackie Brucia!

  • Michael

    I don’t think you can take an Organ back from a person who does not have it. Soem other person has that organ because she was not a match with her boss, and I am not quite sure you can force a person who has nothing to do with the situation at hand to give up a kidney because your boss fired you. Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure you should not have donated your kidney to anyone at your job in the first place.

  • Richard

    What an awful woman to work for. I hope she gets a Blanket Party at work.