Kidnap Victim Shuns Family For Not Looking For Her

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Kidnap victim Michelle Knight has requested that her family members not visit her in the hospital as she recovers from what has been an 11-year ordeal, apparently because those closest to her didn’t look for her after she disappeared.

32-year old Knight vanished in 2002 after a custody dispute involving her then-young son, and her family thought she had run away. When kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro allowed Knight and the two other women he held captive–Amanda Berry, 27, and Gina DeJesus, 23–to watch television, he taunted them with footage of candlelight vigils held in their honor. Knight’s family held no vigil, in part because they believed she’d left of her own will.

“They took him and she went out and took off and never came back,” said her grandmother. The family did file a missing persons report, however.

Knight, who was held the longest of the three women, reportedly suffered five miscarriages at the hands of Castro, who allegedly beat her in the stomach and starved her while she was pregnant. She remains in the hospital’s care, though the other two women have been released. Ohio prosecutors say they are pursuing a charge of aggravated murder on Knight’s behalf, which carries a possible death sentence.

The three women were rescued earlier this week after Amanda Berry saw her chance to escape with her 6-year old daughter and took it, banging on the outer door of the home to get the attention of anyone nearby. Neighbor Charles Ramsey was just finishing dinner when he heard the noise.

“I’m eating my McDonald’s; I come outside; I see this girl going nuts,” he said. “I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway!”

Investigators said today that they’ve confirmed that Berry’s daughter belongs to Castro. Ramsey said he was shocked to learn of the horrors that went on just feet away from his own home.

“I barbecued with this dude! We ate ribs and whatnot, and listened to salsa music!” he said.


Michelle Knight has reportedly been released from the hospital and is asking for her privacy as she continues recovery. She has thanked everyone who helped with the rescue and anyone involved with setting up a fund for her, Berry, and DeJesus.

Kidnap Victim Shuns Family For Not Looking For Her
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  • http://yahoo Renee

    There is only person to blame for any of this and thats the sick Bastard that did this, please dont turn your family away it was a mistake a very bad one but they are family. I really feel the police dept who were called several times to the house for screams and naked person in back yard should have some explaining to do as to why they didnt look into this further. This Ordeal could have been and should have been over long ago for these young ladys. Ours thoughts and prayers are with you all

  • http://WebProNews Grammy B

    I have had a daughter run away from home at 16, and I was frantic. At that age nobody wanted to do anything. I thank God every day after reading about this horrible thing happening, and for so long. I was also thankful that during the 2 years after, there were signs that she had returned home, either to change clothes or eat. She and I have both recovered from that, and she is a responsible mother of 4. My thoughts now are for these young women who have missed out on so much, and who will have psychological effects of this beastly attack for years to come. Prayers and thoughts go out to them that they get the help they need and find the love that will see them through the next 10 years to life.

  • Michelle

    Michelle might not have seen everything the news reported about her disappearance. I hope she rethinks this and later will talk to her family, if just by phone. Just because she wasn’t a teenager and had a child when she disappeared doesn’t mean she ran away. And she needs to be reunited with her son. He needs to know the truth. Majority of people that disappear haven’t run away. They have been kidnapped and majority are killed. Michelle–please rethink this and talk to them in a few weeks. Hear their own words, not the news reports that you saw on TV. Peace!

    • Darla

      I think that you need to myob and let the woman recover. The family did what it did and Michelle needs a break from advice from bystanders.

  • karen

    “Investigators said today that they’ve confirmed that Berry’s daughter belongs to Castro.”
    I’m thinking this needs serious editing. That beautiful little girl does NOT belong to him. The only thing that belongs to him is a cell with the absolute minimum needed for survival until his last dieing breath.

  • Jo Peterka

    We may not know any of the three girls personally but we love them just the same. It saddens me that Michelle suffered the most physical trauma but the damage is all the same with all 3 of them. I can’t blame her for not wanting to correspond or see her family and im sure she does feel resentment towards the only woman who was supposed to be there for her, in due time thru a lot of emotional therapy she will be able to accept and move forward with her life. God Bless all 3 girls for they have a long road to recovery. We love you Michelle, Gina and Amanda.

    • Malcolm

      Joe, I agree with most everything you said, except you, me or anyone cannot say that “the damage is all the same.” That statement sort of generalizes what took place. We have no idea the amount of emotional and psychological damage Michelle, Gina and Amanda endured or the threshold that each one possesses. Personally, I am pretty darn proud of them for hanging in there. It takes a strong-willed person who believes that “I will survive!”

  • karen

    As for Michelle, I think we should reserve judgement of her desires as well as the other two women whom were held captive. He stole such a huge chunk of their lives, and each went in with their own family related problems with no means of working through them. Every one of them was young, and my heart breaks over what they now face after being freed. I only hope that regarding FIRST each one of these FOUR (including the 6 year old) are given extensive emotional support, both short term and long term. And I HOPE there is a very extensive investigation with accountability regarding all persons relating to finding information leading to possible earlier recovery of them.

  • Paul

    Michelle, Don’t feel alone, I am sure there are many people who wish to help. Stay Strong!

  • elizaraffles@gmail.com

    her family are horrible to not have looked for her. There is no excuse. I would be seething and I mean seething with rage if a demon like that ugly castro had touched any of my relatives or loved ones or myself. That psychopath is a useless eater on this planet taking resources from this planet. If Navy wants to test sonar, then put this bastard under water and test don’t test on sea life. I say we use these types of criminals for testing products, not animals. I can find some uses for some of the lesser psychopaths, the snakes in suits, but for this brand of psychopath, there is no use. There is no use for him whatsoever and I don’t believe his brothers weren’t involved. Eye for an eye. He needs to have the same but worse done back to him, eye for an eye. torture then death. all of these psychopathic individuals are a waste of our tax dollars. Their brains are not set up for rehabilitation of any kind. They are hopeless causes. We need to use them to test products, harvest organs, etc. crash dummies for cars.

  • stephshar

    Don’t worry, when Michelle gets a million-dollar book offer, interview offers, etc. her family will welcome her back with open arms, LOL. Pathetic.

  • coveringcherub

    I would not have anything to do with my family either. It just goes to show that they did not truly care for her. Despite the fact that they thought she ran away because they took her child, but to not wonder what happened to her or see that she is safe after all these years, shows their lack of love for Michelle. If I were her, I would not want anything to do with them either. She is angry and rightfully so especially after all she has endured ad they abandoned their search for her.

    However, in order for Michelle to heal, she must learn to forgive her family as this is the only family she has. But she does not have to be with them. But this is the only way she is going to heal because hate will cause more hurt and health issues and there should be someone in her family who was close and not brainwashed like the rest of the family. She will need counseling.
    I pray for her healing. I have first hand experience of something similar I my life when my family lied on me and I lost custody of my kids and they were taken from me because of the lies of my mother and family given to physical my abuser and I have not seen my kids in over 13 years and had to pay child support to this abuser, I was never married to this man but constantly attacked by him in many ways.
    I learned to forgive them all and this has helped me heal. However, I do not go around them or live close to them but I sought God and my relationship with my family has improved over the years.

    • kimmie Clark

      I wouldn’t presume to know what is best for her. This is not a Lifetime TV movie. Forgiveness means different things to different people. You don’t know what’s best for her. Only Knight will learn that in time. The church and the media tell us “family, family, family” when in fact, I believe, for some people getting away from their families is the healthiest thing they can do for a productive future. If you mean forgiveness in the religious sense as in “we will all be judged at the end of the world, so give your burden up to God” Well, that’s religious dogma which probably isn’t true. The last think this woman needs is to have other people’s beliefs thrust onto her. Let her make decisions from herself. If she doesn’t want to see her family, who are you to tell her she’s wrong? She’s been told what to think for 10 years, I think she’s earned the right to make her own decisions. Really.

      • Darla

        Kimmie, I believe in the information regarding God and forgiveness is true. I do agreee with you that people need to keep their advice to themselves and let these women and the little girl heal without interference. As for Michelle, the family turned their backs on her long ago and she does not need to reunite with such flotsam. Her son might welcome his mother’s love. Poor excuse for a family but I can relate since I have nothing to do with any family members. They did it first so I say let it be. God and friends are my family.

  • http://YAHOO DDAnderson

    He said he wants to die. I say give him a rope and tell him “have at it.” Why waste money on a trial and prison time.

    • Malcolm

      DDAnderson, that would be far to easy. I do agree, bypass the trial. Give others the rope and let them bound him. Then let him be the center of attention for every prisoner who would like to “have” him. But, as mentioned in an earlier post, castrate him so that after they are done and when he is alone, he cannot self-gratify himself.

  • http://yahoo.com Laurie

    This woman most likely is the one who take the longest to recover and I can see why. Was was an adult when taken, had lost her child and it was believed that she had left on her own. Doesn’t see like a real effort was made to locate her. Since she was beaten, raped and who knows what else by her kidnapper, most likely brainwashed, and then to think that no one was looking for her put a heavy load on her head. I hope that she is given the intense counseling needed and a safe place to stay to sort out all of these sad happenings in her life. God Bless her.

  • Phere

    You’re all basing your emotions and feelings on what a woman scorned said. At 20 years of age (an adult) she’s lucky they even filled out a missing persons report. Yes I feel as bad about what happened to her as everyone else. The fact remains though that when adults leave the roost, they leave. How were the remaining family members to know she’d been abducted? They didn’t or they would have done what any other family had done. The other women were not adults, thus the vigils and they had to know they were either abducted or some other act. To crucify this family without knowing all the facts is unjustified and wrong. This girl needs to grow up, reconcile, forgive, and go on with her life!

    • Darla

      You, Phere, are evil. What are you talking about, you abusive hog?

  • Brenda

    family sucks

  • kimmie Clark

    I hope this woman gets the support she needs. Her requests should be honored. She needs to rebuild some sense of empowerment. I think it’s best to concentrate on helping these women and others like them. Whatever happens too him, the abuser will never see the light of day. Don’t waste time thinking about what should or shouldn’t happen to him, other than to pump him for every last drop of info he may have about other missing girls. Michelle Knight needs our thoughts and support, don’t waste energy on the monster. He’s out of commission. Let’s worry about the women who HAVE a future!

  • Rachelle

    My heart goes out to the three women and the little girl. It’s horrendous to think of what we’ve been told, but what about that in which isn’t being disclosed? It’s just awful. As for the man…I would agree with the death penalty, but that’s the easy way out. Prison life is something that normal people don’t think about much as it’s an easy way out. That’s not the case. Beings that he killed innocent lives while in the womb doesn’t go over well with offenders. He’ll be targeted while in prison and yes he’ll get his just in there. He’ll most likely go to segregation where he’ll be 23/7 lockdown. Once he proves that he’s this so called “good boy” he’ll then transgress to general population and that’s where the true justice will come from other offenders. He should be castrated and I’m not sure who mentioned that, but it’s a very good idea to be done to him! Also no meds to knock him out would be nice too!

    I’m so sorry for the lady who her family didn’t even look for her. It’s a true shame. I can understand her shunning them and I hope with time and healing she will finally get in touch with her family. I know there’s the anger and hurt to get through before she can forgive her family, but in time I think she will. I hope she gets to see her son that she hasn’t seen for over 10 years.

    God Bless…

  • m mcshane

    As a mother who had a difficult time with a runaway daughter I would like to strongly suggest that Michelle go home. Her family listed her as a missing person and other than that what did she expect them to do? They assumed she left on her own. Why? If Michelle were honest she would know that her behavior at home would have her family believing she was leading another chosen life. Right now they are grieving and at the same time glad that she is alive. They also know that until Michelle wants to go home to them they cannot force her to any more than they were able to direct her life while she was at home. Go home Michelle. My daughter ran away many times and we never knew what to do. Today she is approaching 40 yrs. old and she is married and has a lovely child. She regrets all the anguish she put us through.

    • Anne Kate

      You are sooo wrong! Why did your daughter run away… Were you screaming at her? Her parents didn’t understand her.. prob weren’t supporting her in getting custody of her son.. Good & Loving Families don’t behave like that… or just dismiss her as having’ ran away at 20. You think more about your own children’s wants & needs… not yours.

  • monica

    well my first thought is why would they really believe she ran away if she was in the middle of a custody battle and I would think she at least would need to take the time there are so many things to consider her child from before she was abducted is out there and she may not want to disrupt their life and she needs lots of answers other than being treated as a run away my prayers that she finds peace and happiness with her child and family in time as things unfold and her privacy is respected <3

    • Anne Kate

      I hope she gets to see her son… but never ever see the rest of her family..If they knew who she was and her needs & wants… why why would they think she’d just disappear. So , I agree with all you wrote except her ever getting back with a family that didn’t look for her because They didn’t care.After what she’s been through she deserves a new family of wonderful friends.

  • Anne Kate

    SHAME ON HER FAMILY… to MICHELLE.. I WANT TO HELP YOU.. I come from a Family like yours… I ‘went missing’ according to them… they didn’t pay attention to me & my disabilty for over 4 years… They know now… and still don’t…and now I won’t ever let back in either. If you read…let me know somehow if I can give your books, a computer for someone to fix … you should get a bunch of advocates. I’m I don’t trust the money ‘bank ‘ for all of you. I want my help to go directly to you. I want to form a group just for you. You have been doubly horribly abused. I know you can get thru the healing for both… don’t let your family ever back in. I’m sad about you losing your son, too. Much Love & Concern, Anne

  • Kim

    Robin! I totally agree with you 100%. But first, It’s ridiculous how selfish and silly some of these comments are… I’m surprised I even read some to begin with. I understand that there’s different perspectives and opinions of the whole situation. But at the moment, these three ladies just need their time and privacy, prayers, love, and support. They don’t need criticism. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you do? How would you feel? It doesn’t matter what occurred during their youth years before abduction. Honestly, ten years later… it doesn’t matter if subadult Michelle lost custody of her child.
    I pray Michelle’s going to get back up on her feet, take life one step at a time, and recover along with Gina and Amanda. God watched over them the past decade! Now the light shines upon them!


  • Karen

    Whether she left willingly or not isn’t the point. The point is, NO ONE LOOKED FOR HER!!! Not even her own family. What a f’n shame. I’d feel the same way if I were in her shoes. Leave her alone & let her heal…if that’s even possible. My thoughts & prayers are with her, those other poor women & especially that little girl. Such a shame

  • Malcolm

    What I am finding rather surprising about the comments being made is that there are quite a few people who disagree with what should done to the (hmmm, what is the right word I am looking for? not person, not man, not even animal because that would not be fair to the non-human animals that walk this planet), ok, we’ll just call him Castro.

    I realize that everyone has a right to their opinion, but can those who disagree find anything right about what he has done? Right enough that he doesn’t deserve some of the punishment that has been mentioned here?

    I gotta tell you, I am old school – an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life. Simple as that.

  • casey

    my heart aches for these girls and the horrors that they lived thru,they have consumed every minute of my thoughts since i heard they were rescued.i just feel the need to do something for them

  • Dee

    What’s worse is he probably taunted her about no one caring whether she was living or dead. I mean, her mother moved to Florida having a missing child! I swear before God that if my child was missing I wouldn’t move off the street, let alone out of the state, just in case my child found his way home!! This is so sad but on a good note I have heard, several times, the DeJesus family refer to her in a familial way and say that they would look out for her and that she is welcomed in their family!!!

  • Jane Doe

    To Michelle Knight, I’m so happy your ordeal is over and you are free to heal from the past 11 years of abuse & torture. You have every right to decide who will and who will not be in your life, your family made such a terrible mistake in assuming you had ran away. Today I bet each of them is torn apart inside now knowing the truth. I just want to see you happy & healthy and now is a time to be surrounded by those that love you, so please surround yourself with all that desire to support you. May the GOD of comfort provide comfort for you.

  • Trish

    Weather she is shunning her family or whatever, really how is this helping? Leave the lady alone, she has not been out of the house in years and comes out to this? “why are you shunning your family” “what do you think of your mom” “what do you have to say about…” come on if she decides to shun her family for her reasons leave her alone, she does not need it to be front page news..

  • kellsokells

    I think it is amazing they survived, especially Knight who had multiple miscarries this is damaging to their mental state and bodies and we should all respect their courage and strength by stepping back and not getting in their faces, not for hugs or anything if you see them dont point or talk like they arent there a friendly wave or peace sign is a simple gesture that shows your support. They need room, healing, no judgement or criticism and the families shouldn’t be bothered either until you walk in their shoes or experience some of these things yourself you don’t know what it feels like to be raped or lose a child much less one that you have mixed emotions about to beging with and this is going to be especially hard for the 6 yr old and this is why I say not to go in depth about her or the circumstance, saying mixed emotions as I have is bad enough but being elaborate online about it and having her stumble across it when she gets older wouldn’t be good, so comments should always be thought out carefully and positive in nature, they have been through a lot and thank the Heavens and the Angels who heard the cries and angels who came to the rescue, you are ALL hero’s and I wish there were more observant people out there – it opened my eyes to pay closer attention in any neighborhood you hear a scream for help, you should always treat it as an emergency and real trouble call – go on a search and call authorities the worste that can happen is a false alarm and someones life could be saved it’s worth it to investigate each call – thoroughly <> CPD—– dropped the ball on that one, YES they did, they are trying to bring justice now but some of those miscarries could have been prevented if the call was investigated and door to door knocks were conducted when that lady called and said she heard screams, and to see someone crawling naked outside is not normal that should have been investigated, when cops knock they dont just go away on any show I ever saw or in person, but they did in this case and so did Cleveland Family Services, HMMM THEY DONT DO THAT EVER BUT THEY DID HERE, THEY SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AT AN ADMINISTRATIVE LEVEL DONT LET THEM SKIRT RESPONSIBILITY HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR LAZY, HALF @SS INVESTIGATION SKILLS THAT IS NOT RIGHT, THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT THEY ARE WHO WE CALL WHEN WE NEED SOMEONE, WHO CAME TO THE RESCUE NOT THE POLICE NOT CLEVELAND FAMILY SERVICES THE NEIGHBORS AND CITIZENS – IT WASNT THEIR JOB TO DO THE JOB THE TAXPAYERS PAY FOR THE RESIDENTS OF THE CITY AND STATE SHOULD BE OUTRAGED AT THIS!

  • Shelly

    I am a mother and flip out if I don’t hear from my grown kids every other day! I would scream from rooftops, plaster their face on every surface, hound the media for coverage & go to my grave looking for one of my kids if they suddenly disappeared – regardless of the reasons I may have thought. My heart breaks for her with her knowing no one was looking for her all of those years. She must have felt totally alone, defeated & unloved.

  • Cindi Jacobs

    This breaks my heart…..she has endured so much pain in her short life. Even in captivity, she was treated more poorly that the other two held hostage. While the whole thing is tragic, I hope this woman gets some real love soon.

  • http://yahoo.com sally

    i hope that the other prisoners will rape him and torture him the way he did to those 3 girls and than he should be hanged for he’s crime.

  • http://yahoo.com sally

    i hope that the other prisoners will rape and torture him the way he did to those women and than hanged.

  • me

    my family wants to adopt her as well… we’re not perfect, but we mean well… my heart goes out to you and you deserve more than that… so… just know people do care…

  • sally

    i hope that the other prisoners will rape and torture him the same way he did to those women and than hanged.

  • LisaK.

    This horrific crime deserves a public stoning.

    Very odd that the brothers walk away with no charges.

  • Kathy Pickett

    It doesn’t sound as though her family cared too much about her before she was kidnapped. She lost custody of her child and they just figured she ran away? I can certainly understand why she wouldn’t believe they really care now. They just figured she was dead? What kind of parent just figures that?? I feel bad for her. So many years living a nightmare. I hope she finds some peace, though I’m sure that will take some time.

  • Kelley

    I think he should be put in public square and every Clevelander that ever worried about those ladies or had vigils, prayed, etc. should be able to stone him with him being tied up like he did to them. I hope the girls can heal and we will all continue to pray and send healing energy their way.

  • Cynthia

    I understand all of your viewpoints, but, and I know it will never be done, because we’re all about protecting the rights of the perpetrator and NOT the victims, but I think he should be doused with gasoline and set on fire. Then, and only then, would he have any idea the physical and mental anguish he caused these young women. It certainly would go a long way in setting an example that wastes of protoplasm might consider before attempting this in the future if they knew this punishment would await them. It would be swift and timely.

  • manwin

    All that glitters is not gold….

  • Z

    Now I feel even more broken hearted for her. Yes, her family is horrible, they thought she ran away so they didn’t they even try to do an appeal to ask her to come back home. :-(
    I hope that she can live the rest of her life happy and filled with LOVE.(Big Hug)

    That man was a MONSTER!
    Yes, he deserves the death penalty, but death is easy, so not yet, let him endure severe beatings, having his food stolen and getting humiliated everyday for a few years before saving tax payer dollars to house this scum!

  • http://Yahoo K K

    Castrate the Castros.

  • Carolyn Taylor

    I too believe that this woman suffered the most and the loss of those babies is heartbreaking, being punched in the stomach repeatedly to miscarry is just sickening and being forced to deliver another’s baby after her babies were knocked out of her is just sickening

  • A.D.Bunting

    While I understand her position, I have complete compassion for her families situation. My oldest daughter was abused by her sociopath dad for many years. Obviously in secret. She has high functioning personality disorders, Narcissistic and Borderline, which she had developed way before the abuse started. In our separation when she was around 13 she chose to live with him. At 15 she turned him in, he was arrested and she was placed in Foster Care in a different State. When I found out I was in NYC establishing connections to move with my mom and two younger children. I flew back to the West Coast where I tried relentlessly to see her, get into therapy with her and was always firmly met with ‘No’. I had no idea why. Decades later I discovered that she blames me for what he did, the typical I should have somehow known, and nobody told her how I frantically tried to contact her. She has since negated anything I’ve ever done for her. (I was raising the three as a ‘married’ single mom).
    So there are always two sides to a story.

  • http://yahoo katie

    Has a mother and women I was so happy that they found them but so hurt that the young women had been through so much hell! But to have your on mother not look for you is unthinkable no matter what a child do are has done a mothers love is always there. And has for him I will not waste my thoughts on how I feel because to do so it means I will go to a dark place of what should be done to him, if there is a place that is something like real Hell that they have here on earth place him there. Every word that has been post agree are disagree one thing we all seem (minus a few)that we pray that they all come to a place of peace and have a healthy life, Michelle you could not help the family you were born into but you can now choose the people you want to call your family now, and I will say only this don’t make a decide right now and to the family that wants to take her has their own I say wait let the raw emotions die down first, because she I going to need a lot of time love and counseling and that and we two people needing that kind of help will not be easy on any family. I believe their hearts in the right place but they should talk to a counselor first. Being abuse just one time is a hard thing to get over, it takes years and a lot of not thinking you did something wrong because you did nothing wrong and to find peace and forgiveness not for there sake but for your own is going to be very hard, but one day it will be their choose and I will be always praying for them. From someone unfortunately you knows what it like to have been sexually abuse, but forty years later I am in a place of peace surrounded by a lot of love. You all are strong women because you fought to survive together. MUCH LOVE

  • jimb

    She is making it very hard on a lot of families to accept the fact that their loved one is probably dead. I hope she has a change of heart because she needs her family now.

  • Pam

    Well I wish they would chain him up in his own basement and let him starve to death.And every few days let one of those girls family members go in and beat the crap out of him. I don’t think going to prison and letting Bubba get him will be any punishment at all. He would enjoy that. I don’t think he would last 10 or 11 years because he is not as strong willed as those ladies are. I never thought I would ever feel so much anger at any one person but this man is just a monster.

  • bong

    I have suffered sex abuse and incarceration. America does not torture those incarcerated. The loss of freedom is the punishment. No commentators above obviously have been locked up. Think what it would be like living on a island like the movie Castaway, time stops. This man/thing should NOT get the easy way out by death.

    • ships58

      I totally agree, but I also do not want to give him anymore attention. He just needs to go away and fade into obscurity.
      Jail in isolation until he just dies and then throw him away.

  • ships58

    The media needs to stop using inflammatory language. She is not shunning anyone. She is asking to be left alone and everyone needs to honor her request. This young woman has been through hell, seems like for her whole life. If she does not want to see them, then she doesn’t have to and there is nothing sensational about that. The fact that she told the family she did not want to see them and they went to the media to share how awful they felt about her rejection and that they hired a lawyer tells me more than I need to know. They even went to the other victims home to try to force a reunion, this enrages me. She has had no free will in years, and they won’t honor her request??? really???

  • Ivy

    Great Plee For to the Victims

  • becky collins

    I know just how she feels. Wish I could wave a magic wand and make it better.. she will have lots of support, so where is the fund to help her, the other two have families, I want to donate to this girl.. lets start a fund and get her some help, maybe we can be her family. Love is not just in your family it is in the strangers that want to help.. whats the number?? get somebody reputalble to handle the donations and cards and help. We are her family, lets all step up. Thats what we do in this country, no matter what our political bent etc, we step up.

  • Lisa Picard

    Sometimes families fall short for a lot of reasons. I would be so hurt to think that nobody looked for me. It doesn’t mean that she wasn’t loved. If she needs a family- we would be honored to have her. Our family is made of strong women who survive- she’d fit right in. Don’t give up girl- better days are coming!

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