Kenzie Dalton: Beautiful Blonde Splits With Chad Murray After 7 Year Itch


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What is the shelf life of a typical relationship between a celebrity couple? A month, 2 months, one most?

Judging by 21st century standards, not much. So it came as a surprise when Kenzie Marie Dalton broke off her 7 year engagement with Chad Michael Murray this past week.

We don't know the whereabouts of Kenzie, but since the break-up, Chad is trying to erase the lovely memories by puckering along with Nicky Whelan, another blue-eyed blonde beauty. Looking at the pic however, it seems like Chad and his new love interest are not too happy in each other's company. (image)

Is Chad too boring? We can only guess.

But for now lets move on to Kenzie Dalton. The young, vivacious beautiful blonde burst on to the celebrity scene way back in 2006, when she was placed first runner-up in Miss North Carolina Teen USA beauty pageant.

Blessed with warm, sunny, apple-pie Southern charm, Kenzie tried her hands in a bunch of TV series, debuting as a naughty cheer leader in One Tree Hill . Not content with being an alluring eye candy, she moved on to more substantive (or so she thought) roles in Death Valley, CSI Miami, and New Girl.

Dalton's most recent appearance was in Dean Slater: Resident Advisor, where she was cast as Veronica, a sweet college freshman with a naughty side.

Was Kenzie being a little too naughty in her real life relationship with Chad? We don't know the details yet, but a 7 year engagement seems a bit too long to bear.

We know how much Southern women crave babies, marriage, and delicious hearty barbeques, so was it the lack of seriousness on Chad's part to man-up, settle down with the warm, sunny blonde, and start a family together?

Only Kenzie can reveal her side of the story. And we are itching to hear!

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