Kendra Wilkinson on the 'Hardest Four Months of My Life'

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It was just another relaxing evening at home with her husband, Hank Baskett, and five-month-old daughter, Alijah Mary, when Kendra Wilkinson received the phone call that would rock her world.

"My agent calls, asking, 'Is Hank around you right now?'" Wilkinson told People in a recent interview. "I was playing around and said, 'No.' Hank leaned in and I said, 'Why? What's going on?'"

Her agent then told her the unfathomable story being rumored that her 32-year-old husband of five years had cheated on her with a transsexual model.

"I just asked, 'Hank, did anything happen?'" said the 29-year-old reality star. "He said, 'No, are you kidding me? This is insane!' So I believed him."

Once the story was reported by the media 24 hours later, Wilkinson's home was broken. She kicked her husband out and remained in their Los Angeles home with their daughter, while Baskett moved into his parents' New Mexico home with his four-year-old son, Hank IV.

During these difficult days, the cameras for her reality show, Kendra on Top, kept rolling. All the uncomfortable details, including a huge fight between them, was recorded and will soon air on WE.

"I agreed to shoot the show because being alone at the moment was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life," Wilkinson said. "The producers came to me, and were hugging and holding me. They asked, 'Do you want to film this?' I said, 'Bring the cameras to me ... I can't be alone right now.'"

Wilkinson has kept a relatively low profile over the past few months, keeping off social media and giving few interviews. The new season of Kendra on Top premieres on Oct. 3, and things are likely to get ugly as the world becomes privy to all the dirt, the heartbreak and especially the uncertainty plaguing the reality star.

Baskett continues to maintain that he did not have a tryst with a transsexual model. Instead, he insists he was propositioned by the woman in question, but did not have the alleged affair. His insistence that he felt "violated" by the "unwanted" advances has left Wilkinson questioning where things stand between the couple.

"I really don't know what to believe," Wilkinson admits. "But this is real life. This is really what's happening. It's been the hardest four months of my life."

Pam Wright