Kendall Jenner Caught Driving Dangerously

    August 2, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kendall Jenner covers Love magazine sans her top, and within its pages the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star makes it very clear she’s chosen the right profession. On the cover of Love Kendall poses seductively in nothing but a fur hat, with her brunette locks swirling around her bare top. And while it definitely made a lot of people uncomfortable, it didn’t bother Kendall Jenner at all. In fact, she doesn’t seem to have a care in the world.

But she should.

Kendall Jenner was spotted driving dangerously recently on a busy L.A. freeway. The daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner, Kendall drove her car while screaming out the lyrics to Avril Lavigne’s song “Sk8er boy” with model friend Ashley Skye also in the car. Now this in itself isn’t all that big a deal. Lots of people sing while driving their cars. It was the way the public learned about this that is the bigger problem. Kendall Jenner posted it on Instagram as it was happening.

As you can see from Kendall’s tweet, the link to her and Skye’s Instagram fun has mysteriously disappeared from Instagram.

In the video that was once there, however, Jenner, who is just eighteen, and Skye, who is twenty-three, are screaming the song to each other, looking directly at one another, and dancing in their seats–all in the middle of heavy Los Angeles traffic.

“Death by distraction is real, and no star or her family should set an example that will likely kill people!” People Against Distracted Driving president Mike Kellenyi said during a recent interview. “Kendall’s driving behavior is every parents nightmare.”

Mike Kellenyi has lived that nightmare firsthand. His daughter Nikki died in an auto accident that involved texting while driving.

“Bruce Jenner, being a world famous personality, should never let this be broadcast,” Kellenyi added. “I know if Bruce were in my shoes, this type of driving would never happen in his family.”

Jason Epstein is an attorney and the creator of TADD–Teens Against Distracted Driving. He firmly believes Kendall Jenner needs to make amends.

“If I were advising Jenner, I would think that the morally responsible thing to do would be to do some sort of outreach to say its a mistake, and its not how people should be driving, and driving is dangerous, and I wasn’t demonstrating safe behavior, and I promise to do better in the future,” Epstein said.

Kelly K. Browning is the Executive Director for Impact Teen Driving. She makes a valid point, noting that the driver is not always the one to blame.

“Two-thirds of teen passenger deaths happen in a car driven by another teenager,” she said. “Whether as a driver or passenger all occupants play a role in keeping our roads safe. Far too often as in the (Kendall Jenner) video, passengers become an additional distraction.”

Browning believes that all of these accidents can easily be avoided.

“Far too many lives have been needlessly lost or permanently altered because of these poor choices behind the wheel,” she said.

Kendall Jenner did a stupid thing. Fortunately the worst that happened to her is that she got caught–via Instagram and not by photos taken at a gruesome crash scene. Might her parents step up to the plate and insist that she do something positive with this mistake? She should indeed take Jason Epstein’s advice and become an outreach mentor. She’s lucky she didn’t kill herself, her passenger or another innocent victim during her dancing and filming escapades.

Kendall has the ability and the social status to not only become an outreach mentor but to encourage other celebrities to do so as well. It’s those celebrities that young people often emulate. She–and her famous friends–should set an example of safe driving and not one promoting dangerous behavior like her recent recorded dance drive with her model friend.

Fans would much prefer the next picture they see of Kendall Jenner to be half nude on the front of a magazine–not on the front page of a newspaper, dead from a senseless car crash.

Don’t you agree?

Image via Instagram

  • jomama1970

    If I were this kid’s parent, I would be very worried. I would hate for any young person to find the time of their life cut short by injury or death. Maybe the family will do something before their daughter becomes the first paralyzed supermodel.

    • robert5467890

      that maybe true but kendall and kylie will learn someday remember they are still young and they can learn from Selena Gomez Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice and Miley Cyrus along the way

    • Cat27

      You assume they care

    • Cat27

      She’ll NEVER be a supermodel.

      • hp

        she already is a supermodel

        • Cat27

          BN, she has just started her “career”. She is a pretty girl but her career advance to the point it is at are strictly nepotism. She is FAR from being a real supermodel. Those women work and EARN magazine covers and events. This kid is a newbie with a famous name.

        • Dora Glasberg

          Not a super model
          Gisele is a supermodel
          Kendell is a “Celebrity” model like Paris Hilton.

        • Cat27

          I said SUPER not STUPID.

  • T-800

    kendall is so sexy, those sexy legs of hers

  • mike

    everything on this page is a joke.

  • anderson

    Kendall not making an excuse for her. But this young lady has tried so hard to break away from Kim and her mother Kris. The direction her mother Kris is sending her down is destructive and Kim trying to smother her and taking over her shoots and appearances every time something is written about Kendall Kim pops up. This young lady is going through something none of us understand. Kim will if her Bruce do not step in destroy this kid. Taking her to devil worship, drug/alcohol heavy users, orgy/mate sharing and black arts metal & chains party is not for 18 yrs of age, but this is what her mother Kris and Kim took and introduce her to. I just hope the kid make it in her fashion modeling career she will have to be strong enough to hide her self away from her mother Kris change her address. This girl Kendall and her little sister Kyle will be if not book for private entertainment by their mother Kris and it is no secret. These two kids do not come from the fabric of their three half-sisters Kardashians and mother Kris. I see Kendall maybe killing herself because of the lifestyle her mother Kris and Kim are trying to push her into. Kim is damaged in every since she has no morals, principles or ethics and do not understanding the meaning of anything except of her body, sex and pictures of her nudity. That is not Kendall lifestyle.

    • Cat27

      Which has what to do with being dangerous and wreckless with lives that aren’t HERS to screw around with and to wear dead animals in the name of vanity. She hasn’t learned anything but to BE a Kardashian (even though she is a Jenner). SAD!

    • HLain

      “Pushed” my ass!

  • Cat27

    Dear dumb ho,
    1. your self-absorbed, idiotic antics could have killed an innocent person (like my brother was).
    2. Isn’t 18 awfully young to be a fur hag wearing dead animals for money and vanity?.

  • anderson

    This kid is not a Dumb rack spell whore correctly you sound ignorant and uneducated. You haven’t any idea what this kid is going through and the pressure she is under. Her mother pulls all the purse strings. To have Kim as a sister who constantly tries to still her youth buy having plastic surgery to look like her is sick. A mother who tries and sell you to the highest bidder is also sick. Just because your parent are wealthy do not mean you are to. This girl has tried to break away from her mother and half-sister Kim (who is mental) her mother Kris excepts everything Kim does because Kim is mom-manager meal ticket. This girl was caught driving dangerously reckless, because she was trying to escape from her reality. She was not trying to kill anyone maybe herself. You judge this kid because her mother is Kris Kardashians and her daughter is Kim the nut case. This young lady has serious issues she is eighteen with a mother that trying to whore her off like she did Kim. That why Kim is mess up today. So give the girl some positive feedback back that she might read it might just help her.

    • Cat27

      She was driving dangerously and wrecklessly because she can. Her little sister rear ended another car while doing who knows what with her cell phone less than 2 weeks after getting her license…..no charges. Who else gets away with rear ending someone without getting a ticket.
      Racing around like a lunatic in LA traffic instagramming yourself singing and dancing AND driving isn’t “running away” from her family lifestyle, it’s running DIRECTLY AT it.
      BTW “ho” isn’t a misspelling, it’s an abbreviation.

    • HLain

      I don’t think I would be correcting anyone’s spelling if I were you. Your disjointed, poorly punctuated, grammatically challenged rambling brings illiteracy to a new low.

    • HLain

      Your “writing” gives me a headache!

  • anderson

    Kendall mother is not interested in how she is driving. But maybe Kendall will hear Four 4 Four their comments and realize she has some importance among young folks who look up to her. That she do not have to feel like her sick nut brain half-sister that is trying to look like her and dominate her scenes and a mother that allows this. That boozing, drugging and listening to loud draw out music while driving will solve her problems, but get counselling and work on being a better role model for the youth that look up to her and Kylie. (I do not read feedback. I delete all before even noticing what us said), I do not like negative nasty degrading words as to get upset over or excited about. Everyone has a right to their opinion.

    • Cat27

      Don’t post if you don’t want to hear feedback . You may not always be right.

    • HLain

      Of course you delete all feedback before you read it, that’s why you know everything that is said in disagreement with you. If you cannot accept negative feedback then YOU are the one with the problem; if it upsets you or excites you then maybe you need to seek professional help. You definitely need to seek help with your writing as you are virtually illiterate.

  • Kate

    This isn’t the first time the Jenner girls have posted pics of them driving while completely not watching the road and I believe they’ve had at least 1 fender bender already. Kris Jenner needs to worry less about buying her daughters $100,000 cars for sweet sixteen presents and more about ensuring they know how to operate those cars safely.

    • Cat27

      Yes, that was Kylie, immediately after her 16th birthday she hit the other vehicle yet was NOT even given a ticket. Ah the life of the rich and spoiled, laws don’t apply.

  • bob

    slut puppy……part of the Kardashian brothel…..

  • HLain

    Actually I would prefer to see her on the front page of a newspaper, dead from whatever. It would be one less useless, untalented, spoiled, below average looking Kartrashian that we would have to look at every day.

  • Robbie Schweigert

    People need to take a chill pill. I have heard comments, that Kendall needs to make amends. My question, “For what?” Kendall did not cause an accident. She was driving along, singing with a friend, while driving. Teenagers and grown-ups do that, its no big deal.. I have seen the video and Kendall is driving slow and singing, yes her eyes were off the road for a second. So, what? I think people are being too hard on Kendall, because she is a celebrity. People act like she murdered someone. Next, people will have a problem, with her stuffing a cheeseburger, than her throat, while she is behind the real.

  • Dora Glasberg

    What a PERFECTLY ORDINARY looking girl – by model standards.