Kelvin Atkinson: Senator Comes Out During Gay Marriage Debate

    April 24, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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One Nevada State Senator made the state’s debate over gay marriage personal this week after coming out of the closet on the floor of the state senate.

On Monday, Nevada State Senator Kelvin Atkinson publicly outed himself as gay during a debate over a gay marriage bill, according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun. The newspaper described his voice as “trembling” as he revealed his sexuality in a highly public way.

“I’m black. I’m gay,” Atkinson is quoted as saying. “I know this is the first time many of you have heard me say that I am a black, gay male.”

Atkinson compared Nevada’s current ban on gay marriage to interracial marriage bans in the U.S.’s recent past. His father has re-married into an interracial marriage. He also stated that gay marriages do not harm heterosexual marriages, saying, “If this hurts your marriage, then your marriage was in trouble in the first place.”

The Nevada Senate was debating Senate Joint Resolution 13, which would repeal the state’s ban on gay marriage and require Nevada to recognize all marriages, regardless of gender. After much debate, the resolution passed with 12 votes to 9. According to the Sun, if the bill passes the full legislature it will have to be re-approved in 2015 and then placed on the 2016 election ballot.

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    That is a bible prophecy , is all written

    • Ross

      “If this hurts your marriage, then your marriage was in trouble in the first place.”
      So true..bible believers must just NOT comprehend.

      the bible is NOT proof of anything…it is the unsupported claim!

    • Mike

      Has a Christian ever seeing Jesus? Has Muslims ever seen Mohamed? Has Hindus ever seen their Gods? All religions are based on the faith between him/herself and their god. So Bible thumpers, Muslim fanatics, etc., please keep your faith to YOURSELF!!! When people try to spread THEIR faith to someone else, literally HELL breaks loose. See what the Muslims are doing??? Did you read what Christains did in the name of Jesus (Crusades, KKK meetings in church)??????

      • paulroger

        Read your first sentence out loud; it doesn’t make any sense. There is a special place in Hell for atheists. Instead of judging others, you should keep your own senseless thoughts to yourself.

        • hellbound

          Mr Paul Roger, if you’re the type I’m gonna find in “heaven” (I use quotes because it’s about as real as LaLa Land) then I’d buy my first class ticket to hell today!

          • big doggy

            yeah, you need a donation?

        • big doggy

          this is a public place for people to air their constitutional rights “freedom of speech”, so go chew a tin can and get over it. You aint the boss. Practice what you preach

        • Kelly

          “There is a special place in Hell for atheists” paulroger says as he berates another for judging someone…the hypocrisy in that is astounding…

      • Phil

        I’ve never seen pain, but I know it’s real. I’ve never seen the wind, but I’ve seen it’s effects. I’ve never seen an atom, but I believe that it is the building block of all the elements. No, I’ve never seen Jesus, but I know He lives because I can feel Him in my soul, I can see His handiwork in my life, and I believe that He is the foundation that my life is based upon. Let me ask all of you who do not believe in a God, what happens when you die? Nothing? Then your existence is complete happenstance and you have no meaning for your being. No God, no future, no hope. What do you want your kids to be told when you die? Well, he has returned to that great void of emptiness, he will soon be forgotten, and you will soon join him. No wonder people are losing their minds and committing murders, using drugs, and zoning out. I hope that you will understand me when I say, that type of life is not for me. I will keep my antiquated ideas and trust in my God, who I believe loves me and gave His life for me so that I could spend eternity with Him.

        • hellbound

          I don’t believe in God, and yes, when you die nothing happens. I 100% believe it is all happenstance which makes it all the more wonderful and surreal that we’re alive! It is SO important to live each day with love and gratitude, not for an end result, but for your own happiness and the happiness of others. I don’t mind religion, but I do mind when it causes death and pain as it does all too often. Why do individuals need the promise of “Heaven” to be good people?
          The one thing I used to like about many religions was the sense of gratitude. But meanness has gotten in the way.
          If you had a brother or sister and you tried to kill them, what would your parents do? Would they stop you? You have free will, they understand that, but would they try to teach you to love instead? Where is “God” while “His children” are killing each other?

        • Kelly

          Regardless of what you BELIEVE or think you “KNOW,” or don’t believe or “know,” the existence of God cannot be proved by any existing means, whereas atoms, wind AND EVEN PAIN, can be empirically proven to exist. I do not believe god exists…you will have to prove me wrong, but your “KNOWING” is simply not good enough. The bible is not good enough…no one book’s claims that it is the only truth or is the word of some god are good enough with zero supporting evidence. And I mean empirical evidence, that which can be tested by experiment, and which experiment can be repeated for verification. God, like any theory, must be subjected to experiment and peer review or must be held to the realm of theory at best. And god, with its stubborn refusal to show any proof of its existence in any way, is not a theory so much as a hypothesis, and a very poor one at that. Looking forward to that “special place in hell reserved only for atheists” because very few christians would I ever want to spend 5 minutes with, let alone eternity. I hope it is not long before this childish superstition called religion finally dies, and people wake up and take some responsibility for their actions and get off their butts and ACT rather than sit there and pray to nothing…the human race is still infantile and idiotic.

  • http://yahoo Haley

    Live and let live! He is not hurting anyone, let him live as he wants to.

    • Diana

      Amen to that.

  • Mike

    Gays may accepted but there is no way what they do will ever be natural. Some place down the line they will pay a price.

    • Diana

      Judge not, lest ye be judged.

      • Louise

        Ditto that!

      • big doggy

        well you’re sure not the one who will be making that decision and I sure don’t think you wrote the rule book either so, stuffit

    • tiredofthehate


    • Kelly

      You’re a bigot, and you’re uneducated. Homosexual behavior occurs in at least several thousand species other than humans. It is perfectly natural. If you kept up with your science you would know, people are gay from in the womb. Study epigenetics, especially in reference to sexuality, and unless you are an idiot, you’ll realize that homosexuality is one of a range of NORMAL human sexual expressions. And before you even open your mouth, I’m straight. I’m just not an ignorant, hateful jerk like you are.

  • Edward

    Coming out of the closet indicates that you were doing something that was wrong in the first place. It is interesting that people today want to define marriage based on new revelation/consciousness that people are acceptable to this lifestyle.

    Personally I believe people are on the bandwagon because it is socially acceptable to be tolerant rather then listen/adhere to any moral reason. ‘

    Are you now saying that if in 20 years tahn it would be acceptable to marry an animal

    • roger

      Assimilating gay people to animals: that’s what you call moral reason? REALLY?

    • krube

      You’re an ass. He was doing nothing wrong. He had to entire his entire life from bigots like yourself.

    • roger

      You were doing quite well Edward until the “animal” comment. Probably best you leave that out next time.

    • Kelly

      Idiot. Two humans are two humans. There’s no “animal” involved, nor any toasters, Eiffel Towers, or Moons of Jupiter. PEOPLE.
      And if hate is your morality, you’re very confused about the definition of the word. Tolerance IS moral. Bashing the bible about ONE verse in Leviticus when you ignore EVERY OTHER verse and do as you please is hypocritical…and that’s an understatement. Live and let live.

  • http://yahoo.com Rich Anderson

    So what does that make you a special kind of person because you said your Gay. I think your a sick puppy. You need help.

  • tiredofthehate


  • paulroger

    Gay boy should have disclosed this to voters BEFORE the election; not during a debate about gay marriage.

    • marianne Jordan

      Im proud of this young man.He has as much right to live in this world and be happy as anyone else.

    • krube

      You are ignorant. What difference does his sexual preference make when voting on bills and such. This is probably the only time you’re interested in politics. Are you afraid of gay people on the outside or are you afraid of the gay person inside?

  • Eric Borja

    The shocking thing is: he is black!! really? And he is not ashamed to admit it? What is this country coming to… openly black males? wtf, are you kidding me? keep that to yourself please, have a little decency for christs sake, dont just rub your charcoal in everybodys face. God

    • uzoma okoro

      black and gay!is it a play at double jeopardy.some minority within a minority or is he asking for affirmative sympathy!

  • krube

    What’s with all the hate? What is so wrong with two that love each other getting married? Forget all that Biblical garbage too. The Bible was written by man and man is flawed. I’ve noticed that too many small-minded people with too many small-minded opinions post on here. Let it go folks, no one gets hurt here.

    • http://yahoo betty

      krube, did jesus create adam and eve, or did he creat adam and allen?

      • krube

        Such antiquated and dangerous thinking. And HE crated the heavens and Earth in 7 days too, right?

        It’s time you Bible-bangers stops shoving your religion down everyone else’s throats.

        • Phil

          The Bible was written by holy men who were moved upon by the Spirit of the living God. Since God is referred to as the Ancient of Days, I suppose He is old fashioned, but He is only dangerous to those who do not know Him and are bound to spend eternity in a lake of fire. And, I have never shoved my religion down any ones throat any more than you have shoved your God hating comments down mine. If you do not want to hear about God, then keep your mouth shut about Him and His word.

      • Steve King

        Jesus did not create anything Betty. He came to die for our sins long after Genesis. Back to Sunday school for you!

      • http://yahoo Lee

        Jesus did not create Adam & Eve. God did! Jesus wasn’t
        born then.

      • Kelly

        Jesus created nobody, and if your “god” created all of us then you bet, he created Adam and Allen too. And gay IS biology, science has proved it, biology is nature, and if god is the reason for everything, if god makes no mistakes, then GOD MAKES GAY, and gay is not a mistake. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    • Fred

      The objection to homosexual marriage is not hate. The only real haters are the leftist who viciously hate anyone that may have another view. U are the hater, not those who think homosexuality is unhealthy and objectionable.

      • Steve King

        Fred- What is “unhealthy and objectionable” about homosexuality? It’s just the way some people are born. It’s completely natural and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s OK to be gay. Live and let live.

    • Linda

      Krube: Nobody needs to know such intimate details (bedroom habits) about another human being. I’m proud of what I am but I am not announcing to the world what it is because IT’S NONE OF ANYBODY’S BUSINESS WHAT I DO WITH WHOMEVER IN MY BEDROOM.

  • anthony

    Who cares. What difference does it make if your —–. keep it to yourself….

  • anthony

    gay this gay that,,, so what.

  • http://yahoo.com Em

    I think the voters had a right to know this before they voted for him, and I think because he is a Senator and now says that he is gay, he should not be allowed to vote on this issue. JUst because we have a gay senator should make no difference in the way the voting goes. He is not special by being black or by being gay. He is just another man (no more, no less), and I think that coming out the way he did was to try to sway votes for gay marriage and I think he should not be sitting in on the voting for this issue at all.

    • Shaun

      You are a dumbf*ck

      • alan green

        shaun, i agree with you, he is a dumb Fuck., reading some of these comments are mindboggleing in this day and time so much racism and homophobia., lets face it, its not going anywhere, as it has been here since the beginning of time and will be until the end of time.

    • Kelly

      So then straight people should not be able to vote on anything dealing with straight marriage. Parents should not be able to vote on anything dealing with children. Christians should not be able to vote on anything influencing religion…now do you see how idiotic your claim is?

  • Murphy

    Hurray, another one comes out…..
    Does it or should it matter to anyone but those close to him?
    I really do not care about anyone’s sexual orientation, really not.

    Anyway, I suggest we have a ” Come out wherever you are ” Day.
    Then we don’t have to go through the surpriiiise” time and time again..

  • Wallywoo

    Congratulations Kelvin! Now, let’s all go BUTTFORKING!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    He’s BLACK?!?!?

    • JD Straw

      Really? You’re BLACK?????? I’d already concluded that you, mister Atkinson are a homosexual but I never would’ve guessed that you’re “Black!”

      These damned nasty sissies think that they are “in a closet” but sissies are rarely “closeted,” it’s just that normal people who don’t go around broadcasting that they are heterosexual and not queer, just leave them alone in their delusions. We already knew that you are a sodomite, but thanks for coming out and letting us “know” that you’re “black.” Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry very much!

    • JD Straw

      NO BODY but he seems to think it’s important! Nasty black bast*ard!

      • Sue H

        Where do you get off name-calling? For you, it was bad enough that he was gay but now he is black, too. Oh the horror (with lots and lots of sarcasm).

      • Kelly

        NASTY ARROGANT BIGOTED BAST*ARD…there, how do you like that, feces for brains?

    • http://yahoo Lee

      If you’re black you can’t be gay? What? only whites are allowed? That’s what I call ignorant.

  • Shaun

    You should be able to marry a F*CKING coke can if you want. Who cares if he likes men.

  • JD Straw

    “Bitch wannabe! So sorry but you are a homosexual and will never qualify even with a so-called sex change operation to ever be a woman. You are what you are. Whatever your sex is at birth, that is what you are until your nasty azz dies and goes to hell!

    • Sue H

      Wait, wait. . .gay men want to have sex changes to be women? First I have heard of this. You are either really naive or really stupid. I pick stupid. You could not possibly be an adult and be that backward in your thinking.

  • Joe Blow

    Black, gay and a Democrate. Give him a wheelchair and he’ll be next president.

    • Linda

      You’re sad. Racist, sexist much?

    • alan green

      you are such an ASSHOLE., i cant even believe i am taking the time comment on your sorry ass., Get a life BITCH.

    • Lou Natick

      Joe, it’s what I’ve always said, too. Except, I might add transgender lesbian, black, Demonrat, atheist, Marxist(well, that’s the same as a Democrat), illegal and “it” will be our next Queen!
      Linda, you are the pathetic one here, YOU and your kind is why I no longer give a crap about this country anymore! ( And I was born in Latin America so don’t give me your racist crap, either)

  • Linda

    I simply do not care what you enjoy in the bedroom. Please don’t tell me any more.

    • James

      I’ll alert the media Your Highness…

  • HiDest

    How arrogant…No one gives a D if your gay or not, just that the Country is falling apart at the hands of politicians in Washington of which you are one…GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT err together, EXCUSE THE PUN…..

    • Sue H

      He is not a federal senator; he is a state senator. Please get your facts straight (pardon the pun).

      • http://yahoo robert


  • http://www.yahoo.com Colleen

    Gays have their feelings but they don’t need to flaunt it or convince anyone.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Colleen Skinner

    WE are all getting sick of hearing about gays, every time a senator realize he is gay its all over the news. They aren’t anyone specials. I don’t think I will ever watch the news again.

    • http://WebProNews Hagenmayer

      you need to get a life.

  • Bbell

    So much for doing whats best for your constituency without considering
    self.. Wow. Great. We get what we deserve for electing him.

  • j thomas

    thas alright thas ok

    him be president soon one day

    • James

      Well Nick, maybe no one wrote an article on you in particular is because you register zero for news. No one needs to advertise being straight because it is in our faces every single day. When people like you make that stupid comment I just shake my head. Why don’t you make news and claim that you are whatever it is and say as yoo put it, “I Am STR8″.

  • Nick

    i really dont care that he is gay as long as he does a good job. why does someone coming out have to be national headlines?? No one wrote a article because I am Str8.

  • Kayla

    Good for you ! To all of those other haters out there, get a life, he has one and he’s proud of it. If you have something against that well I suggest you stick it up your poop shute. Also, don’t knock it until you try it.

    • http://yahoo robert

      i’m totally against homoness, but God says love all. Love you man

  • http://yahoo Lee

    Good for him. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. You should be
    proud of yourself for telling everyone what you are.

    • john siebrecht

      what a bunch of fools….if theres nothing wrong with being “gay”…..then why not come out before the elections?

      • Jay Tonne

        Persecution from people who think it’s wrong to be gay…

  • http://yahoo robert

    and all the cowboys said “bulllllllpuckeyyyyyy.”

  • L.V.R.

    What’s being black got to do with.

  • Waddles

    Proud of you. It took a lot of guts to come out the way you did.

  • http://msn jon

    WHO AND WHY DO I CARE????????????????

  • William

    The next election vote for him if you are queer if not vote for the other person, simple not rocket science.

  • Randy

    I don’t care if someone wants to be homosexual. I think it is an abhorant lifestyle and is not healthy physically or mentally. Studies have shown that the homosexual lifestyle is neither monogamous nor is it a committed relationship. Homosexuals tend to die at earlier ages than heterosexuals. It is NOT a natural thing or we would see it happening in nature.
    Homosexuality is simply a mentally deviant behavior. It usually occurs in people that have social behavior shortcomings either because of life experiences that have occurred earlier in life or because of tramatic experiences more recently.
    No one can explain with any authority why a male would enjoy having another male insert his penis into his rectum and refer to this as normal sexual activity.

    • Becker Head

      The mind of a RepubliKKKLan (my insert) is like the pupil of the eye: The more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.-Oliver Wendell Holmes

      • dave

        RepubliKKKlan? Wow you seem ignorant, which party was Abe Lincoln (you remember him right, the guy that did the most politically to free slaves) a member of? I doubt you know so I will enlighten you! He was a Republican, or as you put it a Republikkklan. You need to understand history and get your facts straight before you type moronic comments like this!

        • Eric

          Hey, Dave, you need to get your factsw straight-ignorant, dumba$$. Your Republican party has not been the “Party of Lincoln” since Lincoln. That is part of the problem most Americans have with your teabagging, overspending, minority-hating, women-hating, equal rights hating, over religious “CONservative”, Big Business Buttkissing party.

    • Jay

      Randy, Where in the hell do you get your information? Being homosexual isn’t a choice. You state “I don’t care if someone wants to be homosexual”, are you kidding me? Do you think I chose to be gay? Would I choose to be ridiculed while growing up? Do you think I chose to be called faggot, cocksucker, and a host of other names? Do you think I chose to see stupid bullshit such as the ignorant bullshit you posted?
      Your thought of homosexuality as being “an abhorrent lifestyle, and not being healthy physically or mentally”, again makes no sense, and shows that you an ignorant person. And where is the evidence that homosexuals die at earlier ages? Hoe do you explain that? Apparently, you have no animals, and didn’t have any growing up.
      As for being a mentally deviant behavior, my psychologist doesn’t believe that, and I have no social behavior shortcomings, except the desire to beat some sense into your tiny little brain, and the rest of the people like you.
      I heard that The Westboro Baptist church is looking for a few good picketers, maybe you should forward your resume to that asshole, and you can join their little cult, and preach some of your bullshit to somebody that gives a shit. I personally don’t care to read your shortcomings on a public site. If you’d like to babble incessantly, do so elsewhere, like your church paper.
      What is your normal sexual activity? sticking your penis into a donkey? a Goat maybe? I would love to meet the woman you choose to have a sexual encounter with. She has to be dumb, deaf, or blind. Maybe all three. Surely, she’d see the person you are, and ditch your stupid ass. Who thinks like this anymore?

      • Janice cadie

        the only thing that bothers me about the whole issue of being gay or straight is that someone who is gay feels they need to tell others. I just don’t understand that. Why does anyone define themselves by their sexual orientation. I am 70 years old and have never told anyone that I am straight. I know many people who are gay and the only reason I know they are gay is by who they spend time with and in some cases who they share a home with.

      • Kelly

        Yeah, Randy is 100% wrong, looks like an idiot, and is strutting around, chest stuck out, crowing about how proud he/she is to be ignorant. I’m straight, but I know the science, and bigots have no legs to stand on. Gay isn’t a choice, it isn’t a disease, and nobody’s getting hurt (unless you count hurt feelings of parents/friends who can’t accept reality). One thing studies truly have shown, repeatedly, is that people who have strong homophobic reactions are generally extremely aroused by homosexual imagery…and herein lies the heart of it…the most violent of the haters are the repressed homosexuals who hate in others what they see in themselves, and cannot accept. THIS is scientific fact. Time for the hate and bigotry to end. No justification for it exists. People like Randy here are almost always repressed homosexuals. Come on out, Randy.

    • Kelly

      And Randy shows he/she knows nothing, because NO STUDY shows what Randy claims. In fact everything Randy claims has been disproved many times by many studies, if only Randy was intelligent enough to go do some reading. Randy needs to stop making things up. Bigotry, hatred, holier than thou attitudes…just go away. I hear the Moon’s nice this time of year, though the air’s a little thin.

  • Jess

    Randy, I would suggest you get your “facts” straight, no pun intended. Nothing you’ve said is true.

  • Ron

    Too bad, thought this was about Hairy Reid

  • Jim

    Randy…you haven’t spent much time in nature or with horses, cows, dogs, cats…There are many instances where animals chose same sex partners. I hadn’t seen it until we had horses.

  • http://webpronews Kent Lewis

    Most people (including me)DO NOT CARE !! Just do your job to the best of your ability.

  • Windwalker

    Who the hell cares if he is gay? Just do you job and quit making statements about your sexual preference. This what gets people upset because the media wants to make sure is specifies gay in anything for headlines. Give the gay thing a break its really not that important to tell people. Its not like being gay is a big deal anymore.

  • Danny Gilmer

    Whoop de Damn Do!!!!!!! Perhaps the government will give this “brave” Sodomite a special medal.

  • harmony

    For those who state they don;t care about his sexuality, I think that means you should support their rights because they are equal under the constitution, pay their taxes, and deserve the rights that are accorded to U&S citizens. For those who think it’s morally wrong, it hurts no one except those who feel threatened by their own sexuality. Randy, you cracked me up. I don’t know where you got those statistics, but they are so wrong. And even if the statistics were even remotely accurate, they would immediately be inaccurate because of the huge number of people who don’t reveal their preference or haven’t even recognized it yet in themselves. Randy, sweetie, I think you may fall in that category because of the last sentence of your post. Who would go into that much physical detail about a preference they don’t share? You’re questioning and I think you need to love yourself enough to be honest about it.

  • David

    Why adult human beings involved in ANY voluntary actions with other adult human beings need the “permission” from a third group of adult human beings in order to be involved in any of those voluntary actions is beyond me.

  • Ralph

    Don’t want to know and don’t need to know what kind of sex you prefer. Do your job.

  • jersey

    new world order people having a filled day by pushing on gay rytes.
    the world is indeed sick,most of all ya posting comments here have no idea what’s going on underground,the same fellas messing up ur minds are the ones who wanna take ur guns away from ya!!!
    you all so ignorant ye gay supporters!!!