Kelly Ripa Makeup Free After Losing Bet

    February 7, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kelly Ripa lost a Super Bowl bet to Live With Kelly and Michael cohost Michael Strahan, and as payment had to appear on air Thursday wearing no makeup at all. The talk show host wore only a dab of Vaseline on her lips for moisture but her face was completely makeup free.

“Calm down, we’ll all get through this together,” Ripa joked to the audience as the pair started Thursday’s show. “Don’t adjust your dials. There’s nothing wrong with your TV. One of us is wearing makeup today, and one of us isn’t. Not even anti-shine. I labored under the delusion that I looked OK without makeup until I came out here and I went, ‘Oh my God!'”

“You look great,” Strahan told her in a futile attempt to ease her mind. “And really fresh.”

“I’ve never lost a Super Bowl bet, ever, in my life,” Kelly Ripa said. “So imagine: A, losing, B, losing and you can’t wear makeup and C…what’s C?”

“George Clooney is here today,” Michael Strahan quipped.

Can you even imagine coming face to face with George Clooney wearing no makeup–even if you are Kelly Ripa?

“Which really only punishes George Clooney, who’s a national treasure,” came Kelly’s retort to Michael’s announcement.

Live With Kelly and Michael’s own Gelman posted an Instagram photo of Kelly without any makeup on prior to the show.

Kelly Ripa, of course, looked absolutely beautiful without any makeup, and the only thing she might have done better while on Thursday’s show is to have embraced her look. Too many women are led to believe they don’t look good unless they cake on the makeup, undergo a number of surgical procedures and appear rail thin at all times. Someone of Kelly’s status could have spoken volumes to women everywhere in an effort to dissuade that train of thought.

Alas that wasn’t the reason for her going makeup free. It was due to a lost bet with Michael Strahan, and the two had fun joking back and forth about her wearing no makeup for the duration of the show.

The two went on to chat with George Clooney–who didn’t seem concerned at all with Kelly’s lack of makeup–and he dished about his film Monuments Men–the filming of which involved directing his costar and best friend Matt Damon.

“It’s not easy to direct Matt Damon,” he joked. “I catch him stealing every once and a while. Oh yeah.”

Did you happen to catch Kelly Ripa sans her makeup on Live With Kelly and Michael on Thursday? Do you not agree she looked absolutely gorgeous just the same?

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  • enieng

    White people problems….

    • BR

      Rich people problems.. Not white people problems. Moron.

      • enieng

        Quit sucking cock for a minute and think.

    • Alyssa

      enieng. What a stupid thing to say.

      • enieng

        Its a term you dumb bitch!

        • Carl Johnson

          So is porch-monkey.

    • Myka

      Who cares she’s not great looking with make-up on. It’s not white people’s problem ! (I’m black ) It’s a stupid thing to say . Famous people are vain & that’s their problem. .

      • enieng

        Get of your black horse and get that bug out of your ass. Seriously? You have never heard if that term before regarding I significant issues?

  • Jacqueline Battle

    Make is for clowns you are what you look like not what make up makes you look like. Who are you trying to fool a man, people. You always look better without it oh just a bit of lipstick.

  • Dean Clark

    she looks like bucky beaver anyway you look at her

  • Vicky Smith

    Do you know how many men flirt with me even without my makeup on? Even I am amazed sometimes..I always believed they preferred it on. My bad. She looks just fine, the real her.

    • JaiGuru

      Most women use entirely too much of the stuff. With a very conservative application, make–up is hardly the devil. But it is nothing but a concealer which says a lot about the maturity of the user. I know very few women who aren’t just as attractive without the stuff as they are with it.

    • enieng

      They would probably prefer you from behind without makeup.

  • hope

    Kelly really looks old –

  • BJ

    she looked great, because she is not 70 yet,,,and then when you really need it you really don’t give a damn!

  • Duke

    Those aren’t makeup-free eyebrows, or naturally colored lips….sorry, she’s not really as makeup-free as they are suggesting here.

  • Vicki Botdorf

    She is still pretty with out make up!

  • Marcus Schrader

    whats the big deal she is still shockingly beautiful, like i tell my wife and other women you don’t NEED makeup all the time

  • Shane Rogers

    95% of female celebs looks awful without makeup. She looks ok. I’ve seen way worse. Try looking up Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, or Pam Anderson.

    • JaiGuru

      TO be fair, camera and lighting techniques play a huge role in that. Those floodlights will case crazy long shadows from even the tiniest wrinkle on your face. Most of these people look just fine in real life without makeup.

  • disqus_JNr8cF1G9n

    She has mascara on. right? Her eyelashes no way look like that naturally..

  • Marsha Janiak Pucket

    I think she looks younger ! To many women no makeup is a big deal to others it is not . If you work in the entertainment field it would probably be a big deal so give her a break . Like I said I think she looks younger many people will never have anything nice to say will always be nasty negative so they can SHUT UP !!