Kelly Osbourne Shows Off Head Tattoo

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - July 1, 2014

Kelly Osbourne has done some pretty shocking things over the years, but her most recent tattoo may take the cake.

Kelly recently showed off her new head tattoo with photos on her Instagram account.

In the last few years, Kelly has tamed down her look and wild ways, but the 29-year-old recently showed that she still has some rock and roll left in her.

She shaved both sides of her head and dyed what hair was left bright purple.

Her new haircut allowed her to flaunt her tattoo which says “stories” in purple ink and a typewriter font.

Kelly not only showed off the end result of the tattoo, but the entire work in progress. She had the ink done at the Shamrock Social Club Parlour in Hollywood by tattoo artist Dr Woo.

While a head tattoo sounds like it might be painful, Kelly didn’t show any signs of discomfort in her photos and seemed to be very happy with the way the tattoo came out.

A tattoo isn’t the only new thing in Kelly’s life. She is rumored to have a new relationship with Quincy Combs, the stepson of rapper Puff Daddy.

The two have been seen together a lot lately and a source close to Kelly confirmed that there was definitely something going on between the two.

“Kelly is single, but she’s having a lot of fun,” a source said. “She’s been hooking up with Quincy, her really good friend, lately. It’s not serious but he’s really hot and he’s very into her.”

What do you think of Kelly’s new tattoo and her new boyfriend?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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