Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" Takes No. 1 Spot


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Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" has recently scooped the No.1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 list. This exciting spot marks Perry's nonth No. 1 single on the Hot 100 list.

The song featuring Juicy J has been all over the radio, making it a popular song to sing-a-long with as well as a no-brainer for the coveted No.1 spot.

"This No. 1 is the most unexpected one I've ever had," said perry. "'Dark Horse' has been a dark horse of a song, since August when the KatyCats voted to release it early on iTunes, before 'PRISM' even came out. I'm so thrilled and grateful to have these moments."

"I Kissed A Girl," Teenage Dream and "Roar" are among other No. 1 hits the beauty has pumped out throughout her career.


Katy Perry performed her No. 1 hit "Dark Horse" at the Grammys this past Sunday.

Quite a few YouTube users had a lot to say about the performance.

"The question we should ask ourselves is: who's idea was to make this performance? Katy perry is a pop icon. shes the faces of a corporation and the mainstream music industry. people like her barely act on their own. there is always a team of experts telling her how to live her life, what to sing, and what to perform. shes just the face of an enormous corporate effort. there are people behind the scenes here. we shouldnt act like katy perry is author of what she does because she probably isnt," said one user.

Another continued to say, "F****n haters......GET A F***N LIFE!.....Katty's performance was awesome! it was one of the best at the Grammy's...the bass beat was amazing, the dancing was even more amazing......KEEP IT UP KATTY! One of the best songs ever created, and I'm not even a fan....."

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