Katy Perry Pregnancy Rumors False

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Katy Perry pregnancy rumors have made their way around the web and back in recent days, but friends of the Roar singer say they're simply not true. Perry and boyfriend John Mayer aren't expecting their first child together.

Some of the rumors in the mill included Katy altering her performance at the recent MTV European Music Awards to eliminate some of the pregnancy risks involved. Some rumors said she was already pregnant while others claimed she was preparing to become pregnant, and that John Mayer was completely on board with that plan.

In addition to the rumor about being pregnant, Katy Perry has also been dodging rumors about her purported engagement to John Mayer. Spotted wearing a giant sparkling ring at the EMAs, fans (and purveyors of frequent rumors) instantly assumed she and Mayer were engaged. All were eager to spread the word, too.

Twitter followers obviously haven't heard yet that some (if not all) of the Katy Perry rumors aren't true.

The life of a celebrity involves all sorts of things that many people don't realize. Sure, there's fame and fortune. However some negatives accompany those benefits. Negatives like rumors about pregnancies, engagements, divorces, marriages, cheating on spouses and even false death claims can be hurtful, frightening and very difficult to deal with. Celebrities must be thick-skinned in order to weather some of these nasty storms.

Some believe that John Mayer will one day soon propose to Katy Perry. Just as many likely believe she will be absolutely crazy if she says yes. Until official statements have been released by reps for either or both of them, however, or Katy Perry and John Mayer issues their own statements, no one should believe what's been said is true. That's just how it goes in the celebrity world.

So no, Katy Perry isn't pregnant. She isn't engaged. She doesn't have six heads, and she doesn't hail from Martians. She is an incredibly talented and popular singer--but fans don't need to hear a rumor in order to believe that.

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