Katie Holmes Originally Wanted For OITNB Lead

    August 26, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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If you are a fan of Netflix’s original raunchy series Orange is the New Black, then it would probably be hard for you to picture anyone else playing the main characters.

However, Jenji Kohan, OITNB creator, recently revealed that she had a very different idea of who would play the bisexual, drug smuggling Piper.

Kohan exclusively revealed to E! News that she had originally wanted former Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes to play the part of Piper.

Kohan even admitted that she met with Holmes about the part. “I’m a big fan of hers,” Kohan said during the OITNB event at the DGA. “You know, I met with her.”

Holmes turned the part down, claiming she had too much other stuff to do, and didn’t really know what the show was going to be at the time. “She [Holmes] had other things to do,” Kohan explained. “And also in the beginning, no one knew what this was.” Unfortunately for Katie, OITNB has been a smashing success and was nominated for multiple Emmy’s. “I don’t know if it’s the subject, the characters, the way it’s consumed or a combination of all those factors, but people’s investment with these women is greater than anything I’ve seen before,” Kohan said.

We all know that the part ultimately went to the Emmy-nominated Taylor Schilling, who says she is a big fan of Holmes. “I’m a big fan of Katie Holmes,” Schilling said. “She could be friends with Lorna or like Lorna’s Boston sister.” Schilling continued, referring to the possibility of Holmes landing a guest role on the show.

Do you think Holmes regrets not taking the part? Could you imagine Holmes in Schillings role? Leave your comments below.

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