Kate Upton Strikes a Baywatch Pose for GQ

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Kate Upton Strikes a Baywatch Pose for GQ
[ Life]

Kate Upton is everywhere these days, and it’s easy to see why. The girl doesn’t have a problem letting it all hang out, especially when it comes to posing for popular male-oriented magazines. Men love to stare at her, and, apparently, Upton likes it when men stare at her. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have so many images to gawk at when we should be doing more productive things. Unfortunately for your bloodshot eyeballs, it would appear that Kate isn’t going to cover up any time soon. Depending on how you approach the scenario, that’s either a really, really good thing or a really, really bad thing. I’ll let you figure out which side of the fence you reside.

Because Upton’s previous issue was so freaking popular, the magazine has asked the young model to return for another round this August. In addition to featuring outtakes from the last issue, photographer Terry Richardson will return to provide more photos of Kate’s popular body.

If you’re looking for a mild distraction morning, why not take a peek at Upton’s latest offering, which finds the curvy model striking a pose a la Pamela Anderson during her “Baywatch” days. Although Kate is pretty well covered up this time around, it still goes without saying that you should probably approach this image with extreme caution if you’re viewing this thing at work. The last thing WebProNews wants to do is get you fired for looking at attractive women when there’s work to be done. You have been warned.

Image provided courtesy of Hollywood Life


Kate Upton Strikes a Baywatch Pose for GQ
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  • Lowell Gaertner

    Thank God for Kate Upton!!! She helps the male half of this sorry planet get through the rough times by distracting us from all the doom-and-gloom in this world!!! Three cheers for Ms. Upton!!!

  • Jim Matousek

    Amen Lowell…..what a beautiful young lady. Love watching her doing interviews, videos, etc. She has a great sense of humor to go along with all that physical beauty. Thanks for making us smile Kate!!

  • xperia


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