Kate Gosselin Custody Battle: Is Jon Gosselin Seeking Custody?

    August 27, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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The custody battle between Jon and Kate Gosselin is heating up, with one source saying Jon Gosselin would like to gain full custody of the former couple’s eight children. Kate has purportedly been canceling scheduled visits between Jon and the kids, and he’s just about reached his breaking point.

“He would love to take her to court and get total custody of his kids,” a source told RadarOnline. “He doesn’t want them on TV and doesn’t want Kate’s influence on them. He’ll do whatever it takes.”

The TV thing has long been a strong point of contention between Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband. Although it’s only fair to note that Jon Gosselin didn’t have much of a problem reaping the benefits of being a reality show star when Jon & Kate Plus 8 was in its heyday.

RadarOnline reported a while back that Jon Gosselin gave up his say about whether or not the eight Gosselin children could appear on TV in exchange for not being court-ordered to pay Kate Gosselin any child support at all. Now it seems, however, that he is seriously considering his legal options, because Kate isn’t living up to their prior visitation agreement.

Robert Hoffman recently penned a book in which he makes some very serious allegations about Kate Gosselin. Called Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, his list has provided fodder for tabloids, upon which many of them have constructed articles.

It would be interesting to read Hoffman’s book and see if the aforementioned allegation appears there as well.

Do you suppose Kate Gosselin has really pushed Jon too far this time? Might he really be considering filing for full custody of the Gosselin children?

More importantly, if he did–would he stand a chance at winning?

  • GamerGirlSlayer

    Both of these parents truly screw up their children live for free trips an luxury life and that Kate became to controlling and verbally abuse her husband Jon on live tv and then Jon ends up cheating on Kate and caring selfish need to cheat would infect his children and all Kate is same boat as Jon and the reason and these two need to suck up and grow up and Kate got let Jon see his children.

    • debbiehm

      Jon didn’t cheat on Kate…kate had already kicked him to the garage apartment and told him he could do what he wanted as long as he showed up for taping and “pretended” to be a big happy family….She only got upset because he got caught….Not because he was with someone else…She was mad because he screwed up the lie they were living for the show…..

      • GamerGirlSlayer

        Thanks and I was right that Kate was controlling Jon IMO

        • debbiehm

          She is the most controlling human being I have ever witnessed in my life…Life must be hell for everyone living with her or even having to interact with her in any form whatsoever…I despise her for what she has done to her children and she will reap those rewards very soon…That is probably the only satisfaction any of us that have concern over it will ever get…But that will be huge and it will be life changing for Kate…And it’s all coming down as soon as those 8 kids start growing up and realize what their mother has been doing to them all of their lives for the sole purpose of lining her greedy pockets…You can see it beginning now with the twins…

          • Marilyn

            I agree, totally. She was always so rude .

      • K.

        And you know all of this because…you read it in the tabloids that we all know are true.

        • debbiehm

          I know all of this because….it’s what JON said..I heard it from his own mouth..and I believe him…but as for the tabloids, you will find the Enquirer to be spot on for the most part….they have to be if they want to avoid big lawsuits….

    • Mike Price

      You write bad make little sense

    • Baire

      You really need to learn to communicate. This post makes no sense!

  • Suzy

    Kate gets paid 40,000 an episode which I am assume is divided between all of them and she lives in a home valued at over a million dollars and has house keepers and nannies. She is a liar when she stated that she was broken and has to put her children in the public eye to make money. How about getting rid of your million dollar property and rid of the nannies. I know many woman with that many kids that lived in small houses and had no help at all. She doesn’t give a dang about the damage she has done to those kids.

    • debbiehm

      You assume wrong….Kate made sure she gets ALL the money except for the mandatory 10% that is put into a trust for ALL(not each) the kids….And she even has control over THAT paltry amount to use on their clothes, school, etc…So basically, the kids work for her and will be lucky to have a dime to spend on their own house and cars and whatever when they do grow up…They gave up their childhoods to keep Mama living the good life….After all, that IS the reason they were conceived in the first place….

    • fran attaway

      i don’t know—-why should she and the kids live any differently?

  • mamabear1966

    Who cares? These two deserve each other and they’ve already ruined the kids just by being their parents. My guess is when they each turn 18, they are OUT OF THERE and will leave their mother for good, which is what I would do if that b!tch was my mother!

  • Rockabilly Chola

    When those kids hit 18, they are going leave home running.

    • debbiehm

      And poor Kate will BE poor then….no more kids to work and support her greedy butt….

  • Kimberly

    So basically, this is an article about a rumor. Kimberly, you no journalist.

  • southernlady

    I would hope that he would gain custody. Kate is a total self-centered shrew and is only concerned about herself. I refuse to watch anymore shows with her in them. Between the two, Jon has always been the better parent.

    • Mike Price

      Funny, she doesn’t look shrewish. oy

  • JudyDee

    I hope he gets custody, then Kate can pursue her TV career as “Kate Minus Eight”.

  • Nancy Robbins

    With the nannies and the maids around to keep the household running smoothely, I say it’s time for Kate to go and get a real job.

  • fran attaway

    spite, big time revenge, and will get child support. i don’t know about kate(yes, she is annoying) but come on—-8 KIDS!

  • Terrie

    I may be wrong…..but, aren’t they going to start a new season??? and if they are, who wants to watch it??

    • GamerGirlSlayer

      They start a new season in December and anyone know the children aren’t that happy being back on tv especially the twins after seeing their good morning America interview

  • Me

    This is props for her new show. They are just kicking it off early.

  • nunyathx2stalkers

    He would have a good shot at winning if his allegations are true. Courts don’t take kindly to parental alienation these days.

  • missy d

    He hasn’t been paying child support. That’s also viewed as ‘abandonment’ by the courts. He’s just a nasty vengeful X.

    • harleymama

      When he was paying child support it was at a nasty greedy level. Almost 1000 per child based off his income from show. When he put his foot down about TV, she wanted kids on so she could be a star. She then struck a deal with him in court for kids to be on show. Vengeful ex? No, just a dad sick of her bs. Maddy suffers from migraines and would get them because of the stress . Maddy suffers from migraines and got them from stress and bright lights from doing show.

  • TC

    But if Kate gets the show and pulls in money, John will get child support.

  • https://www.facebook.com/wolfgang.jager.313 Wolfgang Jäger

    If he is being denied his visitations rights I hope, but doubt, the family court will be fair and not only enforce the visitations but require her to allow him to make up the lost time; however, I don’t think he should have full custody as he is just as big of a loser as she is- shared custody would probably be fair, but I bet part of the agreement they signed already nixed that.

  • Darlene

    I think the old hag needs to get off her lazy rear and get a job and stop feeding off the kids like the bottom feeder she is.I feel so bad for the kids and a little bad for Jon. Kate is a control freak, I can’t believe anyone will watch the new shop. Come on TLC get something good on no body wants to seen that old witch yelling and treating those kids the way she does. It’s high time we leave her in the dust and move on. PLEASE we need some good tv shows.

    • justin creditable

      She has a job as a reality star. If you dislike her and dont want her invading your tv its simple. Dont watch her show, buy her books and most of all stop commenting on articles about her. I think she is a bit high strung & a control freak, but damn its not my life so who cares. Its tv and even in reality tv there is a basis of a script. John is a idiot who gave up his rights to a woman we seen flip out over nothing so he did not have to pay child support. He is lucky he see’s them at all. Especially he wants us to believe her true self is what we see on their series. Who does that? TV pays the bills and to judge a person on what a tabloid says makes as much sense as seeing a chef for medical advice.

  • Willie Montgomery

    Kids should not,repeat not be on these reality TV shows.The same goes for Kylie and Kendall Jenner.I predict within a decade when Jon and Kate’s kids are grown they are going to be on either Dr Phil or Oprah revealing shocking and disturbing things about either Kate,Jon or both.Other shows that needs to be yank off the air are Toddlers and Tiaras and Honey Boo Boo.Honey Boo Boo mother has a police record and the go go juice she is giving her daughter is Mountain Dew/Red Bull mixed.She about to send her daughter to an early grave giving her that stuff.Plus many of the child beauty pageants are rigged.And one report revealed 40% of girls who compete in these pageants would go on to do porn or work in the sex trade.

    • justin creditable

      thanks for the background breakdown on that wheres the other 60% of the sex trade come from?

  • unbelievable

    He would probably do a better job than Kate. Everyone is sick of her outlandish efforts for extort her children. I wonder how much money the kids have in the bank or is mom spending it all. Plus, I understand her one daughter can’t ride the school bus to school (she has been kicked off) but Kate went to the private school and the child is allowed to ride the bus the days, the crew is shooting them going off to school. Maybe instead of putting all the children on television, Kate should worry about getting a physcologist to live in the house instead of nannies. Who would watch her again…I feel bad for the kids…really. They are acting out already.

  • just

    This….Is….An….Advertisement !!!!!!!!! Why…don’t…these…WANNBES …go …out ..
    and…get …a …JOB …..ALL REALITY SHOWS DOES ….PIMP …their children for
    $$$$$$$$$$…….Wannabes , they will do whatever it takes to pimp there children .
    Over 700 reality shows and new shows starts Everyday ..Dime A Dozen !!!!!
    Lowlife wannabes !!!!! …..Kate she’s nothing but a pimp mama like Wannabe Kris J ,
    and many others ……Anybody who’s on a reality show , selling out there sole .

  • just

    This …..video …tape …^^^above ^^ an advertisement / Publicity , because he says ,
    watch it in Feb …..Just like Beyonce and Jayz ….Jayz had that fight with his sister
    in law for FREE pubicity to go to their concerts .
    Celebrities and Wannabes are considered …..Publicity ho’s , desperate for $$$$$$$$$$.

  • Whit

    ‘Bout time he stood up and acted like a MAN and not some wuss! He knows EXACTLY what that womans “mothering” is doing to thier kids, step up and be dad Jon! Stand up for your kids and save them from that greedy narcissistic beast of burden.

  • wilman

    Spread your legs more than most, and become famous!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cheryl Gumbs

      I think she only did it twice….

  • carolyn mordecai

    As long as they fight with each other, they have an intimate bond that can’t be broken.

  • Dick Jones

    Seriously, why is this woman consistently in the top 10 Yahoo searches? You people have nothing more interesting to search for?

    • Ginger

      I don’t know why people are always judging this woman she’s doing the best she can to raise her children at least she not a welfare recipient and so she on television with her children so what she not the only person putting her kids on tv there tons and tons of celebrity’s with there children on tv and at least give her credit she’s making an honest living those kids are so well discipline that they will grow up and be good people.

    • Laurie

      She isn’t in the top 10. You have nobody more interesting to brag about?

  • Cheryl Gumbs

    Instead of complaining about Kate an that she should get a job, fire the staff, get a smaller house, beg Jon back, etc…Just stop gluing yourselves to her show to come one here and bitch about it the next day. YOU are the ones that keep those kids and her on TV, no ratings, no money. So stop watching the 8 little money bags and their banker parents, only then will you have to find something else to bitch about

    • Laurie

      It’s a comments board–we’re free to complain all we want. If our comments bother you, stop reading them.

    • harleymama

      why watch? train wreck.

  • RB

    As bad as she is he’s worse. How in the world would he support those kids unless he had her paying child support or maybe he’s hoping for a show. He had a great time right before and after the split running all over the place and didn’t much care what was going on with his kids so IMO he’s no better than she is.

  • chamby60

    God ill bet it looks like a 1937 Catchers Mitt down there!!

  • Rich Kenzie

    Why are these idiots still in the news?!

  • Laurie

    These children have two lousy parents, but John will never get custody. And Kate is desperate for publicity right now, because her pathetic show is going back on the air. The woman can’t accept that her 15 minutes are up.

  • Redhead Chatter

    Hey Mothers out there she is using a great discipline method to be able to cope with eight kids. Walk in her shoes. How would you be able to deal with 8 kids. Has she made some stupid mistakes, haven’t we all. All in all she is coping well under the circumstances. YES she leaves herself open for criticism and is totally unbearable at times with her drama. But keep it real it is a hard job rearing kids If she lowers the drama thing as we all do not want to hear the crap that comes out of her mouth. But under the circumstances I think Jon would be a disaster for them. Yes she has a strict routine. Well hello if she didn’t those kids would be damaged goods as it is they are they are in my view well adjusted kids. JUST NO DRAMA PLEASE PEOPLE WILL RESPECT YOU MORE AS IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU KATE IT IS ABOUT THE KIDS WE WATCH..YOU WOULD GET A LOT MORE RESPECT IF YOU JUST PEACE OUT

  • asnow4sure

    I read the book mentioned above and it is a MUST READ! Jon may have screwed up in the beginning but I think he tried to fix it. The book cuts him no slack and mentions his short comings as well. The things that she has done to make money is deplorable….using Church to pitch her pity story and gain money??? Very distasteful.

  • jp

    I just finished reading the book, Kate Gosslin: How she fooled the world. Nothing in it surprised me to much. Kate is horrible and I agree Jon should get custody.