Kate Gosselin: Could Jon Gosselin Get the Kids From Her?

    August 30, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Celeb couple Jon and Kate Gosselin had one of the more public divorces on reality TV. The whole thing played out while the world watched, with accusations of infidelity, attempts to stall the divorce proceedings, and orders for child support all rolled into the fray.

The reality TV show that the two had made bank on together ended up like a slaughtered golden goose. TLC, which carried the original Jon & Kate Plus 8 programming, even sued Jon Gosselin when he appeared on other television programs after they changed the name of the program to Kate Plus 8.

Now, after years of Kate being the single celeb mom, and managing to make tabloid headlines almost daily, the rumor mill has it that Jon Gosselin wants the kids back.

Now, the original divorce paperwork specified that Kate got custody, and Jon did not have to pay child support. But Jon is now reportedly saying that Kate is refusing to honor child visitation agreements that the decree specifies. So Jon wants the kids.

One attorney told Life & Style Magazine, “If Kate is keeping the children away from their father, she leaves herself open to upsetting the court and they could change custody. He can file for a modification of the custody agreement.”

According to an unnamed source for Life & Style, “[Jon] would love to take her to court and get total custody of his kids. He doesn’t want them on TV and doesn’t want Kate’s influence on them. He’ll do whatever it takes.”

One of the big questions about Jon and his crusade to get custody of eight kids is: how will he support them? Is a deal for custody and receipt of child support from Kate what he is after? Because last word out was that Jon was waiting tables for a living.

“Kate knows Jon doesn’t have the finances to fight it, so she just does whatever she wants,” the unnamed source said.

  • JosiahPatton

    I hope she keeps the kids and she is successful in raising them. It’s got to be difficult with 8 kids.

    • roger

      It is difficult raising 8 kids. They cut into time spent flying around the country and having fun splashing in the surf. They all have have mental problems and Kate isn’t helping them deal with it.

  • Cindy Barnett

    it would be neat if Jon got the kids, but, like article says, last we heard he was waiting tables! You can’t support 8 kids waiting tables! You can barely support yourself waiting tables! Didn’t he used to work with computers making big money??

    • Thomas

      It tends to be a lot easier when you have TLC paying you big bucks. As far as her books go, if TLC wanted to they could have set up the same deal for him. I find it hard to believe that so many of these celebrities pen a single line of these “Bestsellers.”

      In either event, I think both of these people are terrible and those kids got the short end of the stick being born into that household.

  • https://www.facebook.com/wolfgang.jager.313 Wolfgang Jäger

    Pretty typical with a parent ignoring visitation orders as revenge against the other partner because the family court rarely ever punishes them and the system is so biased and broken that it needs to be completely rebuilt from the bottom up. That said, I also wonder how Jon would support eight kids. I hope that if his allegations are true, he is lucky like one of my brothers and the judge enforces the visitation rights and requires the time lost to be made up- denying the kids access to a parent is down right mean and spiteful and not good for the kids unless the parent is dangerous.

  • fran attaway

    ol’ boy! jon could stay” home and do nothing” if he got the kids and “child support”.

    • crabcake

      Eight kids and stay at “home and do nothing”? You are kidding, right?

  • Trace Jenkins

    I don’t care if Jon can get the kids away from Kate. I want to know how to GET AWAY from Jon, Kate, and the whole dam group of kids. The whole Goslin tribe is nothing but a bunch of publicity hors. They are like cockroaches, they always come back.

    • Cheryl55

      stop watching and replying

  • bjb402

    Kate is a single Mom with a lot to deal with. When she was with Jon, she had nine kids. It’s so easy to judge when you are the absent parent. Jon appears to have some immaturity issues. Right now I don’t think he has the stability nor capacity to be the custodial parent. I’m sure he talks crap about Kate to the kids. He’s always commenting trying to make people feel some type of way about Kate. Kate is a stern, loving, and amazing Mom. I don’t think she’s perfect. It’s just that she has the motivation and determination to do all she can to make sure her eight kids are cared for. She is turning lemons into lemonade.

    • joyfulgirl_3

      She isn’t a ‘single mom’. The father is involved. Single moms have no support..have the kids 24/7. She is a divorced mom…like many. Please don’t minimize fathers who were in the house 24/7 before. Remember, he was home while she was night nursing or whatever. He didn’t walk out and leave the kids; he left the wife.

      • crabcake

        You have a point here, but most fathers are not allowed to just walk away “from the wife” with no financial responsibility for the children. He should consider himself lucky.

        • AMC71873

          Actually Kate is the lucky one. Kate needed the kids to be on television. Jon was the only one stopping her. She squeezed every dime out of Jon for the purpose of getting full power over the children. She did not need or want Jon’s “mediocre” money she wanted her kids so she could make big bucks.

          • joyfulgirl_3

            I think they were both pretty open that they couldn’t support their family on a nurse’s income or computer related income when the kids were small and would have been in daycare

            Kate could have done it all w/a little more class, but hindsight is 20/20. How many of us went through a divorce while in the public eye while probably suffering presumed great sleep deprivation? People do the best they can at any given time. Sometimes the best isn’t as pretty as we’d like it to be.

    • jacksonm

      Wow, I want what you’re smoking.

      She’s using her kids to whore herself out to any tv show that will pay her money. That is a horrible lesson to teach the kids.

  • Cheryl55

    This has got to be just an eye grabbing head line! That moron would be like giving those kids to Bin Laden!! He is a lazy, lying disgusting person who has shown publically that his only interest in those kids is MONEY. When he did not get that he made sure he only took employment that would ensure he would never have to pay a penny for child support. Most fathers would be in jail for non support.. this guy has the background to get a good job…but he knows he will have to pay so he waits tables.

  • Donna

    Kate should not have custody of those kids, she has them so brain washed against their Dad they are nothing more to her than money making Robots the kids are past the cute age. She should learn to live within her means, the only thing she is teaching those kids is that material things are the most important things in the world. She is a narcissistic pathetic mess.

  • Rachel Slurr

    “Single celebrity Mom”. oh pleeze! She is an emasculating, controlling, narcissistic, ratchet, idiot! Those poor kids are going to be soooo messed up!

  • Illuminate

    Jon isn’t waiting tables anymore or tending bar. He gets fired from every job he ever has because he’s lazy and doesn’t want to work. All he wants to do is lay up in bed with the current shack-up. He want’s custody, alright, but only so he will have the child support coming in.

  • Willie Montgomery

    If you remembered in the TV interview when her daughters refused to talk on camera,many believe something is really really wrong on the homefront.Later it was revealed one of the girls refused to go back home with Kate.And a nasty verbal spat erupted between Kate and Jon.I have a funny feeling years from now either the twins or all of Kate’s children will be sitting down doing interviews with either Nancy Grace,Dr Phil or Oprah and revealing lots of shocking things about their mother.Kate had been offered her nursing job back at the hospital she once worked at.But she turned it down flat.Why?Many speculate she wants to be on TV a lot and using her kids as her moneymaking machine.

    • bjb402

      Maybe she turned it down because nurses work long hours. Who would take care of the kids while she’s working? Jon is the absent parent. Kids usually don’t understand that the because they aren’t around as much as the custodial parent they appear to be better. Mainly because they can get away with more, Or the style of parenting is a little more lenient.

  • Cindy Barnett

    Kate is the main problem with those kids’ mental problems…she’s so controlling… that’s why Jon got out. It’s a shame what she has done with those kids!

  • Tawni Britton

    from the comments I gather she is dammed if she does and dammed if she doesn’t. She is looking for ways to support her family…if she did not support her family then she would be a bitch and when she finds a way that supports her family she is a bitch. What about him…is he an ass because he does not support his family (He pays no child support) will he be an ass if he get custody and then demands support from her? How do you think he is going to get out of the shack he lives in …he is going to ask for custody and then child support. She will then still have to find ways to pay for support of her family and dumb ass gets to wait tables and not do his share.

    • jacksonm

      If she is looking for ways to support her family, why did she turn down the nursing job she was offered?

      Answer? She couldn’t whore herself out to tv anymore if she did that.

    • AMC71873

      So I guess TLC and all cable viewers are expected to support Kate and her brood until they complete college simply because she needs the money. How come people don’t feel the same way about Eric and Betty Hayes from Table for Twelve. Don’t they deserve to have a television show! Frankly I don’t understand how two million people can sit in front of their tv and watch somebody else go on vacation, shop for school supplies or do anything else that the rest of us do without a tv show.. I guess people will watch any crap put in front of them. By the way, it is those children who are supporting themselves and their mother not the other way around. Kate has proven these past couple of years, nobody wants to just watch Kate.

      • Tawni Britton

        AMC71873 if they do not watch they do not support. that simple. If you do not like watching Kate and her kids on TLC then turn it off. Go outside take a walk, turn the channel to another channel. Show the network you do not support. Write a letter…no one is forcing you to support her. Until then this is the USA where Kate and her kids along with people from Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo are on TV for no apparent reason other than to collect a pay check.

  • mtkk2014

    My two cents worth: I do not care for Kate, but I DO ADMIRE her for being well organized, taking good care of the kids. Have you seen some of the shows where the kids display real honest-to-goodness good habits? They are cared for and taught manners and discipline (maybe too strict, some would say) but a little too much is better than none, which is what 90+ percent of the kids get today!