Kate Gosselin and Kids Do TLC Special Sans Jon Gosselin

    March 19, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kate Gosselin and her eight kids will return to TV on TLC for a one hour special some time this coming summer. Jon Gosselin was interestingly omitted from the TLC press release and it sounds like probably from the TV show, too. After appearing on TLC as a family in Jon & Kate Plus 8, it seems Jon is now considered a has-been–even more so than his ex-wife and eight children.

Following the cancellation of Jon & Kate Plus 8 the TLC network aired Kate’s show with the kids, called Kate Plus Eight. That show didn’t have the kind of viewership the original show had and it ultimately failed.

Jon and Kate Gosselin are the parents of 13-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, as well as sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, who are 9. The special will reportedly get fans “up to speed” on what has been going on with the family (exclusive of Jon it seems) since Jon & Kate Plus 8 ended. The network promises to “reveal how much the kids have grown” and to feature Kate’s “evolving life and career.” They will also take a look back at the “poignant family moments” since the shows both left the air.

Kate Gosselin tweeted her excitement over the upcoming special.

Are there really any things about Kate Gosselin and her children that everyone doesn’t already know? Between her incessant tweeting and her website it would seem she has shared just about everything there is to possibly share. Everyone is well aware that Kate is still seeking fame and fortune and obviously will still do so at the expense of her children.

Jon Gosselin–who really has always been a bit of a loser even when married to Kate–has at least stepped up to the plate and said he doesn’t want his kids on reality TV any more. But you must take into consideration he never said that when he was raking in part of that reality show dough.

Kate Gosselin will be returning to TV yet again during season 14 of Celebrity Apprentice where she will compete against contestants including Ludacris, Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore. Let’s see–she’s done Dancing With the Stars, and everyone knows how that turned out. Might she win Celebrity Apprentice or will she hear Donald Trump utter those infamous words?

Will that be Kate’s new claim to fame or will her TLC special take care of that instead–at least for 2014?

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  • grandmother5

    Oh, no nOt again. Will she ever go away?

    • Sara James

      You soon will be Granny…

      • grandmother5

        I’m not your granny so don’t call me granny. You have your opinion and I have mine. You are rude. I’ve read your comments.

  • Sharon Maclean

    i will watch I liked them

    • Sydney

      I will watch too. I look forward to it. :)

  • Judi Shaw

    I think that both parents Jon and Katie should be on with their 8 children.. Jon should not be except from being on the show is wrong. He the children’s father why not have him on.
    The way Katie treated him not wonder he went else were . If I had to put up with a woman like Katie. She has a got to be in control problem. She has to be in control and have everything her way or no way.

    • Tracy924

      Sorry, but you are so wrong! Would YOU have your ex included when he says horrible things about you and the children and then announces that he hopes you F’n die? Of course you wouldn’t and Kate is no different.

    • Sara James

      Jon is a loser who slept with the baby sitter.

  • dessertgirl

    TLC must be desperate for some programming. Yes, the public has been kinder to Honey Boo Boo and the Duck Dynasty (neither of which I have seen) but when I have seen brief interviews on other news/talk shows, both these shows appear to have KIND, LOVING people on them NOT SHREWS like Kate.

    Doesn’t TLC have anyone to read all the negative comments on EVERY SITE that mentions Kate? Didn’t TLC watch their own programs where Kate’s BEST friend ran away and when home on a bus rather than to complete filming of the MV road trip? Hasn’t TLC put up with enough abuse from Kate? Will they be paying for the utilities, food, landscaping, pool, laundry, dry cleaning for Kate? Will they also pay for the UNNECESSARY use of a “body”guard, Steve whose main job is to “service” Kate from the adjoining hotel room which goes unused?

    No one will watch this show and if we find out who the sponsors for the hour are, we will BOYCOTT THEM!

    • Tracy924

      Good, don’t watch it. Who cares about you anyway?

    • Sara James

      Boycott you raisin face Dessert Girl.

      • dessertgirl

        Sorry, even with tanning lotion and several hours in the sun, I can’t get a nice deep skin tone like you have.

  • R Kenst74

    You have got to be kidding me,who will watch that?I am 100% sure most people are done with her.

  • putorium

    Stop the beating down of Kate? She is doing a fantastic job to have had those 6 at one time? Think everyone can learn from what she is doing to raise these 8 kids being now a single mom? So much to learn from how she shops to how she cooks, to how she handles discipline and also for now Jon living on his own and he gets the kids for dinner and weekends how does he take care of his kids as a single father. Those who want to be nasty about Kate are just that way no matter what? Even more important now with teenage girls what do you do? Hope there is someone out there who in time picks back up this family? Good luck Kate and Jon super kids.

    • dessertgirl

      If you saw the program from the beginning, you would know that Kate didn’t just get pregnant with six. She had fertility injections and the doctor checked her hormone level and it was really high indicating that a high multiple was possible and advised her to abstain from sex so as to not have the danger of a high multiple. She went right to Jon to make sure that she was going to hit the mother lode. She had been in contact with the woman who had had seven and was asking her for advice regarding getting stuff from companies as well as tv opportunities. She wanted six and she wanted a tv program to pay for them. The State of PA paid for the birth through MEDICAID and they provided them with a baby nurse around the clock for a year. WHen the year was up and they were going to stop the nurse, Kate went to the state and told them that the state OWED her the NURSE because she had six. You seem to like Kate so perhaps you should splurge on tapes of the first shows.

  • sydney

    To Kimberly the person writing this article. I find that you are very judgmental towards Kate. It is very hard to support that many children by yourself. I would take most every opportunity I had to support my children to give them a good life. What is she doing that is soo wrong? She cant count on Jon. Put yourself in her shoes how would you feed and clothed and supply lessons, braces and be there for all these children? I think Kate is a bit intense and controlling. But that is exactly what a large family needs in order to keep everyone in line. She truly loves her children I know this because she tolerates people like you judging her every move and yet STILL does what is best for her children.

    • Tracy924

      Thank you, Sydney. It amazes me that none of these Kate bashers can give credit to a woman raising eight children all by herself.

      • dessertgirl

        Believe me she isn’t doing it all by herself. SHe has a couple of nannies, a cleaning woman, yard and pool workers and laundry help.

    • dessertgirl

      Kate did whatever she could to make sure that she had a high-multiple birth so she should do whatever she can to support them. Jon was really happy with the twins and didn’t want more kids because they couldn’t afford them.

  • Jamie

    I didn’t watch very often but I sure wish the media would please leave her alone about what she does with her career!! I’m so tired of hearing she is “seeking fame & fortune through her children”! Leave her alone! She has to make a living! Many fans have loved seeing Kate, her children and their lives. So for all you who continue to say those nasty words, could it be jealousy?!! Hmm….maybe thats it!

    • Tracy924

      You are so right, Jamie!

    • dessertgirl

      Just what career does or did Kate have? SHe had a show and it’s over. Tell me what talent does she have to make you want to watch her? Screaming and ordering and berating people are her only talents and they are not good ones.

  • Darlene

    who in there eight mind is going to watch this witch scream and yell at her kids. Come on TLC save your good name

  • Kali كالي

    Who cares?

  • Sara James

    Can’t wait! Loved the show and watching the children grow up. Jon was kind of the boring part of the show.

  • cindyd

    She is pimping her kids..a shame

  • Daniel L. Wright

    TLC should be bounced off cable television for bringing this pimp and her tribe back to people who cant stand this wannabe celebrity.