Kate Gosselin and Her Eight Kids Coming Back to TV

    May 31, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Kate Gosselin and her eight kids are coming back to TV.

TLC has released a clip from the upcoming special Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10. The clip does not feature Gosselin’s ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, and it is unsure if he will make an appearance.

It’s been three years since the reality show was cancelled and it looks like the family is struggling, at least Kate seems to be struggling, and generally speaking, a happy mom equals a happy family.

“A lot has changed since you last have been here,” Kate says in the clip. “It’s all still happening with or without cameras. We’ve all been though a lot. We’ve learned what’s important.

“I’m getting older, tireder, more worn out… The kids are getting older and smarter and giving me a run for my money daily and hourly and moment by moment,” she adds, as she prepares breakfast for the munchkins.

The new special is all about the tenth birthdays of the Gosselin sextuplets – three girls and three boys: Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Collin and Joel. Twin sisters Cara and Mady are now 13.

In the clip, Kate shares a parenting technique that she uses to discipline her elder daughters.

“I got those girls cell phones and iPads – so I could take them away,” she says with a grin on her face. “Yes indeed.”

She provides an example of the technique when the clip shows Gosselin getting a little miffed after daughter Mady tries to share her thoughts about spring break plans. When Gosselin gives her the brush off, the teen leaves the room yelling, “I didn’t do anything! You never trust me!”

Gosselin tells her daughter to get back in the room saying, “Interrupting me and saying, ‘No, we’re not,’ is something! I will give you one chance, this moment, to apologize, change your attitude and come back and that’s your last redemption.”

Like most teens, Mady returns from her room and screams an apology at her mom, to which Gosselin replies, “Without stomping and shaking me when you walk by.” She then takes the teen’s cellphone, telling the TLC cameras that she purchased phones for Mady and her other daughter Cara so she could “take them away.”

The two-part special Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10 airs on June 19 and June 26 on TLC.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Pookie

    God deliver us form this horrible horrible woman!

  • Cindy Tobey-Hunter

    This woman is clearly only interested in her own face being on TV! She seems to be a media whore without her children’s best interests at heart!! Its to bad that someone doesn’t step forward as a voice for the children!

  • Richard Ulvestad

    Keep this emasculating “B” of TV. Am I ever so glad I cancel my cable totally!

    • Suzy

      I got rid of mine last year and just got a digital antenna which was a one time price of 50.00. It works fairly well and I get my favorite of stations such as the old black and white movies and older series like Dick Van Dyke, etc.

  • Suzy

    I can’t stand this woman! I also don’t understand why anybody would want to film her. Their life was never interesting. It was all about bratty kids and her bossing her husband around. I don’t blame him for leaving her and everybody felt sorry for her but she got to keep the home which is valued at 1 million or more and all the money that was saved for the kids. He left with nothing so he pays nothing. She treated him like a kid except worse than their kids.

    • Billy

      I totally agree with your post, Suzette; I was watching when Jon and Kate were at the toy store that time. She yelled at him for nothing. A note to you women; if you think nagging is productive, nothing could be further from the truth. If you think you’re so attractive that you can get away with that BS; NO ONE is THAT attractive. If he puts up with that, he’s not worth having…

      • PolkaDots

        Dude she was far from a nagger – she EMASCULATED this dude. Utter craziness!

  • kmoon

    Why, why, why?

    • Billy

      LOL, the eternal question…

  • Billy

    Puke City. If money is the issue, why doesn’t she go back to nursing? Or remarry? Not that there’s a lot of guys in line for that punishment, but I’m sure there’s a dullard out there with money who can’t see past her looks. Simple fix, and she should get on to other pursuits; the Hate plus Eight BS is tired, old, and can’t be squeezed for much more money than has already been garnered at this point…

  • Gul Bahar

    can’t this woman get a real job. she used to be a nurse. Nurses make decent money. but not good enough for her.

  • Concerned Mom

    So sad that she can exploit her children even more. She is only using them for money. Please rethink subjecting her children to her needs.

  • SKG

    The whole family is messed up from the TV show. Agree that it is all about her, just look at her comments about buying her older kids a cell phone. What parent would say I bought them just so I could take them away. A power and control freak, that is who. However her husband also shares blame, he can’t even hold onto a job, and does not appear that involved in his kid’s lives.

  • MimiB

    Oh, goody…..we get to see her new hairstyle and manicured nails. Tell me, what normal mother of 2, 4, 6 or 8 do you know has so much time to devote to her own “primping”? Maybe she should just go out and get a real job. Her kids are certainly old enough. There are millions of working moms out there (married ones and “single” ones)!! Who do these kids have to look to for role models?

  • Dean Clark

    What the hell is a matter with you , putting this freaking asshole back on tV, like we havent seen enough of this stupid ass, you have to put us though more of her shit..

  • kathy

    kate spoke for them ! on this video they didnt talk for themselves !!! i really dont care of kate !!!!!! not anthor show please ! i think its all about the money here !!! kate uses the kids for that ! there are other women out there gives births everyday to 8 kids ! nothing normal about this family really ! why is she still on the air ???

  • kathy

    really Kate needs to get off the air a little bite and needs to take parenting classes also !!! she didnt raise the kids on her own she has someone else to do that…. someone needs to check out the kids more often for kates behavior toward them…. NOT GOOD ! the media needs to talk more to the kids and less on Kate !!! it isnt all about Kate !

  • Lancer69

    Go away Kate.



  • playmoresinatra

    She totally blew it on Dancing with the Stars. She was so mean and rude. After that her show was cancelled. DWTS has boosted and shot down many careers.

    • PolkaDots

      Which is probably why she CAN’T go back to nursing? (The only reasons I can find for her NOT going back to a life in healthcare are because SHE CAN’T – the attitude dude or she refusing to – FAME HUNGRY)

  • PolkaDots

    Just when I thought we were rid of her?!! My God, this network needs rating THIS BAD? She is pathetic – pimping out her kids when she has OTHER SKILLS – (she was a freakin’ nurse for crying out loud!)

    • Sheila

      Not only does she exploit her kids but what about the “DUGGER” family, 19 kids and counting. Now that Mom is getting too old to have any more the daughter is starting to have babies too and I bet she follows in Mommy and Daddy’s footsteps.

      • matris 721

        Kate can’t hold a candle to the grace and demeanor of the Duggers. That’s the way every household should raise their children. There wouldn’t be any criminals if they were raised the way the Duggers are being raised.

        • Sheila

          I believe they are still exploiting not only the kids but the whole family and it’s all for money. Look at the house they built, just like the Goslins. MONEY…MONEY They aren’t doing it for free.

      • PolkaDots

        You know what that is true – One of the daughters is 18 and I think she is engaged? Wow? It’s crazy – I never thought about the Dugger Family..I don’t get why they do reality t.v. their dad is suppose to be pretty successful? I guess fame is like a drug?

        So sad.

        • Sheila

          I can’t watch either show. The Duggers and Goslins got new houses and I don’t think they paid for them. And look at all the trips they took. I don’t believe the Duggers are as goody, goody as they appear on TV. I just couldn’t do that to my family. But, that is just my opinion.

          • PolkaDots

            I wonder how long Kate’s show is going to last…There has GOT TO BE tons of backlash….Hmmm, interesting.

          • Sheila

            I guess when the network loses a big part of the viewing audience they will understand that people just doesn’t want to watch her anymore. I hope so anyway.

  • alana

    Why do they keep shoving her and the family into our lives. They must be desperate… I know I won’t be watching…

  • Sheila

    I noticed when watching that clip that those girls either looked at her or had their head down. I think it was Maddy that was such a smart mouth when that series was on. A real brat. I don’t see how John put up with her as long as he did the way she talked to him. I watched it when the kids were little but I won’t watch it again. Wonder if she will have her boyfriend on the show??

  • matrix721

    Mama Noooooo!!!! Kate needs to get a real job like the rest of America and quit relying on her children earning money, so she won’t have to work. I won’t be watching. TLC get real and get rid of Kate. Watching a slug work its way across the arid desert is better than Kate Gosslin.

  • vicki

    I got my son a cell phone for him to use and allow him the freedom to go and check in. My motivate was not so I could have something to take away from him. Who thinks that way?

  • Peter Pollock

    I knew this place was h*ll. I vaguely remember a car wreck, then the lights going out, then waking up to find Kate Gosselin is coming back to TV. Argghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aimeé Miller

    Has there really been an outcry to see this family back on TV? She’s struggling and a single mom. Aside from the multitude of children that’s about half of the mom’s in america. If not more.