Kanye West Offers Up Fashion Critiques Via Twitter

By: WebProNews Staff - May 10, 2012

Kanye West thinks he knows fashion. If you happen to frequent areas that are heavily traveled by the musician, don’t be overwhelmingly surprised when you find yourself a target for the rapper’s harsh fashion criticisms. Apparently he doesn’t have a problem speaking his mind when it comes to a wide variety of topics, including the clothes you decided to wear that day. Since West has recently started his own clothing line, I suppose he fancies himself a master in this department.

While driving through New York City recently, West took to Twitter to offer up some real-time advice for the poorly-dressed schlubs that happened across his field of vision. Although the tweets are kind of fun in a egotistical kind of way — after all, we’ve all been guilty of cracking on someone’s wardrobe at some point in our lives — you’d think that West would have better things to do with his free time.

This begs the question: Was West driving while using his phone? Probably not. When someone like West says “driving”, they generally mean “being carted around the city in an expensive car with an unpaid driver behind the wheel.”

In the span of five blocks, West encountered nearly a dozen issues, and those were the ones he felt the need to share with the world. One can only speculate exactly how many individuals insulted the rapper’s tender fashion sensibilities. I’m sorry, Kanye. I wish that all of us on the planet could be as dapper and well-dressed as you.

Interested in reading these impossibly important tweets Kayne shared with his legion of rabid followers? You can find them below, as well as a few choice tweets regarding West’s raging ego. Given his recent problems with his own leather pants, this rant couldn’t have been more timely.

#I‘m on my snob(image) 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I hate long ass sideburns with the line up RnB beard(image) 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I Hate big ass striped scarves(image) 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I hate khaki cargo shorts(image) 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I hate sport coats with button up shirts, jeans and dress shoes(image) 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I hate hoodies with sport coats(image) 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I hate button up shirts with hoodies(image) 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

“Kanye West is extremely talented but he’s a jackass” only smart thing President Obama has said ever.(image) 29 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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  • Ana

    West, is as i have said before had a closed head injury…the things he does and says are not of a normal person he still has problems because of the closed head injury, he will never be normal… all the money he has compounds his mind. IN OTHER WORDS HE IS A SICK PERSON!

    • mat

      West has a “closed head injury”? What crap. He is sane enough when it suits him (not often) and he can embarrass and rebuke some 18 year old female country singer on the world stage. However you are right about the fact he is sick. Very sick.

    • Gigi

      Make this sick egotistical creep go away, please!! when the President of the USA calls you a jackass take a hint!..seriously!…Kim K. is a nasty woman to even be seen w/him, duhh!? talk about a bad PR move, from someone who tries so hard to calculate it, she’s been striking out in that arena lately..they deserve each other but seeing the 2 biggest idiot a-holes together is more than my eyes can bare, but like attracts like…money can buy you nice things but it can’t buy your soul back & it definitely can’t buy you class as we’ve seen over & over.

    • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

      He ALWAYS looks very GRUNGY. Not a guy that dresses to the *Nine*. Not by a LONG SHOT. He always looks like he is very SLOPPY and has never heard of the word *Elite*. He can talk style but looks more like a SLOB than anything else. He would look nice in a SUIT/or a TUXEDO, and then he would look RESPECTABLE. Now, he is NOT in what I call a *Respectable Fashion*geek. Just GEEK.In this photo, he has *Christ* BEHIND him. What a HOOT, and besides, that is INSULTING.

  • Sylvia Armijo

    What a jerk!!! Look out Kim Kardashian!!

  • Jer

    you know what I hate? Self absorbed, over hyped, insensitive, out of touch POS people. Maybe you should take a little of that time you have to criticize what are probably good people to learn a few things about respect. BTW, your music sucks balls and your lucky Taylor Swift is nice or she would have kicked that stupid goatee (which I hate) off your face. :-) Wow, ranting does make you feel better….for about 30 seconds and then you are still left with you.

  • Vondez

    He has wore all that stuff before!!!

  • Kanye West

    Yo this is Kanye Ima let you finish but I just gotta say I love fishdicks cuz Ima gay fish!

  • LiLi

    For someone that raps about god and love he sure does toss around the word HATE easily. So, know what I hate? Talentless, schlubs like Kanye, and I hate his comments, and I hate how he acts toward others, and I hate how he thinks he’s better than all (including god)
    But, know what I LOVE!!!! The fact that him and Kim are together! That skank deserves this self centered azzzzzzz

  • Theveed

    K W hates white people!!!

    • Someone with enough sense not to care.

      You’re an idiot.

    • gary

      That’s OK, white people hate him.

  • Someone with enough sense not to care.

    So Kanye expresses his opinions and he’s a bad guy? Yeah alright. We all hate a bunch of things, but because Kanye is Kanye it’s a big deal. If Taylor Swift tweeted those same things she wouldn’t be ridiculed for it. You guys are a bunch of idiots.

    Then that last comment from that random girl is just the topping on the cake.

    Instead of making irrelevant posts about someone saying what type of clothing they hate, post about how George Zimmerman is still receiving donations from you lowlifes.

    • takesonetoknowone

      You’re an idiot. There, how’d that make you feel? Still high and mighty?

    • Shinin Syl

      i agree completely.i feel bad for kanye becuz everyone is always bashin on him. i kno its not rite to interrupt a young (fragile) girl while she’s makin an acceptance speech but that was along time ago. now the media wants to point out anything that they can make look bad on him.we get it. (he has a BIG EGO .didnt he say enough just by being in the song?)

  • Gigi

    btw, “I hate dictators!!” especially fashion dic`tators = idiots like Kanye who think their stupid opinions matter.
    but what I luv is personal individual expression & ppl who “DON’T” follow the ignorant masses, especially moronic rappers like K.W…just wear what the hell you like & screw these brain dead idiots shallow puppets on TV,.. its a joke that they’ve empowered these types to influence the sheeple…stay away from the cookie cutter mentality…live free and be yourself, besides there are far far more important issues going on in this country than worrying about whose wearing what!…who frickin cares?!!!

  • Yvonne

    And this comes from the guy who can’t keep his pants up!

  • Luna

    I suppose Kanye fancies himself a master in EVERY department. Top three reasons Kanye and Kim are perfect together: 3. The name-starts-with-a-K Kardashian thing; 2. Complementary narcissism – they’re so self-involved they’ll both feel like they occup the top spot in the relationship; and the number-1 top reason Kanye and Kim are perfect together: The ultimate reality-show spinoff, DUELING EGOS.

  • http://none Kanye

    Yo I’ll tell ya what I like tho…My pants fallin down gettin’ outta tha limo wit Kimmy…you betcha wanna know what we was doin’ in there, huh, lol. Good thing the camera didn’t catch the stains on Kim’s dress.

  • Mr. Black

    I hate to say this but Kanye when you go to bed with white folk and fail to consistently kiss their you know what…you’ll eventually get attacked from all four sides. They expect blacks to unofficially know their place. It’s time we all come together and leave this godforsaken place they call America. Tyler Perry I hear you recently purchased American Airline…please change the name to Madea(tyler) and family goes back to the motherland.

    One of you rich white folks please pass that on to him, would you?… p.s. let him know he must leave the Madea [socio pathalogical] get up in an Atlanta musuem, better yet, we’ll all look forward to GOD burning [it] along with Sodom and Gommorah.

    • http://yahoo Dude

      Mr Black go on back.It’s easy you go to the airport get a ticket to Africa get on the plain and there you go.And in about 2 or 3 days you’ll be saying to yourself what the he!! did I do this for America ain’t as bad as I made it out to be.I hear it’s not alot of fun being chased by a lyon.

      • Mr. Black

        You see that’s where you wrong, Africa has more than lions and as some of the wealthy brats like to claim [extreme poverty.] Africa is home to the most beautiful people in the world bare none. In addition to that, the natural untapped resources are off the charts, compared to that of many other nations on GOD’s green earth.

        And to simply hop on a plane and leave this heartless land of opportunity, when exorbiant fares are the rule of the day is an insult. What caucasions or this government should do since we were initially brough here against our will is charter 15 to 20 planes for 1 full year that’s the least they can do. To assume you’ve convinced us that America is a much better place to live is arrogance at its highest. Some would probably want a check to go with it, I’d say keep your money, just provide a way for me and my family to go back home. Matter of fact, let GOD be the one to gather us all up and return us to our homeland. You people and your government could never have such a heart to accomplish such a task.

        I Hate America and all it stands for.

  • bahja

    lol…kanye stupid,but thats why i love him….#watchthethrone

    • Eric

      Whats wrong with America is judgemental, ungrateful crybabies like you. You don’t have to live here. But then you’d have nothing to complain about, which is the reason for your existance. Stop blaming others for your problems. Do something about it. Leave.

  • bahja

    i love kanye because he is so crazy!!!!!!!!

  • monae

    kanye crazy stupid but, you gotta love the man (THAT SHIT CRAY)IN MY KANYE VOICE


    HA!!!!!! I LOVE KANYE W.

  • Jenny

    There is something wrong with this negro kid called kanye.He has what we call bad temper because of skin color and I would be mad as hell too if I had to wake up every dam morning look in the mirror and see a black face and nappy hair with big lips, this has to bother him daily while the rest of us money or no money love to be blonde with blue eyes and thank god everyday that I am not black, it is a curse and always has been or why would they look so different from any other race.Who would want black creepy skin who would want that kind of hair(nap) who would want the big loud mouths they have, who would want to steal from people like they do, who would want that funky odor they make when sitting to long in one spot oh yes we know they can not smell themselfes and do not smeel it

    • bahja

      you are sick bitch .go to hell!!!!!!!!
      i find it beyond misindulgence that you can sit iN front of a computer and say that,i am DOMINICAN but african americans are NO DIFFERENT .
      you need a wakeup call MLK said not to judge by the skin color but the content of character.
      i guess no one taught you though.you obviously thiNk you are better than everyoNe else making such rambunctious rants.SHAME ON YOUU!!!!!!!!!!1

    • AntHeezie

      Who Would Want A Large Penis? Ewww.

    • Minky

      Jenny you are a racist white trash maggot infested whore.Your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory. Spit, kick,punch in your white trash face. B.I.T.C.H

    • Krystle

      I usually don’t comment on this stuff but I am amazed about what Jenny said. All I want to say is I hope God forgives your soul for how you feel about black people because everyone is different. You shouldn’t think every black person is the same, because I know you don’t think your race is the same so why would ours be.

  • You Are All Retarded

    People that hate kanye west because he says whatever he wants are retarded. You love you here about the humble muscian, artist, preformer, etc who is humble but really is a jackass behind the scenes. You hate to see someone speak their mind in front of you because the general public tells you that being over confident/ arrogant is wrong. Take you head out of your ass and listen. Remember you don’t have to listen to Kanye, the more you do the more famous you make him. Whether you love him or hate he will keep producing grammy nominated albums and keep making money. So continue to waste your fingers. By the way, fuck that country bitch

  • Anna

    Kanye West is a genius, and any person who is hated because of his opinions is great! If everything that he does and says has such an impact on you is indeed doing everything right. Black, Rich and powerful. Nothing you can tell. Well respected..even the ones who hate him acknowledge his genius and and smile in his face :)

  • AntHeezie

    So The Man Cant Have An Opinion On His Own Twitter? Wow. This Is A Horrible Article. I Hate Those. Write A Story On Me Now.

  • k-WestSide

    wowww could yall be bigger haters? and “should have somthing better to do with his free time” …one to talk big guy. good to know none of you will ever die of thirst, what with that infite supply of hatorade your sportin.

  • ImJusSayin

    I mean Kanye isn’t a dummy?? How many millions does he have again?? How did he get them and planning on getting more. He have a CLOTHING LINE launching or have launched and the talks was that it wasn’t doing that good, but its pure rumor. OMG!!! Kanye, you are really the man that people love to hate. I wonder if this have anything to do with that whole Taylor Swift VMA hole thing.. I hated to bring that up?? But I was a fan from Through the wire and and Collegdrop so now I am going to go on yourweb site and check out your clothing line or better yet wait for it to be televised GET TYRESE TO MODEL.. CAN”T wait to see all the madness you get into Marry Kim for a day..WHO KNOWS!!!!!!

  • Bear

    well kanye is showing he is a dumb ass as well as a racist. I agree there are many in need of some fashion help myself included but his !@#@ is like wearing a condom to the beach it may cover up what it is supposed to but it is not a bathing suit or fashion.

  • Larry

    Who is this cheese eating dick monkey anyway? He acts like he is some kind of cross between a superhero and an intelligent amoeba. Anger is not a way of life, it is a waste of time & energy, MY time, his energy.

  • http://yahoo Travis

    Ion care what nobody say about West he will always be my boy so for you one’s that wanna done tha man cause of the things he think and have to say yall can get off his dick and STFU that’s his life not yours…that’s how ii see it

  • poppy

    Kanye West is an indididual of limited artistic ability, so he can rap, big deal, drug dealers rap, child molesters rap, rapists rap, women abusers rap, drug users rap, oh shit he’s hanging “wit is homies”. Like “my bad?”
    I am an Educated, 59 year old American Male who is capable of speaking the American English and for that matter the Engliosh language also.
    I didn’t vote for President Obama, byt the people did and I respect that, and for that reason I don’t go around making stupid (I’m sorry it was a stupid remark)remarks about President Obama.
    An American Male lost in 21st Century USA

  • john

    kanye is garbage plain and simple.

  • JesusSavedMe

    The part the makes me so sick is he claims to be a christian and so does Kim and they are such a horrible example of Gods mercy and grace (besides the fact that God hasn’t turned them into dust just yet) it is sickening. Bible says Its harder for a rich man to get into heaven than for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle. Bottomline, he is offensive to the common man – black, white, yellow, green whatever color. Pretty sad though when your own race and religion thinks you a total douche.