Kanye And Kim Drop Major Cash On Gold Toilets

By: Matt Spencer - July 24, 2013

When you have a child you want nothing more than to give them everything. That attitude might explain the flashiest addition to the Bel Air, CA mansion being built by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

As if the home’s $11 million price tag wasn’t extravagant enough, it turns out that $750 thousand of that price will include 4 gold plated toilets. While golden toilets may seem excessive, you have to remember that they will perfectly match the Swarovski-encrusted fridge and beds valued at $174 thousand each. All things considered, golden toilets were the only reasonable choice.

In purchasing the golden thrones, West is again proving that he not only talks the talk when he name drops designer clothing company names in his songs, but that he also walks the walk. A source connected with the pair said that “They expect the interior to cost twice as much as the property. They’re spending more than a million on a security system alone.” Not only was living in historical posh Bel Air enough, the house that Yeezy built had to take the idea of a California mansion to a whole new level.

Spending so much on a home is no surprise for West, who has made his “passion for flashin'” and dislike of the media evident in his music. With a newborn child it is possible that he plans to remain behind closed doors as much as possible for the sake of family privacy. However, it is possible that the house is just another trophy, a bragging point for his next album.

It is unclear if the palace will have a catchy name, but I don’t think that “Yeezus Manor” is completely off of the table.

Matt Spencer

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  • Sue Rosenorn

    But of course Kim needs a metal seat. With that gigantic bum of hers, she most likely breaks a lot of seats constantly.


    Sue Rosenorn ur very ignorant for that comment but alot can ur jealous of some thing u dnt have, shes a human being leave her alone,people seem not to like her but seem thats all everyone talks about is KIM an knows all about her an everything they do, so some where u all still keep her in ur conversations thats make look better, think about it dumb dumb.

  • http://goldexico.com Chris

    If they ever go broke they can take their toilets to a pawnshop