Kaley Cuoco: Not Just For Nerds Anymore

    April 28, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Hot blonde Kaley Cuoco, one of the stars of the smartly funny sitcom Big Bang Theory, has been making nerdy hearts thump a little harder since the show’s been on the air, but recently she’s been grabbing attention from everyone with some bikini pics she tweeted while on vacation.


Cuoco plays Penny on the show, a cute girl-next-door (literally) who befriends a pair of awkward young physicists and helps them become more social. Even if you don’t get all the scientific references on the show, it’s easy to find Leonard and Sheldon funny in a charming, geeky way as they navigate social situations with their extra-large brains.

Cuoco has been on holiday in Anguilla lately following a breakup from fiance Josh Resnick and tweeted from a boat on the gorgeous turquoise waters:

Me and my girl @atkinjen livin it up in Anguilla- last of the Mohicans-style!! http://t.co/DQ5yP3aO(image) 2 days ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

She later tweeted about the vacation coming to an end, telling her buddies that they’d have to do it again.

All good things must come to an end! Best time @viceroyAI w @bricuoco @atkinjen @mrmikerosenthal @MelissaArrrgh
Next trip ASAP!!!!(image) 1 day ago via Twitter for iPad ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • Ed

    Kaley Cuoco is just phenomenal. She is by far one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. Her beauty is unmatched and her smile is mesmerizing. She is definitely a role model for young women as well. Intelligent, funny, beautiful, and has a goofy side, are just a few words that describe this wonderful woman. The Big Band Theory is a rare show that comes along once in a great while. Like the Cosby Show, The Big Bang doesn’t rely on vulgarity or blatant sex to sell their show. The whole cast is hilarious, and really look like a group of friend just having fun, not acting. Keep it up, love the show and the time has come for Revenge of the Nerds!!!!!

  • John

    I agree with Ed, The Big Bang Theory is a wonderfully show with a great cast. Sort of reminds me of me and my friends growing up. No we weren’t theoretical physicists, just high school studients. But we didn’t have girlfriends, and built all sorts of high tech stuff. I can certainly relate to these guys. A great show, destined to be a classic.

  • Alfonso Rodriguez

    Miss Cuoco, you are one hot blooded female! Plus you are beautiful, gorgeous and those lips! May God take care of you!

  • MichaelR/TX

    I agree with all of the above comments. Kaley is a sweet, charming, funny young lady who, I’m sure, immediately captivates every guy who crosses her path. She’s beautiful and talented, and yet has somehow managed to stay out of jail AND stay out of rehab. Whatever she’s doing, she should bottle it. She’d make a fortune!!!

    Kaley, please accept my best wishes for your continued success!!! You most certainly deserve it.

  • JD


  • Dave

    Katey, when you have an emergency, you call 911. When you have a question you call 411. When you’re lonely you call 1-900-xxx-xxxx.

    Katey, when you’re home and ever feel down, call me at 410-252-1064.


    • John D

      It is Kaley,not Katey.

  • Rich

    I agree with all of the guys and I hope everyone remembers her roll in Charmed. It should have been named Charming. All of the women in that show are very, very charming. Not to mention beautiful. But Kaley brought the wild side to the show.

  • http://yahoo T.B.

    I don’t understand…how much does Kaley’s publicist pay to have these stories Blown way out of proportion…

    • Jamal

      Probably a lot since the only good actor on the show is johnny, he’s the only one who can keep eye contact. Everyone else looks around and not at the person they are talking to.

  • Larry S.

    The thing that makes a truly beautiful woman is whats underneath the physical beauty. The personality and morals instilled in her by her parents (or parent). The perfect combination of these three things are rare and is what makes a women irresistible or magnetic if you will. This is Kaley Cuoco (and my wife). She is a gem among a mountain of rocks and her future will surely be bright.

  • corey

    soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur:)

  • Gregory

    I agree with everyone here. I love the Big Bang Theory. I am a nerd myself and proud of it. Kaley Cuoco is hot! The show is now one of my all time favorite shows. It is a rare show like Cosby, Cheers, and MASH. She is a rare gem and a refreshing break from the Lohans and Kim Ks, and Snookis.

  • Dr. Heidi

    Finally, a show with not only smart, but also cute ( Kaley) people, since everything else is just brain dead! ( Like housewifes and worse even, kardashians, what the hell is that supposed to be, anyway?) Keep it up, Guys!!!

  • Steven

    Please oh please tell me she is not gay/lesbian.

  • Carlos Small

    I loved Kaley when she was on 8 simnple rules with the late John Ritter.I hope Penny and Leonard be together and from this pic hope she is not a homosexual.

  • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

    Kaley Cuoco, I remember you from the show with Jack Ritter. I was flying through the channels, and found *Big BANG Theory* and I think it is ONE of those very UNUSUAL/EXCELLENT comedy series, and every chance I get to watch it, OTHER programs don’t matter. It is *Big Bang* for me. Every character is SUPBERB, and one question I have, will the mother of Howard Wolowitz every make an appearance? Each character is PERFECT. Most of us are waiting to see if ANY of these EVER find a boy/girl friend. This is one of the BEST shows on the screen. Chuck Lorre sure knows how to PICK EM. There is never a dull moment, and it is always so DUMB/HILARIOUS that it can be a HABIT. I don’t watch anything else, when I see it on the tube. TOO good to miss it.

  • scott preston

    Kaley my partner and I think you are fantastic on The Big Band Theory actually all of you are great, we love the little quirky ways you make those funny little remarks but still have a straight face it great. We also remember you from when you starred on Charmed you were fabulous in that also, Please keep up the great work guys hope to see The Big Bang Theory for many years to come.