Kailua Residents Want Tourists To Stay Away

    November 16, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Most cities and locations look forward to having tourists visit and help out the economy, but not Kailua, Hawaii residents. They say that tourists are taking over and they want their tourism agency to stop inviting tourists to visit.

Kailua is known for its white sand beaches and laid back atmosphere. Thousands of people from all around the world travel their every year, including President Barack Obama and his family. So why would Kailua residents want the tourism to start?

The reason could be that many people who travel to Kailua want to spend their vacation visiting the same spots as the locals. Many tourists prefer to rent rooms in bed and breakfasts instead of staying in hotel or beach houses. This means the tourists become neighbors to the locals, and the locals are not too fond of this idea.

Many of the tourists bring drinking, drugs and violence into otherwise calm neighborhoods. The residents of Kailu seem to be split on their feelings about tourists. While many are unhappy about the rising amount of visitors, others say that the increase in tourism has helped bring money to the area and vacation rental owners in particular seem pleased with the travel increase.

“It’s a little too late to keep Hawaii in a box. Everybody wants to go. Not everyone wants to stay in a hotel,” said Angie Larson, who operated an unpermitted bed-and-breakfast in Kailua.

Hopefully Kailua can find the right balance of tourism that will allow tourists to explore and enjoy the area, without changing it or causing trouble for the locals.

  • Sharon

    I lived in Kailua in the 60’s. What a beautiful and peaceful place it was. At one time there were “wild horses” running on the beach in an area known as Castle Beach. Of course this is long gone, sold off as prime real estate. Although my parents lived about 1/4 mile from the ocean, there were not any houses between our track home and the water. We could hear the waves crashing on the shore at night. I have so many wonderful memories. It saddens me to think of the “progress” that has come, but then again, I live in California and have seen “progress” decimate the town I now live in. People have graffitied up the local canyon so bad that the experts say it will never be the same. Where a peaceful stream once ran has been replaced with streams of people from all over So. Ca. that have ruined it forever. Aloha Kailua… I will never forget you.

  • jk08

    Not sure if Obama is the reason so many tourists come to Kailua because most tourists I see is Japanese. I live in Kailua and ride the city bus and sometimes the tourists fill the bus to the point where we’re all squished standing up. And the town is always crowded and filled of people.. I know it’s good for business. But the locals can’t even come out to Kailua town and enjoy ourselves because tourists fill it up. And then they’re starting to build new target and apartments. how will kailua handle all of this when it’s already filled?!