Justin Bieber Twitter Prank Could Get Him Sued

    March 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Several Dallas, Texas residents are upset over a prank the Biebs pulled on his Twitter account recently. So upset, in fact, that attorneys have been contacted with talk of at least two lawsuits.

It started when Bieber tweeted a phone number with the words, “call me”. The number had a Dallas area code but left off the end digit, substituting a question mark instead. This led to thousands of his fans trying every possible phone number combination in the hopes of contacting the pop star, and instead reaching Texas residents, who were not amused.

81-year old Dilcie Fleming is one of the victims of the prank and says she’s received so many phone calls she had to change her outgoing message to relay that callers had not reached Justin Bieber.

“Someone said, “Have your number changed” and I said, “I’ve had this number since 1966,” Dilcie said.

Another man–who has coincidentally hired the same attorney as Ms. Fleming–says he was getting three calls a second on his number and wants to pursue a lawsuit.

This all coincides with a recent hacker gaining control over Bieber’s Twitter account and unfollowing several people as well as blocking some of them. He also posted tweets under Bieber’s name, including one that read, “19 million my ass #biebermyballs” that referenced the amount of followers the singer had.

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  • tommy peru

    Yeah, Justin Bieber could be getting sued….. BECAUSE OF A JERK HACKING INTO HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT! Why couldn’t the headline be:
    “Justin Bieber get’s sued due to hacker?”
    The media sucks.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Amanda Crum

    They were actually two separate events–the hacker caused some damage on his own, but Bieber is the one being blamed for the tweeted phone number.

  • Ellery

    Bieber’s a honeybadger.. He don’t give a shit. He’ll pay them off and prank them again

  • kidslovebeiber

    ok….say for the sake of argument he did pull a prank…..maybe not the most thought out thng to do, but comon…..we all know that there are just TOO many idiots that are SUE HAPPY MORONS.
    Its a risk to anyone with a “better lifestyle-Rich” just trying to have some fun……and just because these low-life jerks lay in wait for their easy pass to CASH…..does not make it justified, or even right

    How SAD America has become!