Justin Bieber Hangs With Pastor's Family for Thanksgiving

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Justin Bieber isn't spending Thanksgiving with Selena Gomez, but he's not alone either. The troubled young singer has spent a lot of time during November with Pastor Carl Lentz of New York City's Hillsong Church, and it looks like he's spending Thanksgiving with the pastor and his family, too.

The Biebs took to social media on Thanksgiving morning to show off his snowman-making skills from the day before, along with one of Pastor Lentz's daughters. The snowman the pair made was nearly as big as the little girl herself.

It's actually quite refreshing to see something positive about Justin Bieber. Maybe time with the pastor and his family has helped him to re-evaluate his priorities.

"We’re talking about making sure his life remains a blessing, not a burden,” Lentz told the New York Post. “When he’s with me, he rolls with me. He’s like a member of our team. He fits in like a piece of furniture.”

Justin Bieber is, of course, Canadian, so celebrating Thanksgiving in November isn't on his typical agenda. Hopefully he will learn by example just how blessed he is, and how much he has to be truly grateful for.

It's likely that Justin is desperately missing Selena Gomez this Thanksgiving Day. Do you think it's possible that with the pastor's guidance he can once again win her love?

Justin Bieber is a young man who earned way to much way too soon, and there wasn't anyone there who took charge of his money and his actions. He was a teenage boy when he made his amazingly fast rise to fame. There is no question that he's made an abundance of very bad choices along the way.

Maybe with more guidance he can rise again, and set a better example for his young fans when he gets there.

Kimberly Ripley
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