Julianne Hough Vowed She ‘Wouldn’t Hold Back,’ And She Didn’t

    April 8, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Julianne Hough vowed before serving as a guest judge on Dancing With the Stars that she wasn’t going to hold back when critiquing the dance contestants–and she didn’t. Some fans of the show weren’t particularly thrilled with her after last season’s stint as a guest host.

“You can always count on me to tell the truth,” she told ABC News prior to her stint as a guest judge. “It’s all about making comments that whoever the dancer or celebrity is, they can be better for next week. There’s never any harsh criticism just because I want to be harsh, that’s not my nature or my character.”

Hough also commented on new co-host Erin Andrews, who took the place of Brooke Burke-Charvet, whose contract wasn’t renewed.

“I think Erin is doing fantastic,” she said. “She’s really fun and fresh. She’s a little snarky. It’s kind of fun and the celebrities and dancers are really enjoying it. It’s fun to watch.”

On Monday night, Julianne Hough joined Dancing With the Stars judges Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba as they judged the contestants who switched partners for the evening.

Hough guest judged DWTS last season, and rather harshly critiqued a performance by dance pro Mark Ballas and contestant Christina Milian. Some believe that harshness led to Milian’s elimination the following week.

“You go in trying to give constructive criticism, but when the nerves get to you, you sometimes put your foot in your mouth, which I have done in the past. So this is my do-over,” she said. Hough also admitted that when it came to critiquing Ballas and Milian that she “could have probably said it a little differently.”

Did you catch Julianne Hough on Dancing With the Stars on Monday night? Are you surprised she was asked to serve as guest judge after what happened last season?

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  • DWTS#1fan

    I am a Julianne fan, but she is really out of line. She’s there to critique the “stars”, not tear down the pros like she did Mark Ballas last year and Max last night. Really not cool. Was it really necessary to tell Max that she thought he couldn’t wait for this week to be over so he could return to his “regular” partner? How is that helpful to his partner. She should be embarrassed. Loved what Max said this morning on GMA: He’s been dancing for 30 years and Julianne is too young to criticize him. Touché.

    • Rinska

      I am a Dancing With The Stars fan, but I wonder if placing a guest judge on the show is really necessary. I agree with DWTS#1fan, and I think Julianne was way out of line with her comments to Max. I did not see GMA, but so glad Max stood up for himself!

    • Ugonna Wosu

      Maxim is about 33 and isn’t that much older than Julianne. Julianne has also been dancing all her life just like him, and is at least as good as he is(I think better). She has also won the show twice, something he can’t figure out how to do.

      • Rose

        I have suggestion how he can win change his last name to Hough. Julianne in my opinion is a good dancer, but I think Maks is better. Professionally he has won many more professional championships.

  • Kansas Girl

    I thought she was very rude to Maks and his partner!!! It was uncalled for and I feel he is always chastised and put down! Did not like her as a judge and was very disappointed in her because I always liked her.

  • Kansas Girl

    I am also sorry she made the remark about his partner! It was very hurtful to her and completely unnecessary

  • T

    I agree. I use to like her, after last night I think she’s a b*tch!

  • Marie

    I have always liked Julianne, but I was very disappointed in her comments last night to Max, because they were petty and unnecessary. The switch concept was challenging, but I thought that Max and Danica did a great job. Actually I enjoyed their routine more than the one her brother created for NeNe. I thought that what she said to Christina and Mark last season was also uncalled for, and when Christina was eliminated the following week, I also wondered if what Julianne said influenced people not to vote for them.

  • Betty Confer Jacobs

    I have always thot Julianne was an excellent dancer, but as a judge she is horrible! How rude to say what she did to Max; that was completely uncalled for. Judges are there to give constructive criticism; not to cut down someone and try to embarrass them.

  • Evelyn Gardner Pyatt

    What Julianne said to Max was completely unnecessary and not the way a judge should treat a contestant. I think she has gotten a little too big for her britches.

  • Pamela Lynn

    Julianne was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about Maks, I totally support her comment. Maks has such a huge ego and is a totally nasty person. Don’t we all remember how mean he was to Len? Mario Lopez on Extra totally supported Julianne also. MAks, before you run off your mouth, how many mirrorballs have YOU won? Between Derek and Julianne they have 7 !! I hope Julianne comes back to judge again !

    • Rose

      I have watch DWTS from the first dance. Everyone knows not all the wins are about talent but fan base. The Houghs on the whole USUALLY get the partners with a big fan base or dance background.

  • gabriel

    Used to like Julianne, NOT SO MUCH anymore! So now she can read minds and the intentions and motivations of Max or others!? What the hell’s wrong with her? Max should have reminded her that no other judge attempts to know or judge what is going on inside the Pro dancers. Just weird; she has become weird!

  • Rose

    My question how can she claim she was not going to hold back, when she did not say anything about Derek and Nene’s routine. It was a disaster on so many levels. What was Derek’s excuse for that routine. I found it painful to watch, Nene’s performance was sad while Derek over performed. Why didn’t Julienne comment on that fiasco. For that matter Derek as usual got a pass from all the judges.

    • nonparieldolls

      Thank you for saying just what I was thinking re Derek and NeNe. It was a terrible dance and Derek was dancing while NeNe was posing. Painful — just the right word! Julianne wanted to be “controversial”, so she made that remark to Maks. Telling a fellow pro he was “phoning it in”?? That was uncalled for. Oddly enough, I thoroughly enjoyed the dance Maks and Danica did — it was lively, fresh, bouncy. Whatever Derek and NeNe did, I was just waiting for the goat to be sacrificed or something LOL.

  • IgotThis

    Julianne used her “do-over” to do it again, this time to Maksim. From all I have been reading, the majority of fans did not enjoy her stint as a judge, not this time nor the last. I would be happy to never see her again. It’s sad, because she was once much loved by the fans. I have lost all respect for her.