Jordan Spieth Not Like Many 20-Year-Olds


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The Tour Championship showcased the talents of the 20-year-old who just last year was a sophomore at the University of Texas. Even though Henrik Stenson won the Tour Championship, the FedEx Cup, and the prize money, everyone can't help but talk about the young rookie who played close on his heels.

Jordan Spieth won the John Deere Classic in July, making him the youngest winner of a PGA Tour event in the last 82 years. Adding to his accomplishments it was noted that at the end of the PGA Tour this season he was 10-under 270. Not bad for a 20-year-old. In fact, it's more than not bad -- the young athlete is quite impressive.

Jordan spoke openly about his experiences during the 2013 year where he initially started with no PGA Tour status and was originally placed on the lower-tier Tour. "It's been a dream come true. The beginning of the year, my goal was just to get on Tour next season. It was just to get my 2014 PGA Tour card. I thought that it would come through the Tour this year. Those couple of weeks at Puerto Rico and Tampa really changed my golf life. To be able to play the PGA Tour this year, and then obviously (winning) the John Deere opened things up."

Don't expect Jordan to get a big head and rest on his laurels after these successes.

"I won't stop until the President's Cup. There's no need to let everything sink in. I've got to stay focused, start letting anything sink in about the year, it's maybe not as intense about the next tournament," he said.

The talented golfer shared his enthusiasm with his Twitter followers, where other viewers were happy to return the enthusiasm.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons And Courtesy of USGA]