Johnny Manziel Beat His Girlfriend So Badly She Almost Went Deaf, Says Affidavit

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Colleen Crowley, the ex-girlfriend of Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has given a detailed account of what happened on the night Manziel reportedly beat her up.

The affidavit, which was posted online by NBC 5, Crowley stated Manziel hit her so hard that she almost lost her hearing. Crowley’s attorney Kathy Kinser said her client’s ruptured eardrum is yet to heal.

The affidavit stated that she and Johnny Manziel had an argument in his hotel room after a night of partying on January 29. Crowley confronted and accused the quarterback of being with a girl who had caused them problems in the past. When she said she would sleep in the couch, Manziel threw her on the bed. She tried to leave but the athlete “restrained her” from opening his room door. She was then led downstairs to the valet to get his car and was thrown into the passenger seat while he drove. She even begged the valet to help her, but her pleas were ignored.

When she tried to jump out of the car, the 23-year-old quarterback hit her on the ear and dragged her back inside the vehicle.

At one point, Crowley thought Manziel was high on drugs or having a psychotic episode so she tried to calm him down and talked to him nicely. Johnny Manziel started laughing and threatened to “kill us[them] both.” When she begged her ex-boyfriend not to kill her, he allegedly said that she does not deserve to die and that he will only kill himself.

In the affidavit, Crowley also described what happened when they came to her apartment. She said that she was so afraid that she “pulled a knife out of the knife block and advanced toward him.”

Colleen Crowley’s affidavit is part of proceedings to obtain a protective order against Johnny Manziel, who is currently under criminal investigation on allegations of domestic violence.

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