John Stamos Offers Advice On Love and Dating


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John Stamos is feeling the love in the air, but it's not the way most people would assume!

He's not dating anyone. However, his latest film is about love and relationships! Over the weekend, the 50-year-old actor chatted with E! News about his role in the upcoming film My Man Is a Loser.

Stamos portrays a raunchy playboy who helps his two best friends salvage their failing marriages. Given the nature of the film, he was asked about his personal perspective of love and he had no reservations about sharing his views!

"Marriage and being in a relationship—it's better," he said. "I've been on both sides of the grass. If you have a nice lawn, take care of it and water it because the grass isn't greener. That's sort of what the theme of the movie is."

Stamos, widely known for his striking good looks and charisma, even admitted that he's not as "smooth" as most ladies would assume. He actually revealed he's usually nervous around women!

"I'm pretty neurotic. I don't do the right things," he reveals. "I'm very nervous around girls. I'm always afraid to ask for a phone number or be presumptuous to think that they would want to go out."

When asked if he's interested in settling down the former Full House star was a bit evasive about his desires. However, he did mention something else he's interested in - fatherhood!

"The one thing on my list is to have a child," Stamos said. "All my dreams  have come true a thousand times except for having... I have great nieces and  nephews, but I'd like to have a child of my own."

"So if anyone is ovulating out there...," he quipped. My Man Is a Loser received a VOD and limited theatrical release on Friday, July 25.

Image via John Stamos, Instagram
Image via My Man Is a Loser, Wikimedia Commons