John Kerry: North Korea’s Leader Is Reckless And Ruthless

    December 15, 2013
    Val Powell
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U.S. Secretary of  State John Kerry has described North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, 30, as reckless and insecure following the arrest and execution of the North Korean leader’s powerful uncle, Jang Song Thaek.

Kerry said Kim’s actions were “ominous” to the country’s stability. In an exclusive interview with Martha Raddatz of ABC, Kerry said Kim’s “ruthless, horrendous dictatorship” can only be compared to Saddam Hussein.

“It really reminded me of a video that we saw of Saddam Hussein doing the same thing, having people plucked out of an audience, and people sitting there sweating, and nobody daring to move or do anything,” Kerry told ABC,  “It tells us a lot about, first of all, how ruthless and reckless he is. And it also tells us a lot about how insecure he is, to a certain degree.”

North Korea reported the execution of Jang Song Thaek on Friday. Earlier, the state had said it had stripped Thaek of his position and powers after accusing him of a number of criminal acts including financial crimes, alcohol abuse and womanizing. The Communist nation is known for its secretive politics and Thaek could have been executed because of a fall-out with the Korean leader as well as other personal reasons.

Following the execution, Kerry lamented that it was not the first time this had happened under Kim’s administration. He called for urgent attention on North Korean nuclear plans. Kerry believes that this act demonstrates that North Korea is not ready to embrace stability.

North Korea has already carried out two long-range missile tests and tested its nuclear weapons despite U.N. sanctions. The U.S. is already working with China and the U.K. to tame North Korean nuclear ambitions. Other countries that support U.N. sanctions include Russia, South Korea and Japan.

Kerry, in the interview, said having someone like Kim with “a nuclear weapon potentiality” is out-rightly dangerous and unacceptable.

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  • Get It Yet?

    You ever get the feeling that now that Afghanistan and Iraq have died down that we are just looking for our next war to get into? I swear. We fight needless wars and when there is a war we need to fight, we just talk. We went into Afghanistan and Iraq due to 9/11 and none of the damn terrorists were even from those countries. But those countries have drugs, gold, and oil. What does North Korea have that we need? Nothing. So we wont go in there even though the guy running the country is a nut and his people are oppressed.

    It doesn’t make a damn bit of sense. Oh, yes it does. We only do things for profit. And don’t tell me we went into Afghanistan for Bin Laden. So you mean to tell me that he is so important that we invaded a freaking country for him and then when we do “kill” him, we dump his body in the ocean in less than 24 hours??? Doesn’t make sense and doesn’t sound that important to me. My God, he had knowledge of the entire terror network. You would think we would want to capture him a live and question him. Also, don’t tell me that we had to kill him because of 9/11. We gave the Nazi’s a trial and they killed TENS OF MILLIONS. Hell, we even saw the pictures of Saddam.

  • William

    and John Kerry is FECKLESS!!!!!!!! He and Hanoi Jane belong in the same category…..PEOPLE INTENT ON TREASON!!!!!!!!!