Jodie Sweetin, “Full House” Star, Files For 3rd Divorce

    June 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie on the sitcom “Full House”, has filed for divorce from her husband of one year, Morty Coyle.

Sweetin cites irreconcilable differences in the divorce papers and is seeking full custody of the couple’s two-year old daughter, Beatrix. Just a few years ago, such a major life change would have worried friends and family due to Sweetin’s drug abuse, but she says she’s clean and has been for years now.

“She seems in good spirits,” a friend told Us Weekly. “She’s sober still so she’s in way better shape than last time. It’s definitely true. I guess it’s not working out.”

Sweetin had a difficult and much-publicized battle with drugs and alcohol in her youth, which she detailed in a memoir, “UnSweetined”.

“I got sober for good on December 7, 2008,” she wrote. “I was flying to L.A. and I ended up taking a bunch of Nyquil and drinking a sh-tload. …From that day forward, I threw myself into going to AA and avoided people who do blow off their coffee tables.”
“But life is good. I’m happier than I can remember.”

Sweetin has been married twice before and has a 5-year old daughter with former husband Cody Herpin.

  • http://newbizshop.com derek

    Maybe Danny Taner needs to have a heart to heart talk with her.

    • http://www.webpronews.com Eric

      I agree. Where is Bob Saget or Candice Cameron to speak to Jodie? 3 divorces,drug abuse, the charactor of Sephanie Tanner was one of my favorites, and Ms. Sweetin seemed like a well rounded down to earth kid, Jeez, what happened to her? Maybe she needs to go on Celeb Rehab with Dr. Drew, or check herself into a drug rehab center for treatment. I actually feel sorry for Jodie

  • Rick

    I think (Stephanie) was wonderful on full house. I’ve always loved her “how rude” remark and I’ve been using it for years. She was a little cutie on the show and now is very beautiful as an adult. I hope she stays clean of drugs. I would love to meet her in person some day.