Jodie Sweetin Files Lawsuit Over Year-Old Car Accident

    July 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Jodie Sweetin, who is perhaps best known as Stephanie Tanner on the early 90’s show “Full House”, filed a lawsuit yesterday against the driver who allegedly caused an accident last year in which Sweetin was injured and totaled her vehicle.

The driver, Clark Taylor Savros, reportedly turned left in front of Sweetin as she was driving through an intersection in L.A. last March. In the suit, Sweetin claims she wants to be compensated for loss of wages, property damage, and medical expenses to the tune of $25,000.

The actress tweeted about the accident and revealed her injuries, which included a fractured wrist, but said she was thankful she didn’t have her children in the car.

Sweetin recently wrote a memoir, “Unsweetined”, and has been in the news over the past few years for alleged drug use.

  • Janicesir

    The other driver is lucky i think it should have been more that same thing happen to my sister someone turned in front of her and caused he to have tons of medical problems. I’m soooo glad she is ok the same thing my sister did not have her son in the car thank god.

  • Toni minaj

    I dont think she should be suing for 25,000 did she not have insurence…. she’s despreate for money ,the book didnt do well i think they stopped showing reruns of full house and she’s not a working actress she’s looking for a pay out to support he drugh habbit i mean come on filing a law suit a year later this spells out onething to me REHAB

    • tim davis

      hey before you post something where you try to look intelligent, how about you learn to spell. Drugh??? Really?? habbit?? Are you serious??? Insurence?? despreate?? Maybe you should sue your english teacher for not being able to spell in english!!

      • Steph

        Bwahahaaa – Tim Davis! You’re awesome ! EWWW BUUUURN Toni Minaj!!

    • Lucy

      They have’nt stopped showing re-runs just so you know they are on like everyday….maybe you should be educated other than bashing other people.

    • frank

      @ toni minaj you ar an idiot what does it matter if she has insurance she was not at fault the other driver was so he has to pay.and u have up to 3 years to sue after an accident.You sound like a jealous wannabe famous loser

  • D. Mo


    • Stephie

      Best comment ever. Epic!

  • kerri

    A person doesn’t have to be desperate for money to be rightfully compensated for medical bills and lost wages. She is no different than millions of other people who want reimbursement for expenses they experienced.
    Good luck to her.

  • http://yahoo vv

    That f*ing tweaker.

  • Tbear62

    Ok Im the bigger idiot here. I know who she is- BUT, other than the show, what has she been famous for since then? And why is any news with her- Newsworthy and WHY did i spend the time to look at the story in the first place……….stay tuned while we answer these questions. Now a word from our sponsor.

  • Chris B.

    I haven’t checked yet, but I think you will find that the $25,000 is the maximum amount that the other driver’s insurance company will pay for personal injury and lost wages caused by the accident and that some lawyer (ambulance chaser)informed her of that fact recently. The lawyer fee is 40% of the judgement/settlement… 40% of $25,000 = 10,000. Easy money for the lawyer…

    On the other hand, I do believe that the injured person is entitled to fair compensation for thier injuries and lost wages. It could be that the insurance company is denying the claim and Ms. Sweetin was forced to hire a lawyer to receive her just compensation.

    Unless you know ALL the facts, remember this bit of wisdom ” Judge not lest Ye be judged! “

    • John

      What haven’t you checked? Do you have access to the driver’s insurance policy information? Do you know what their policy limit’s are? The answer is no, you don’t. Their policy limits may well be in excess of $25,000. All they are saying is that her medical bills are $25,000 and she is seeking to be compensated for them, which she should be. How about her time off work, does she not deserve to be compensated for that as well? How about the pain and suffering associated with a fractured wrist, is that not worth anything to you? A fractured wrist is not only painful, but can limit a lot of your activities. Your second paragraph sounds like the more reasonable version of what’s happened. Insurance companies don’t want to pay on these claims, and that’s why they like to deny, delay, and defend.

  • bruiser

    $25,000 is not a lot considering medical bills and her car was totalled. Most cars cost way more than $25,000, especially cars actors drive. I had to sue over 6months after my accident to get money for medical and my car and got over $10,000 and that was in 1984.

  • Joel

    She has done well, she invented some kind of baby carrier. She patented it and marketed it as well. She is suing because the insurance probably denied her claim. and ‘Toni Minaj’ fak name no doubt, where the hell do you get your info that she had no insurance, or that the show is not in reruns ALL OVER THE COUNTRY? You should crawl back under your rock…

  • terry

    Look it doesnt say if either of them ran a red or stop sign so we dont kno who’s fault it is. On another note 25k should be change to her i dont see the point in sueing. i havent seen any of her work so she may just need money. dont get me wrong i like jody but sewing im assumming common people unless th insurance company give it to her she may be waitn on payment along time.

    • Sue

      Terry please check your spelling.

  • Cher O.


    Why should someone sue their English teacher if they can’t spell? If a grown person writes on here and can’t spell, it seems to me it’s THEIR fault, not the teacher. But you strike me as someone who blames teachers for ALL the faults of ignorant and uneducated people! GET A LIFE!!!!

  • Toni minaj


    • CBurke

      Toni – learn to spell insurance idiot

      • Larry Loser


  • Dick

    She’s hot.

    • s

      I’ll give her 25 grand for a date.

  • Amber

    It doesn’t matter if she is a celebrity or what her past drug history is. Bottom line is that the other driver caused the accident and was determined to be at fault. Ms. Sweetin was injured and she is entitled to be compensated for her pain and suffering and damage to her vehicle. If he was insured, his insurance should cover her damages.

    • Susan

      I totally agree, Amber. Hopefully Clark has good car insurance. It does take a while though for some accident claims to be processed. My husband and I were hit head-on while waiting for the light to change to turn left. (Guy thought he could speed through the red light I guess. He hit two other cars as well or who knows if we’d be here today.) She might have had whiplash as well. Whiplash stinks. That pain stays with you. I sure hope she is compensated soon!

    • Tim

      You sound like an attorney.

    • Keyrock, Your Honor

      You sound like SNL’s unfrozen caveman lawyer.

  • Man on the Street

    Pour some sugar on me…

  • tina

    i’m just thankful she’s o.k.!!!……if she hit someone, they would try to get everything she has!! so i hope she wins her case! fair is fair,it was the other persons fault.she’s not even asking for much!!

  • Steph

    Why is everyone getting so worked up and pissed off? It’s an everyday thing – people get in wrecks, people sue. You can be famous or a recluse. It happens….. Get over it.

    • G.O.

      So true, Steph! Last year I arrived at the scene of a HORRIFIC car wreck that killed 2 other people, JUST SECONDS after it happened. I pulled over immediately, to do what I could to assist, (CPR, First Aid) whatever… A teenage girl, going in the OPPOSITE Direction on the Interstate, lost control, went across the Median and hit an oncoming car, killing the 2 occupants on impact. The car that was hit first, slid into another vehicle carrying 3 adults & 2 children causing the kids to be ejected from the vehicle, the female child whom I saw 1st, was injured, but awake & conscious, and was already being tended to by a nurse who had stopped to assist, so I went to the little boy, who was unconscious, and bleeding, a man had just begun CPR, So, I ran right over to him and said that I am ready to switch out if/when he gets tired. I kneeled on the other side of the little boy, & gently put my hand on his, all the while seeing & hearing his Mother cry out to him, “Wake-up Baby…Come back to Momma, it’s your Birthday next week”! Within just a couple of minutes, as I sat by his side, praying & still w/my hand over his…I saw his bodily fluids release, & I knew he was gone! He would have been 6 yrs old the following week! It broke my heart, and is something I will never forget. The girl who lost control and caused the accident, suffered PHYSICALLY, only a broken ankle. But the guilt & pain she will carry, as will the victims families & friends, will stay with them always! That said, 3 months ago, on 4/13/12, I was the front car in an accident, where a man rear-ended the car behind ME, and they in-turn hit MY car, we had witnesses, who saw him toss a beer bottle out of his window, right after he hit us. He pulled alongside of us & motioned for us to pull out of the intersection & to a side street as to exchange info…as soon as we did so, he pulled alongside of us, & floored it, ran through a stop sign, and took off. Luckily no-one was seriously hurt, although I was jolted 2x, and later on felt some pain on the left side of my neck & back. I could/did describe him in full, but here I am 3 months later, and STILL have not received the payment for my car to be repaired. Instead, I am getting the run-around by his insurance company. God only knows what he was doing when he caused the accident, but obviously it was something that was wrong, or he wouldn’t have fled! I am still unsure about the ACTUAL FACTS, that caused a 19 yr old girl, driving alone, on that Sunny, Clear, Early Saturday Afternoon, to lose control of her car, which resulted in 3 fatalities, nor will I make any assumptions, although many I have told of that tragic event, are quick to say, “I bet she was texting, or on her cell-phone, while driving”…only she has the TRUE ANSWERS, BUT, I just NEED to say this: Yes, accidents happen, and in many cases, by the reckless, irresponsible, & dangerous actions of others…cause great harm and sometimes tragic, irreversable consequences to others, whom are innocent, cautious people, and can be avoided. That said…NO Text Message, Phone call, CD, Radio Station, Dropped Cell, or item, Attractive Person in another car, Reading Material, Kiss, Slap, Beverage, Lighting a Cigarette, Actions to Enhance Ones Appearance, Argument etc…are worth the driver’s distraction from driving…Not even for a MOMENT, No matter how great a driver you may be, think you are, or simple/quick, you feel the action is. A tragedy on the road, can happen in the BLINK OF AN EYE!!! So PLEASE, EVERYONE, BE AWARE, BE CAREFUL, BE SAFE & REMEMBER, TO PAY ATTENTION!!!

      It was a 4hr drive home for me, the day of that accident, but, it took me almost 7, because I was so devastated, and shaken, that I had to pull over and cry several times. It took me about a month to be able to get back on an Interstate again, after that…as I kept realizing that if I had gotten on the Interstate 30-45 seconds earlier, IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!

      Be safe & watchful…ALWAYS! God Bless!

      • Larry Loser

        Jesus, drugs much, Wordy?? Fu^ing shut up

        • She has a point

          First of all, I do not appreciate you taking my Lord’s name in vain. Secondly, her retelling of her experiences might save lives. I highly doubt we can say the same about you, as you seem to have no respect for human life, even a six year old boy who passed away! Your reply is rude, inconsiderate and inhumane. I think we should be asking you the same question, except it would be..”Drugs much? Grow up and shut up yourself.”

        • http://yahoo sho’nuff

          Me thinks Larry the loser (true to his name)is the highway Fu^up that threw the bear can out the car, caused the accident and fled the scene of the accident!!! what a real he..oh, err, zero!!!

        • rick

          Larry, u r well named

    • Kathy Parks

      you got that right…just because she did something stupid,doesn’t mean she’s still doing it…..I

      If I got hit and they didn’t pay for their mistake on the road…damn skippy I’d sue…just cause she made a mistake doesn’t mean a thing and has nothing to do with the situation…he with out sin cast the first stone…some of you are just mean…

  • eyemall

    WAAAAHHHHHH I used up all my money on my drug habit so I have to sue someone to get some more……..

    • Trollio

      Waaahhh, I’m a moron who has nothing better to do than pick on accident victims.

  • Kim

    Just because she has a lot of money,doesn’t mean she shouldn’t sue someone who caused her pain.We’d all sue if this happened to us!

  • Lorraine


    • mateo

      yeah, in the a.s.$

      she should turn to p0rn

  • L Smith

    Isn’t this why we have obscenely expensive car insurance???

  • steve

    25k will buy her a lot of drugs

  • Rick

    How rude !!! Looks like she’s back on the Meth.

    • Jackie Devereux

      @ Rick…that’s a mean comment. Give her some props for getting off the stuff.

      • kryptochick01

        She actually does not at all look like she is back on meth. I have unfortunately known meth addicts and I know one when I see one. It looks to me like she is clean since her skin looks good and meth addicts are normally very pale and sometimes have scabs on their faces from infection. She also looks healthy. If she were back on meth she would be too thin and look tired and strung out. I see no evidence of tooth decay and her hair looks shiny and healthy. She just looks like she is happy. Maybe that’s because she got off of that poison and dealt with the issue behind why she began using in the first place. For future reference, know what you’re talking about before you make stupid, ignorant comments. If you really want to know what it looks like to be a meth user, just use Google, my friend :) Also, don’t judge someone for something you know absolutely nothing about.

  • http://Webpri Rocky Haridsom


    • http://msn hiram

      STFU!!! idiot!

      • kryptochick01

        There is a lot of hate in your comment! Do you know her? If so, what did she do to you to make you that angry? I mean, wow! It’s a little too intense so I’m really curious about what that’s all about!

    • rick

      why do you think that?

    • kryptochick01

      You seem to be her type then…

  • http://WebprONEWS.COM Rocky Haridsom

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  • http://www.facebook.com/singledouttvshow Chad Anderson

    Did you know she’s doing a new pilot called Singled Out. Check it out at http://www.facebook.com/singledouttvshow

  • Mark

    $25,000 is not asking much considering broken bones. she could easily get $100k. I applaud her for not being greedy and going after only what she actually lost because of the accident

    • mistysmom

      I cannot believe anyone would applaud her for only asking $25,000. If she could get more she would. She has a weak case at best and her attorney knows it. Remember she has to split it with him. She says she has “broken bones”. That depends on what you consider broken bones. Unless she has a stupid lawyer they are going for the maximum they can get.

  • http://yahoo sho’nuff

    All those pple that made negative comments about J. Sweetin’s lawsuit re: her accident NEED to have an accident and get hurt & lets see if their mental status remain the same. I’ll bet a year’s salary (and win) they’d change their stupid thinking real fast, and in a hurry.

  • Patrick B. Rasmusson

    On the first day god made women and then He rested. On the second day he made the Heavens and Earth and thus was so, on the third day he got laid by every smoking hot women on the planet, and thus was so, then He made man. :)

    • http://exploer g thompson

      your r soooooooo stupid, and shame on you to even invole God in stupidity

  • MStew

    Please go away or go back to that show where people strip for no reason.

  • Poochie

    In the state of VA……a person involved in an accident has up to 3 years go file a claim against someone that caused inflicted injury, car damages, etc. I see nothing wrong with Jodie filing a year later…..I mean come on…..Her car was totaled…..alot of times what body parts may be sore or continuing lasting pain…..THAT in ITSELF was reason in my opinion to file a long time ago……PLUS…..Jodie’s past occupations, addictions,……if Jodie was suing for more drugs or because of unemployment…….I mean get REAL everyone…..$25,000 Lawsuit…..she could or would be suing for much $$$,$$$ more…..Give the lady a BREAK! P.S.: I HOPE She WINS the lawsuit!

  • haha

    lmao at all the rude people………

  • http://www.directory.org.pk Adullah Sheikh


  • G.O.

    To Those who stuck uo for me…I Thank You All!!!


  • kryptochick01

    Some of you make me think there is no such thing as compassion anymore. Some of you make me think our future is in the hands of complete idiots and that scares me.
    Some of you obviously know nothing about drug addiction and how difficult it is to stop using once addicted – especially meth which is one of the hardest drugs to quit, if not the hardest and once clean, relapse is more likely than with any other drug. No I am not a drug addict but I work with addicts. Meth is poison and if she were still on it she would look like shit to be perfectly honest.
    Finally, to the rest of you, your comments that are kind and are giving her a break, you give me a little bit of hope that kindness still exists in the world.

    • Jon Sundquist

      I agree with everything you said!

    • TigerAnn

      If you’re using internet postings to surmise that there is no compassion anymore AND THAT THE FUTURE IS IN THE HANDS OF COMPLETE IDIOTS…then it’s no wonder you think that. More oftent than not ….and by leaps and bounds… ppl are compassionate. And good lord!!!!…our future does not lie in the hands of idiots as they are a miniscule part of the population that happent to get more press than the rest of us.

  • rreed48862

    Most lawsuits filed say ” in excess of $25,000 Even if they settle for 500000 I am sure this is the case here.

  • http://yahoo.com Jaclyn

    google.com half time full house

    I dont know that you are to be

    and sometimes my only few people

    jodie sweetin back half door room

  • Jafo

    To those who seem to think there is an issue with Sweetin filing a lawsuit after a year, and wondering why insurance isnt paying for it….I have to guess that you have never been in an auto accident.

    I read comments saying Sweetin must not have had insurance, otherwise she wouldnt need to be filing a lawsuit since her own insurance should have paid for the compensation.


    Her insurance would only pay for HER injuries and damage if there was no one to recover the costs from…such as if she hit a streetlight with no other cars around. And that would cause an increase in her premiums and deductibles. So yes, it would be no surprise to have an insurance claim denied by her own company since there is another party involved and at fault.

    As for the other person’s insurance company….You can bet that they dont want to pay out; and if they have to, they will try to pay as little as possible.

    So what choice is left? Sure it sucks that they will take about a third of your settlement, but sometimes you have no choice but to hire a personal injury attorney. And who says she only just recently hired her lawyer?? I assure you, she likely had an attorney hired within a week of her accident. The past year has probably been spent gathering evidence, statements, and depositions. It has been used by Ms. Sweetin for medical treatments. And it has been used for communication between her attorney and the opposing side’s company counsels.

    Settlements can take much longer than a year to reach, and hiring an attorney does not immediately create the filing of a lawsuit. The filing of a lawsuit merely indicates that the settlement arbitrage broke down and both parties couldnt reach an agreement. As such, her attorney’s next action would be to file suit on her behalf, taking the case to court rather than settling it in private.

    • Drew


      you’re close but wrong. Her insurance co. can pay her for medical and property damage. They would just attempt to subrogate against the other carrier. If the other carrier does not pay for what is owed then it would go to arbitration.

      • Drew

        Also- It would’nt raise your deductible thats something you choose. However it may increase your premiums.

      • Jafo

        Spoken like someone who still hasnt had to experience it.

        What you think SHOULD happen (your own insurance paying out then recovering from the other carrier) versus what DOES happen are two different things.

        I have gone through five different auto accident claims as the victim over the past 20 years. At no time did my OWN insurance (despite having full coverage) cover my medical expenses or vehicle damages…and 2 of those accidents I was covered by State Farm, and 1 each by Allstate, Geico, and Nationwide.

        In each and every case, I was forced to file a lawsuit against to opposing party and THEIR insurance in order to receive compensation for medical costs and vehicle damage, to include 2 occasions of trying to recover on a totaled vehicle I was financing.

  • Misty

    look in my opinion last year when Jodie had her wreak that would have been the time for this lawsuit to have taken place. There is also a time frame on certain things just what if thhis other person can not befound for the lawsuit to work. Did anybody think that way? the proper action should have been acted upon at the proper time. I don’t want people to think wrong of me but in all honesty I will pesonally laugh should Jodie not win anything because she waited to long.

  • john

    why is this new worthy? big deal. im glad shes ok but come on – daily stuff.

    If shes doing a new show or movie then tell me

  • Brian

    I think her chesticles saved her, in lieu of airbags. HERS are amazing. I’m glad she wasn’t ‘dis-FIGUREd’ in any way. Motorboat city, baby. Why do I have the urge to go mountain climbing all of a sudden…?

  • sbk

    Maybe it’s b/c she’s still dealing the the injuries a year later and a year is the expiration date. Glad to hear nothing sensational, just a mom and family vs the weird hollywood lifestyle.