Jim Parsons Teaming Up With Rihanna For Film

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Jim Parsons is teaming up with an unlikely co-star for a new film, but as far as the director is concerned, they are the perfect pair for the job.

The Big Bang Theory star is working with singer Rihanna on an animated feature called Home, which is based on the children's book "The True Meaning of Smekday" by Adam Rex. Parsons plays an alien named Oh who befriends a little girl named Tip and helps her on a quest to find her mother.

"Never a stranger combo has the world depended on for survival. I feel like I'm working with actors and not technically animation. I can talk about intention, motivation and emotion, and the amazing animators are able to do the rest," director Tim Johnson said.

Parsons and his co-stars have been in the headlines this week due to contract negotiations; the actors are reportedly holding out for $1 million per episode before they commit to another season, which has some fans worried. In the middle of it all, Parsons is up for an Emmy again this year for his work on the popular sitcom.

“I’m a little floored, I’ll be honest. The very first thing that hit me, and it took a while to sink in was, how lucky am I that I was a part of two different projects that have both been deemed mentionable, if you will, by the peers for this year," he said.

Home is due to be released in March.

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