Jets Collide In Miami, Investigation Underway

    January 18, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Two jets collided on the runway in Miami on Thursday night, leaving many passengers frightened and inconvenienced but otherwise unharmed.

The aircrafts–an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus which was arriving and an Air France 777-300 which was departing for France, struck one another near the gates at Miami International Airport. One plane reportedly had a damaged wing, while the other suffered damage to the tail. The passengers who were on their way to France were left to try and reschedule their flights.

This is the third time since 2011 that an Air France jet has collided with another on a runway; in April of that year, an Airbus 380 struck a Delta jet at JFK airport, damaging both crafts. In October of that year, the same type of jet had a similar incident with an Airbus in France, leading officials to believe pilots are still getting used to the oversized jet’s wingspan. The A380 arrived in France for the first time in 2009.

  • http://youtube.com/waterskippers Randolph Miller

    I’m glad nobody got hurt. It’ll be interesting to know whether the planes can be repaired.

    • Meg Amor

      Yes, they will repair them. All aircraft have regular maintenance on them all the time. And parts are replaced all the time. I can’t remember how many years it is, but after a certain period of time – the plane is just about brand new with replacement parts. So, they will be able to repair them.

  • jergjergens

    We should ban planes. Too many children could be hurt. If it saves one life it will be worth it.


      not much thought put into your remark

      • Swede

        I apparently you are unclear on the concept of sarcasm.

    • Julian

      and you are unaware of the concept of English grammar?

  • jane

    The French and the Argentinians can’t even drive in the air….
    Good old Miami, our third world country of Dade County!!

  • Kevin Sutter

    The answer to this tragedy is spend $500 Million dollars to save a life. Ohhhh wait abortion kills 1.2 Million babies every year. Gun violence 35,000. 1 Million ..35,000. Where is the obligation to save babies Mr. President.

    • Julian

      You have no right to take abortion out of the hands of the mother…who are you to tell a woman what to do with her body…you don’t have to agree with her choice…nor do you have to be involved in her choice…so sit down and shut up…

      • An Bo

        She has the right with her body. But a stethoscope will reveal 2 heart beats coming from her body (hers and her baby’s). The baby in her tummy has its own heart, head, etc. She doesn’t have the right to kill that baby (it’s not part of her body, though it’s inside her body).

        • Joe

          The mother can exist naturally without the baby’s support. The baby can not. Stop the stupidity.

        • Joe

          The mother can exist naturally without the baby’s support. The baby can not. Stop the stupidity.

      • Scott

        hell lets let mothers kill their babies in or out since there is no diference murder is murder, and if the woman is so concerned about her body she would keep her legs closed

        • Joe

          Yes Scott, your mom should have followed your wonderful advice.

        • Meg Amor

          Wow… I didn’t know there were so many neanderthals out there still. Frightening.

        • Julian

          keep her legs closed? sure spoil it for all of us Scott

      • mike

        since the title of this article is so misleading I’m not going to comment on it, but I will comment on the abortion topic. I do consider myself pro-choice, but I dont think an abortion should b able to take place after month 3 also think its a disgrace that a husband gets no say in the matter, not so much for her to have to have one more to make her not have one!

      • Julian

        thats not me – thats another Julian.

        Can you change your name please. People are getting confused

    • Julian

      think of the 50 million with no health insurance. How many die because they have no insurance. Obama is curing that too.

  • Trev

    To the author, Amanda Crum, do you know what a runway is?!? Do you know how different a runway incursion is compared to two jets bumping into eachother at walking speeds? Should have just called it a mid-air collision.

    • Kevin

      Amen, Trev! It’s quite obvious that the idiot pilot of the Aerolineas Argentinas plane taxing in after landing to Miami International Airport’s Concourse J misjudged the distance between his plane and the parked Air France plane, a 777-300, the stretched version of the 777, and a pretty long plane at that, which was parked at the opposite concourse, Concourse H.

      • Meg Amor

        I so agree Kevin. And at night too. I hate night flying.

      • Simon

        Yes a runway is where the models walk when there is a fashion show……lol.

    • http://www.yahoo.com Jerry

      Technically it was a near miss,( think about it )

  • http://facebook Bernaed Chenoweth

    well the two pilots was pobally under the influance of pot. it stays in your system for 30 days and gives you tunnel vision. a drug test should be given to the piolets. if was driving a air plane and seen another air plane i think i would turn the other way just like driving a car.

    • Alex

      what the hell are you talking about?! its nothing like driving a car you cant just swerve out of the way… and the weed reference you are ignorant!

      • Julian

        I think you can swerve a plane easily. they have a lot of wheels and they are very light – they can float

        • Meg Amor

          LOL… You’re joking right? Do you know how much they weight? Do you know how much it takes to move that weight? There’s no steering wheel, like in a car, where you can yank the wheel.

          • Julian

            but if they’re heavy how can they float so easily?
            and they probably have power steering

          • Meg Amor

            I take it you are being REALLY sarcastic Julian. :-)

          • Julian

            they have power steering and as I said they float

          • Meg Amor

            The reason they ‘float’ (which they don’t really) is a thiing called Bernouli’s Law sp? sorry. I can’t remember whether the big airliners have rudder pedals for steering on the ground or a hand control… but either way… it’s a bloody art, I can tell you.

          • Julian

            Yes I am. Armor – is that French?

          • Julian

            I thought Bernouilli’s law was that 20% of something equals 80% of value

          • Meg Amor

            LOL Julian. Amor is French yes :-)

          • Julian

            Amor is French for love. are you a pilot?

    • http://yahoo babyray

      Its a little bigger than a car Bernaed.Bernaid, Is that French?

    • Ray

      Bernaed that is the worst post I’ve seen all week.

      Probably is the first mistake. Pilots the second the third, airplane is one word and “Had seen” past tense and another airplane again one word.

      Lastly you FLY a plane and swearving an Airbus A380 LOL man I cannot concur.

    • Meg Amor

      I don’t think you realise just how conscientous most pilots are. It’s a rare pilot who doesn’t take the job extremely seriously.

  • http://facebook Bernaed

    that is just what i think my oppinion

  • StanFarm

    Amanda Crum and her editor don’t know that the plural of “aircraft” is “aircraft.” Or that the passengers were left to try “to” reschedule their flights. Otherwise they’re doing two separate things: trying, and also rescheduling their flights.

    • Julian

      no its aircrafts

  • Mark

    Duh, I thought the Dolphins and New York were out of the playoffs.

    • Julian

      no they both crashed

  • M

    Amanda Crum – Runways are for taking off, and landing.
    When 2 airliners (or anything else) “collide” on a runway
    it ends VERY badly!! Real news agencies are there almost
    instantly. That’s not what this was.

    Oh… and the attached video clip is from a DIFFERENT
    incident all together!

  • Neil

    Leave it to the French!

  • donnie atkinson

    Probably inexperienced pilots who replace experienced pilots for less money! HA!

    • Julian

      maybe they outsourced and the plane is flown remotely from a call center in Calcutta

    • Meg Amor

      Hardly. By the time you are flying one of those babies – you have hours up to eyeballs, whether you are a first officer or a captain. By the time anyone is flying a jet airliner – they have an unbelievable amount of hours, experience, and training under their belts.

      • Julian

        I heard the Pilots of those small jets – Bombadiers and those Brazilian small jets only make $17k – $24k. Some of the pilots can’t even afford to stay in a hotel and only earn $17k – $24k. Thats what happened in Buffallo NY (?)

  • Brian Chovanec

    No possibility that the Jets involved are Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, is there? Oh, I see that there were no injuries, never mind.

  • bisdakis

    Maybe both pilots got their diplomas in the USA!

    • Julian

      or maybe Greece? and do they have to wear those little skirt uniforms?

  • David Ross

    These aircraft did NOT collide on the runway, they were in the gate area. Articles need to be written by people that know what they are talking about.

  • Willie

    I’m confused enough about this story from this Crum lady, was it a 777 or a 380? Was it on the taxiway or the runway? I don’t know. Maybe she’s not the blame for this article, could be that her editor is a dork. Going through the replies, the story went from plane crash to abortion to plane crash. Was this the famous Tap Tap, “whisper whisper whisper, pass it along” phenomenon?

    • Julian

      crummy article

  • Julian

    Jets crash in Miami? Oh this has nothing to do with Football. I’m out of here

  • Julian

    the worst jet collision was in the Canaries – two 747 and 580+ fatalities

  • Julian

    Why are some people talking about Babies and others talking about Airplanes? I am very confused. Also either I have bad memory loss or there are two Julians posting here. Met a nice French lady though!

  • Julian

    also I think the nice French Lady maybe a pilot. She called an airplane “those babies” and thats technical jargon for an airplane that only experts like pilots use. but I think in using the technical term “those babies” she may have started another conversation about “babies” Oh well