Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Hot Bod


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Jessica Simpson has battled weight gain over the last few years, but has never let it get her down. Simpson lost weight after having her first child thanks to Weight Watchers and became a part of their campaign, appearing in commercials. When she got pregnant with her second child, she had to take a break from her diet plan and her campaign.

Simpson gave birth to her son Ace this past summer, Simpson once again found herself battling weight gain. She joined the Weight Watchers program again and recently showed off her amazing figure with a photo she posted on Instagram. Not only does Simpson look healthy, but happy as well.

Weight Watchers is happy to have Simpson back on their campaign as well. Simpson officially returned to the campaign in September, which Weight Watchers confirmed to OMG.

"We were thrilled to welcome Jessica back on the Weight Watchers program in August," said a spokesperson for the weight loss company. "With a toddler on the run and an infant to look after, we know she needs a plan that's simple and fits into her life along with the support that's so important to moms with young children."

Simpson has not only defended her own weight gain during pregnancy, but every pregnant woman's weight gain. She claims that her body type just causes her to gain a lot of weight during pregnancy and that pregnant women should be allowed to eat what they want and gain weight while pregnant because their body is working so hard.

With her body looking great and confidence level higher than ever, nothing can stop this star and mom.

Image from Instagram.