Jessica Sanchez: Twitter Fans React To Upset

    May 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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16-year old Jessica Sanchez had plenty of supporters on hand for last night’s finale of “American Idol”, but it wasn’t enough to keep her from second place, and her fans are pretty upset about it.

There’s been a lot of speculation about this season of the show around the interweb, particularly whether or not the judges and producers were biased from the start towards Phillip Phillips, Sanchez’s unfortunately-named competitor. For instance, he was allowed a guitar in the early stages of the show, whereas the use of instruments during auditions has been strictly forbidden in former seasons. While Phillips certainly has a likable, sellable quality (as well as those dreamy good looks everyone is talking about), fans of Jessica Sanchez felt she wasn’t given a fair chance. However, she may get the last laugh, since the second place contestant on several seasons of the show has gone on to be more successful than the winner.

Phillips seemed to be the star of the show last night, with way more camera time than Sanchez, although her simple rendition of “I Will Always Love You” rocked the house down and gave her fans some hope that perhaps she would sweep the night after all. But Phillips took the title, and Twitter has been abuzz ever since.

Phillip Phillips may have won the American Idol title but Jessica Sanchez has won the WORLD’s heart :) RETWEET if you’re agree.
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How Philip philips won American idol last night over 16 year old jessica Sanchez is beyond me I thought this competition was about voice !
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Phillip Phillips has the looks, but Jessica Sanchez has the wow factor. She should’ve won in my opinion.
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just making it to the top 2 is already an amazing feat! watch her shine even more in the coming days. congrats jessica sanchez! ?
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Yoooo, so am I the only person mad that Jessica Sanchez didn’t win Idol last nite?
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Ang bobo ng mga judges sa #AMERICANIDOL you win Jessica Sanchez. They cheat you, the judges are stupid.
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  • Betty

    I loved all the singers. What I could not stand were Jessica’s fans bashing the other contestants especially Josh. I voted for Phillip because of the bad behavior of her fans. His voice started sounding better and better. Jessica’s fans were like little demons on the websites. What goes around comes around. Congratulations to Phillip. My friends turned their votes to you also…..

    • chay

      ur stupid

      • Lynn

        am sorry but you having said that don’t you think that’s an insult to Phillip.And that does not say much about you either.I voted for Jessica because she’s versatile, & amazingly talented. She always came across as a young lady who was so humbled by her being on AI to finally be able to do what she loves best.Her reaction to Phillip’s win is so endearing.Regardless who’s bashing who, it didn’t & won’t ever change how I feel about Jessica as a person & performer.And I believe it was not just her fans doing that …she was consistently referred to as the contestant who was voted off & should not have been saved. To that I say, keep shinning, girl! you absolutely got what it takes to keep movin’ up. You’re young so you got plenty of time.

    • Merrill

      so you are saying that you voted to spite the fans – not because Philip is more talented than Jessica … Philip is the American Idol but Jessica is the INTERNATIONAL Idol..

    • TxMom

      I spent most of the season votng AGAINST Jessica Sanchez. I find it hard to believe anyone alleges bias of the judges towards Phiilip when the routinely panned him and saif how wonderful Jessica was. I voted for Phillip because he is WAY better than Jessica, who is a one dimensional singer (she can only sing ballads), and came off as a prima donna. Go back and watch some of the earlier shopws and see how she holds herself apart from everyone else – liek she is better than them!! Yea Phillip!! Although my dreal finale would have been Skylar and Colton.

      • anna

        Each positive feedback or comment by the judges re- Jessica was well deserved.She had her share of negative feedback but she didn’t hold it against them, she took that as constuctive. What hurt her was the 3rd round song @ the finale. She was given a day to work on that song that was not a perfect fit for her.Jennifer gave her a great advice that when she makes her own records, she can tell them to make changes to suit her style or genre. On the other hand Phillip was fortunate enogh to be given a song that defined him as a singer with stellar arrangements & a marching band.Not as much singing as Jessica but the production enhanced the performance.So I do see why Jessica’s supporters & fans feel their fav has been robbed not because she didn’t win it but because they clearly hurt her chance of winning it.

      • Eric

        Philip was not better than Jessica, period! Shes has the chops to go all the way. She wasn’t upset that she didn’t win because all she needed was the exposure, now all she has to do is wait for the contract offers to come in, and Sony is already got their eye on her, so in my book she already a winner who will out sell Philip, wait and see.

      • Wassabi


        Jessica is fully capable of going beyond ballads, she had an original song she performed months before idol featuring her RAPPING.
        Plus, in interviews she’s always said she was a shy person- and that she was trying to work on it (her shyness)… Plus her motto’s always been “Work hard, stay HUMBLE”.

        You can’t just go bashing Jessica based on assumptions you’ve made from… what? How AI portrayed her?

        Heck, even if I didn’t like Phillip Phillips initially, I gave him a chance. His personality is likeable, he’s an artistic guy, and Jessica looks up to him in those areas.
        Likewise with Phillip, he admires Jessica’s amazing voice.

        In closing, why are we, the fans, doing all the dirt-talking, when the two people in question mutually respect each other? Shouldn’t we, as fans, uphold their views and mutually respect each other’s choice in who to support?

        TLDR; chill out yo. move on, no need for dem dirt-talk.

        • Merrill

          KOOL … i agree to agree …

  • Jaworski


  • Jaworski

    it was obvious from the start of the finale show that it was for Philip .. with the complete orchestration, drum lines and complex arrangement for that song .. his talent is just one-dimensional – boring to an extent — not the kind that will last long in the music business.. in a word, JESSICA was robbed… AI Execs rigged it .. i would like to see the tally of votes – just to satisfy my curiosity .. i’ve always wondered hwo they rigg it… sorry — imho

  • Beatsoulsue

    You cannot vote against a contestant!

  • Danaboo77

    I think Jess’s fans are ridiculous! If Phillip had lost I really think his fans might be bummed but I don’t think we’d question who tallied the votes, etc. Now all of the sudden everyone is against everyone because he won instead, and rightly so! Get over it! Just because a lot of you don’t like him doesn’t mean others don’t! Gosh it’s just a show!! Jess is just fine, if you read anythibg she says in interviews etc, she loves Phillip! And she is happy for him! Even SHE knows she was lucky to make it that far. Gorgeous voice or not.

  • Glenda Condran

    I think Jessica should have won. She has a strong voice and have proven it over and over again on the high notes. Phillips voice is a little bit weak. It does not have the power that Jessica has.

  • Caroline

    I feel she was cheated, too. Giving her that song was promoting Philip with no doubt. Many people were disappointed that she hat to sing That Whitney song.

  • Marco rossi

    We will only see Philips on gigs and acoustic jam. He’ll fade like David Cook. Jessicas voice is almost universal in all genres, we might hear her with famous rappers, colab. With acoustic artists, and maybe even in broadway and ofcourse with her own songs … I’m exited to see her in her 21’s. What would she be.