Jerky Treats Recall Leaves 600 Pets Dead

    October 22, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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Dogs and their owners have been in for a shock for about a year, now, on account of a terrifying string of deaths, illnesses, and injuries relating to the recall of three major brand’s jerky treats for dogs. Though the treats suspected of causing the harm to pets span across multiple brands, they hold one thing in common; all were chicken-flavored treats manufactured in China.

The ill effects have affected dogs for the most part, but cats have also been reported in the numbers of hurt pets. Pet owners reported Kidney and gastrointestinal problems in their pets after they ate chicken-flavored treats. Nearly 600 dogs have died as a result of poisoning and illness associated with the treats, and nearly 3,600 have been reported as sick.

The FDA has been stumped by this unfortunate outbreak since its beginning over a year ago. At that time, the FDA released an announcement to the public, urging caution when selecting treats, and asking owners to record serial numbers of treats that seemed to cause illnesses. The FDA did not name names when it announced its recall, but since the beginning of the incident, the top three brands associated with the outbreak of illnesses were Nestle Purina PetCare Co.’s Waggin’ Train, Canyon Creek Ranch jerky treats or tenders, and the Del Monte Corp.’s Milo’s Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats. Waggin’ Tail went on to release a voluntary recall, as was announced on their website.

Martine Hartogensis, a deputy director for the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, was quoted as saying, “To date, testing for contaminants in jerky treats has not revealed a cause for the illnesses. Despite these warnings, we have continued to receive reports of illnesses in both cats and dogs.” Initially, antibiotic residue was the prime suspect as the source of the poisonings, but has not been officially linked to the deaths and illnesses.

There is some good news among all the bad, however. Deaths and sickness associated with the tainted jerky treats have been on the decline since the beginning of the year. This is probably due to the voluntary recalls by companies such as Nestle Purina, resulting in fewer tainted goods on the market. Hopefully, the FDA will be able to uncover the true reason for all the sickness and death, and the problem can be put to rest. In the meantime, caution is urged by both the FDA and this writer; stay away from those chicken jerky treats for your fuzzy buddy, and opt for something else, if you can!

[Image courtesy of Waggin’ Train’s official Facebook page.]
  • adc

    Please, please, please buy NOTHING from China. They lead the world with horrific human rights records, they EAT DOGS for goodness sake – what make you think they give one sh*t about dog treats?!?!?! They will feed lead to their own children if it will make them money. The Chinese are one of the utmost filthiest, most corrupt manufacturers in the world, followed by the FDA, who only cares about money. F China, F the FDA.

    • yvonne

      My dog Cassidy passed away from kidney failure also from eating the chicken treats. I tell everyone not to give there dogs them treats

      • http://Google sharon

        I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost 3 Chihuahua’s over the par 12 mos. and it has been devistating so I know how it feel’s to lose someone you love. Take care. -Sharon

    • @adc

      They eat dogs because the people are starving. You would eat a dog too if you were starving. Trust me. Americans are just as corrupt as the Chinese. This I promise you.

      Not really disagreeing with what you said. Just saying that most Chinese are actually very good people. Also, social norms in the United States are not like the rest of the world. Really, the United States is really the oddball. People in this country actually think the rest of the world lives like us. I assure you they don’t. Most Americans don’t ever leave their county so they have no clue how the rest of the world is.

      • Ahooom


      • Ahooom

        I agree with you 100%.

      • Cheryl Capriola

        No one is saying anything about the Chinese people but the FACTS are that there are very low standards for production in China and they are not regulated. They can put anything in their products or make any claims and it is NOT REGULATED UNLIKE the United States which HAVE TO BE TESTED AND PASS STRICT REGULATIONS. CHINA WILL USE ANYTHING IN THEIR PRODUCTS TO BE COST EFFECTIVE. I URGE EVERYONE NOT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING MADE IN CHINA!!!!!

    • Mandy

      Lost 2 dogs one week apart from those treats!

  • Angelina

    ADC, you are so right. I have two lovely dogs of whom I love dearly and will leave myself without to give them the best to eat. I do not buy any food that’s made in China tghey are the most heartless people in the world.

    • Ahooom

      True that!

  • BB

    Seriously? how many Wagontrain -made in china- recalls can they have in a 2 years period? This is an outrage!!! as the person above me said…NEVER buy anything from China…they don’t give a cr*p about animals, especially your animals.

  • Facebook Girl

    “Sarah Parrott” (aka the writer of the article) – Please reword the headline. The RECALL didn’t leave these poor animals dead…..the treats did.

    And the first sentence isn’t much better.

    “Dogs and their owners have been in for a shock for about a year, now, on account of a terrifying string of deaths, illnesses, and injuries relating to the recall of three major brand’s jerky treats for dogs.”

    That SHOULD read this way, instead: “Dogs and their owners have been in for a shock for about a year, now, on account of a terrifying string of deaths, illnesses, and injuries relating to three major brands of jerky treats for dogs that have been recalled.”

    ^^^^^ Once again, the TREATS are causing the deaths, not the recall!!

    Geez. Proofread before posting.

    • elle123

      They used that vague language to avoid a lawsuit.

    • TM

      Yawn!!! Get over yourself. The article got the information to the people, that was the point. Facebook girl, get a life.

    • Wow.

      Actually, your correction is just as bad as the original. I see a comma error and ……. really?? Dogs are in shock? How do you know? Have you talked with one recently or are you translating the barks?

      Your critique is flawed. Facebook girl, give it a rest. People understand what the girl who wrote this article meant.

    • terry

      Actually, it should read, “Dog owners have been in shock for almost a year now, due to” (really, what published article should say “on account of”?) “a horrific number of deaths, illnesses and injuries of dogs, which led to a recall of three major brands” (NO apostrophe when making a plural)” of jerky treats for pets.”
      It isn’t only the incorrect use of punctuation and clumsy sentence structure that make the article had to follow, it’s also that the selection of words is slightly inappropriate. Of course, most people will “know what the article means”. But published accounts should reflect more than a 7th-grade attempt at relaying information.

  • Eric Tabor

    I would love to know who is going to be held accountable of murder or man-slaughter if a service animal dies? Reason being those animals are protected under Federal law and have the same rights as there owners. If they are kicked, hit, or any damage done to them is punishable by at least 5 years in prison and a $250,000.00 fine. Remember that is the minimum punishment.

  • gibbins

    STOP outsourcing to China. They produce nothing but absolute crap!

    • Valerie

      Our government is considering sending our chickens to China to be processed and then sent back to the USA, avoiding the “made in China” issues, as it will not be grown or raised in China. China has asked for this in a deal.

      I already raise my own egg layers. Maybe it is time to start raising some hens for butcher. Dang, I hate to do it, but China has a tendency to cut some corners and often those cut corners have some hideous results.

      Anyone who wants less control at some level of what food is allowed and who polices the production might want to suck on a China made doll for children (lead for no extra charge).

      I am not against buying from other countries but I want standards that are universal. I am not sure how the US will come out with the chicken, but I would rather eat a horse raised and butchered in the US , pasture raised than a chicken who is raised , butchered and then processed in another country with more different laws and loopholes than I can count.

      I have no power or say in what happens with all that, but I can raise my own chickens for meat, however foul I find butchering. Fowl ,foul, lol.

  • lindy

    Such a disgrace, these same China based recalls have happened again and again…. places like Costco, which carry Wagon Train, and the like, as well as pet stores should NEVER stock any of these products, but more importantly, we as pet owners must make sure to never ever purchase these deadly “treats”, how many more pets will die as a result of this nightmare. So tragic and senseless.

  • Suzanne Rosenorn

    So what is actually in this pet food that is getting all the dogs and cats sick? Is it plastic or bird poop again. Stories have reported that China puts dead dogs and cats that are diseased in their pet food and then ships it to America.

    • Russell Bamberger

      best guess would be Melamine, it test positive for protein so they add it to make their product seem more healthy

    • Shar

      one story has it that Milo’s Kitchen dog treats had an illegal antibiotic from China in them.

  • http://google Sonya Cantrell

    My min.pin Dobie 9 years old got extremely ill aftr eating the chicken jerky made in china. I had to put him down on
    March1, 2013.

  • http://google Sonya Cantrell

    My min.pin Dobie 9 years old got extremely ill aftr eating the chicken jerky made in china. I had to put him down on
    March1, 2013.

    • http://Google sharon

      I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost 3 Chihuahua’s over the par 12 mos. and it has been devistating so I know how it feel’s to lose someone you love. Take care. -Sharon

  • Tlo

    I try to never knowingly buy anything that anyone in my family puts in their mouths from China, the dog being part of the family. This includes; any Food, candy, juice, gum, oral hygiene products, pet food & treats. Glad for it. Always check your labels when shopping if you can’t find a made in the USA or Canada on the packaging then it was probably made in China or Mexico.

  • jmo

    DO NOY buy from China! Only Made in America or sometimes Canada for my dog! I can’t believe people are still buying this garbag for the pets they “allegedly” love.

  • http://webpronews Billie Gypsy

    Why are we STILL trading with CHINA- a communist country, and this is what happens!! When will we learn?? PLEASE BUY AMERICAN-MADE or Canadian!!!

    • Shar

      Now the USDA has approved US chicken to be processed in China. It will not be labeled. China’s only response to the dog treats crime is to send a letter lambasting the USDA. They still have not issued a recall despite requests from a congressman. So we can trust them to handle our chicken for human consumption, right?

  • bkw

    After I adopted my dog out of a shelter and cleared up his parasites, ear infections, etc., I then changed the shelter food he was being given. I began feeding him ORIJEN dogfood, totally produced by a Canadian company (in business for many years). This company has wonderful, clean food and has won numerous awards, including a global award for ORIJEN for the past three years.

    The company which makes ORIJEN (and ACANA) petfoods is CHAMPION PETFOODS. My dog’s food has been ORIJEN dogfood for 4 years. He has never been sick, has boundless energy, and consistently behaves like he feels wonderful. He loves the food, and shows continual enthusiasm for it.

    On the Champion Petfoods.com website, there is a video which shows their state-of-the art facility and how they acquire all their meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc. from growers and fishermen in their area. Also, read their “Orijen White Paper” which explains their research on nutritional needs—a wealth of educational information.

    High ratings have been given to these petfoods by Dogfood Advisor.com. and other rating sources. ORIJEN and ACANA petfoods will cost more than the cheaper, troublesome foods that have recall problems, but feeding our loved animals a healthy, clean food (and always clean water) is extremely important in giving them a longer life and fewer vet visits.

    • Brad

      Do your research. This Orijen company does no double blind clinical trials. They feed off of public sentiment for all natural products. Companies like Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Iams actually perform clinical trials that medically PROVE the results of their products. Orijen is an all natural fad company similar to Blue Buffalo that cannot make any real claims about the results from using their products.

      • Teri

        Orijen may not be able to make claims, but I can. I have a 4 year old Sheltie that’s very happy with his Acana – and I’m going to continue to use it.

      • Teri

        Just for the record, in the past I have had a Sheltie on IAMS. She still got sick and had the usual digestion problems that dogs eating extensive crude corn often get. No such problem with my next Sheltie, who is now on Acana.

    • Malinois71

      I will also say the Orijen and Acana are the best kibble there is. Nothing else comes close. People should also rotate their dogs food this way they can get different amino acids and who wants to eat the same thing all the time.

  • john

    my dog died from kidney failure and I fed her canyon creek jerky shouldnt there be some charges against these companies how many of mans best friend have to die

    • mark

      our shepard died to due to kidney failure also,in a span of a couple days,he was less than 2 years old,we gave him the milo treats,the vet couldnt even give an explanation of what was the cause,but now it makes sense

      • http://Google sharon

        I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost 3 Chihuahua’s over the par 12 mos. and it has been devistating so I know how it feel’s to lose someone you love. Take care. -Sharon

    • Sarah

      Yes, there needs to be someone held accountable and a settlement filed for the pain and suffering of the pet’s owners and all of the vet bills paid in full. To all of you who have lost a pet due to this poisioning, my heart goes out to you. Keep all of your receipts. If you have the treats/bag – keep them, don’t throw away anything. If your vet has blood analysis from your pet, have it saved. It could be vital information. I hope everyone who has lost a pet from this is compensated. I don’t just mean the vet bills – I mean minimum $20,000 + any and all vet bills that had occurred. This should never happen, it is hard to put a price on a beloved animal but I would want full compensation + pain and suffering.

  • Ben

    My dog had the Waggin Train treats around 3 years ago. He is extremely well behaved and 100% housebroken. My roommate and I got him these treats bc he loves chicken. A little while after, he was lethargic and was having frequent accidents on the couch, which we were baffled as to why it was happening and punished him. About a year and a half later I started reading about all the problems owners were having with these treats and it all made sense. Naturally, I feel completely wretched for punishing him while he was poisoned although I’m grateful he wasn’t one of the 600. This companies need to be brought up on charges and forced to make things right.

  • Mattisse

    Stop buying from PETSMART! This company regularly buys product from China and this is where 90% of pet owners who have had pet who got sick or died bought their treats from… I used to work there. Petsmart does NOT give a hang about your animals. Don’t patronized this chain and maybe they will stop buying from China. JMO.

    • sue

      Not all PetsMart is like that. our dog almost die from eating China made treats. My adult child worked at PetsMart at the time and told the manager what happen, and she pulled the treats. The company who made the treats never return the calls and neither did corp., but the manager of that one store was very, very understanding and tried to do what was best.

  • http://yahoo Lance

    I spend almost $10,000 having test after test done on my dog and a number of 24 hour emergency room visits before I figured out the chicken jerky from China was the problem. Why did it take so long to figure it out? I’m not a vet and I did…. We should stop importing anything from China as they do not abide by the same health standards as we do. The pet food industry is not even regulatred by the FDA when the food is imported from China. They’re killing our pets and nobody cares!

  • Russell Bamberger

    They need to check for Melamine , this was added to baby formula in China to make it test well for protein content. I bet they are adding melamine to the Jerky to be able to lie about its protein content

  • Wow.

    Hey. Did you know a woman was beheaded and the video put on Facebook? Our drones have killed over 700 innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan — many of whom are children? By the way, 3,288 abortions occur every day in this country. Also, 41,000 children starve to death in the world every day of the year. Where is the outrage about that?

    Yet, some dogs die and there are more comments and outrage than you can imagine? Talks of boycotts and protests. I understand it. Dogs are cute and give unconditional love, but please have a little sense of perspective. In America, people care more for animals than they do people and have no idea how the rest of the world lives.

    Take care of your fellow man before your dog. Trust me, that dog will love whoever feeds it. That is it.

    • http://webpronews lisa

      hey guess what there are thousands of animals tortured , beaten, chained to trees and thrown from cars every day and left for dead , they didn’t ask for that .. humans don’t care and im saying we are our own demise , the human race is killing each other off because there is no compassion left. you should get it through your head the government is going to do whatever it wants when it want, ppl who have abortions that’s a choice they have to live with we need to worry about our own innocent children in the united states and quit worrying about all the other countries I have 3 dogs and I do everything in my power to give them the best life possible everyday of there lives and make them the happiest , by the way I am married with a family , but guess what my animals is what puts a smile on my face when the humans piss you off

      • @Lisa

        Maybe if you tried as much with other humans as you do with pets, then the other humans wouldn’t piss you off. So your answer to the lack compassion in this world is to immerse yourself in a world of pets?

        You are pretty much assuring that humanity gets worse by doing that. The government does whatever it wants because the people sit at home and are fat, lazy, and dumb. They rather play with their pets than actually do something about what is going on.

        By that way, that abortion statistic IS for the children in the United States. That is not a world statistic – that is in the United States alone. In the time it took you to read this comment, a baby died.

        But go ahead and worry about your dogs.

  • Marc Young

    My dogs eat only human grade treats made in USA like Pets’N’Nature treats for example. I don’t believe in any import of the meat especially if the meat traveled overseas. Can you imagine how low the price of that meat was when they were able to transport it over a half of the globe and still sell it here for the price that is lower than USA raised meat?

  • George Krakie

    China is intentionally trying to destroy the US – economically and with tainted products. Everything they produce is poor quality and dangerous. There are no quality controls. They do not practice quality improvement. I would encourage everyone to read the lables, become familiar with the bar codes so you know where the product is coming from AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – do not buy anything made in China.

  • Orchid Girl

    Do not trust the salespeople in your pet store – even the independently owned stores! I worked for a locally owned pet store, and the owner would always tell his customers that the chicken jerky treats from China that HE stocked were safe, even as the reports of pet poisoning by – and recalls of – these treats were showing up on his computer. Read the package, and DO NOT BUY ANY CHICKEN TREATS FROM CHINA if you care about your furry family member!!!

  • Melee

    I spent over $2000 on my granddogs vet bills (he saw 5 vets!) The poison was the same jerky treats as this recall. The company said ‘too bad’ and refused to help. Never Ever give dogs (especially small dogs) ANY treats. The companies don’t care about your dog…only their bottom line. These treats cause liver failure.

  • rhubarb

    This is unbelievable. My dog was put down only AFTER I spent over $3000 trying to find out what was wrong (6 months prior to recall). Initially, vet thought IBD, but no conclusive evidence. Ironically, when she would get marginally “better” (after having a feeding tube inserted through her neck) and begin to eat, these horrible CHINESE dog treats were the things she wanted to eat most. I had no idea what caused her illness until months after she passed. If only the companies that get rich off pet-lovers could be held responsible. Its too late for me — I don’t even have any evidence — but hopefully someone will go after them for all the heartache they have caused.

  • steve

    NOW I Know what Killed my Katie ! its been so hard for the past 2 months! now I feel bad again, Knowing I fed her this poison ! I trusted them not to sell me something that would kill her!
    Im sorry Katie! =(

  • Stacy

    Waggin Train chicken is hard as a rock. I tried boiling it to soften it for my dog and it stayed in it’s crystal-like, rock hard form. I boiled it for an hour and it wouldn’t soften. I didn’t feed it to my dog and later tossed the bag in the trash. It would have been like feeding my dog glass. There’s something more to this and it’s like a clear acrylic they add to make the meat look eye appealing to the consumer knowing our poor pets can’t tell us something in wrong. It’s probably a lead-based clear acrylic, shellac, resin, or varnish the meat is soaked in and that would make it non-digestible and poisonous.

  • Clueless

    Let me do the politically correct thing. Dogs are good. People are bad. This is terrible. Nevermind all the starving and dying people in the world. Heck, never mind all the other animals dying in the world. As long as they are cute or cuddly, we care. No wonder this country is about to fall apart. Clueless, self-centered Americans that literally have no idea about what goes on in the rest of the world. People in this country care more about pets than they do people. That is why things are going so wrong in America today. Lots of compassion for pets and none for human beings.

    • Paul

      Hey jerkoff many of the people that are commenting here are also very concerned about the world and people dying in it so dont be so presumptous, cold and insensitive you freak. This is a forum for pet lovers and pet issues save your agendized emotional issues for where they belong, SOMEWHERE ELSE! Now pipe down so we can discuss the things you dont want to show empathy for. Later we will join you for a fanatical approach to ending world trouble you tool..

  • Rose

    This is not about children or abortion, or humans for that matter. This is about our pets. If you can’t stick to the topic, then find another article to pester with your comments. These comments are for the loving pet parents who are worried about a very real problem.

  • Kathi Encinas

    Yet another reason why we started baking our own dog treats. All natural, gluten free, baked in America and dogs love them. Please check us out on Etsy. Miss Valentine’s Tasty Treats. I’m so sorry for the owners who lost dogs. Buy American.

  • http://yahoo! joe carolan

    this is the second time that purina dog food co. has had deaths of dogs an cats.the first time I had just baught a case of cnned food an luck was on my side cause my dog Ted got sick on the first can I gave him I have alwase gave my dogs purina pro plan now I am going to blue bufflow it is made in the US where the FDA has rules.i would totally loose it if my dog were to die because I fed him something a company is saveing them selefes a dollar by going to china.they do not have your loyal friend best interest on their minds only the cheapest cost!!!I do not know about any one else but I will not give purina a third shot at KILLING my BEST FREIND neither should any one else.i will not buy any of their products again.NEVER!!!!

  • Jack Sullivan

    Instead of worrying about GMOs, we should be worrying about food imports from China – where there are no real health standards. Fecal matter is commonly used in livestock feed (fish and poultry) from that country.

  • Jena

    The problem is that many USA treats are made with ingredients from China. You have to call the company to find out because they don’t print it on the package.

  • Neil Pomper

    My dog started vomiting in February and suffered continuously for 3 months until I put her to sleep in May.
    Neither I or the vet could determine what made her sick. Yesterday, I heard about the Jerky treats recall. Chicken treats were my dog’s favorite treat and I am convinced that’s what killed her. The treats she liked were from Dogswell (manufactured in China) and are still in stores. I am sure there are many more than 600 animal deaths due to chicken flavored treats manufactured in China. However, they were not reported. I there any agency I can report this to and is there anyone who can be held accountable for this needless slaughter of our beloved pets ?

  • http://Wyliesnaturals.com Kelly

    Please do not buy products made in China. Wylie’s Naturals is made in New Jersey, USA and made with all meat and veg. from local markets. We have a great variety of homemade all natural jerky treats that have no additives, fillers, or preservatives! Please stop by our website wyliesnaturals.com or Facebook.com/wyliesnaturals Please read all labels and throw out anything made in CHINA!

  • gail

    This has nothing to do with what China has on the menu. This is from American corporations moving production to countries that lack the same laws and regulations as the USA to exploit cheap labor and to exploit the non-existing health and environmental regulations.
    Stop supporting these USA corporations that are doing this because as you see the consumer is paying for this with the lives of loved ones.
    You cannot blame the Chinese for working at these places. They have to eat too.
    Blame the companies that are responsible for the products they put on the market.
    did that used to be here in the USA?
    Guess they also moved their factories to China.
    Put the blame where it belongs. Stop buying from these USA corporations that moved production to China and India and made us Guinea pigs.

    Don’t blame the Chinese for this…they just work there.

  • gail

    Don’t tell me to care for my fellow man before my pet.
    Life is life…..regardless if dog or cat or dolphin or human. We are all animals.
    You can’t say one life is more important than another.
    All animals feel, love, suffer, and grieve.
    Humans are an animal.
    To care about lives we must respect all life and begin at home in your local cities.
    All life has value.
    pets are family members regardless of how they are valued in laws made to protect profits not life.
    Stay on topic and try growing some vision and expand your understanding to understand YOUR FELLOW MAN BEFORE YOU CAN TRULY CARE OR HELP ANYONE. WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE REST IS EMPTY WORDS AND ACTIONS.

    open your mind to open your heart

  • patty

    its not only these brands store brand dog treats at my supermarket are also made in china and i believe caused the death of my chihuahua why werent they recalled? i stupidly assumed they were pulling all the bad ones now im thinking differently but hes gone :(

  • http://wyliesnaturals.com kelly

    Please check out Wylie’s Naturals Jerky Treats. They are made right in New Jersey USA and my dog goes crazy for them. They are all natural and have NO preservatives, additives, or fillers. Please don’t by treats from China. Its so sad that a treat could kill our dogs and we have to be smart and do our own research because no one else is. You can check out the products on wyliesnaturals.com or facebook.com/wyliesnaturals

  • Lucinda

    Our pet was put to sleep two years ago. she had kidney failure and after a $1,000 vet bill we were able to give her two more years. these were all she ate because she was so finiky. this is unreal. I have no doubt in my heart this is why she was sick. we miss her so bad. do we have any recourse on this? I have all her vet records?

  • Julie Johnson

    I lost my HEALTHY 3 yr old lab 3 days after feeding her the treats. Vet had NO IDEA why the same dog who’d received her three year PERFECT health report just one week before, would be dead one week later

  • http://www.smarthealthtalk.com Elaine McFadden, MPH, RD

    Recommendation for a low cost way to protect your dog from poisons, infections and harmful contaminants that can be in foods give them Nutramin 15 million year old minerals that are IONIC and can detox and kill bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites. Add to food and 57 minerals keep them healthy and strong while cleaning teeth. Can use on skin for itching and wound healing. Such a fine powder (one micron in size), the ionic charge will bind with damaged cells, relieve itching quickly, add a protective layer, and speed healing. Calcium Montmorillonite is only found a few places on the planet and one of the most powerful healers. Find Nutramin on Amazon about 5 cents a day. Recommendation for a low cost way to protect your dog from poisons, infections and harmful contaminants that can be in foods give them Nutramin 15 million year old minerals that are IONIC and can detox and kill bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites. On Amazon.

  • lisa lawrence

    well what are the 3 major brands which makes dogs sick because iv been buying beggin strips once in awhile in the past and my past dogs seemed to be ok my sister bought a few bags of it for her ridgebacks and they seem to be ok and of course hers is chicken i think. I bought a bag for my lab and he seems to be ok but mine wernt chicken they were peanutbutter but were also from china so i think there safe if carfully fed to a dog and not so much of those treats but i could be wrong