Jennifer Love Hewitt: Injury Has Fans Worried

    October 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose Lifetime show “The Client List” garnered good reviews in its first season, broke her wrist over the weekend while boxing.

If it seems like an odd pastime for the petite star, keep in mind she was doing it as an exercise routine; the actress tweeted about the injury afterward and said she would be spending some downtime at home to recuperate.

Hewitt took to Twitter again to thank her fans for all the well-wishes, and insisted that she will be fine.

The second season of “The Client List” premieres in 2013.

  • Steven G

    Yes we all know how important that wrist is for the show…….. 😉

  • Perci

    Hope U have a fast recovery LOVE.

  • Josh

    So beautiful…

  • SeanObrien

    Oh my God, everyone is so worried. Will she survive a wrist injury? My life has stopped until she’s ok and I don’t have to worry. LOL get a life.

  • Ronnie

    Fans are Worried ? Why ? She won’t be able to Jerk them Off ?

  • Wayne

    JLH is by far one of the HOTTEST women in Hollywood!! Smoking hot!! I would LOVE to get a massage from her!! If my wife would approve of course :)

    • http://Yahoo Rohhh111

      Have you ever seen her without makeup.Yech

  • eViLiN10sIoNs

    JLH does alot of things: Movies,Music,TV and is equally bad at all of them.Just get nekkid already!

    • Pedro

      I feel bad for you.

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    Its a very sad news for the fans of Jennifer but after few days people forget their affair and again like her.

  • Sleeve Beef

    Are they? Worried? Really? What a shit article, what a shit idea, what a shit story.

  • jvs

    I was expecting a back injury from lugging around those massive mammaries.

  • RB

    Well, hit ’em back girl!

  • Pedro

    I so hope she gets better asap! The Client List is amazing!