Jennette McCurdy Makes Lame Statement

    July 16, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Jennette McCurdy has had a lot of things happen lately that would make her want to bury her head in the sand from embarrassment. Like leaked photos of her in her delicates that may or may not have ultimately shut down Sam & Cat, her show with Ariana Grande.

The rumors of a raging feud between Jennette McCurdy and Grande over salary would also be a bit of an embarrassment.

However, this week Jennette McCurdy kinda added a cherry to the top of the fiasco. In an interview, she made a statement that was…well…a little childish.

When speaking of her 2600 sq. ft. mansion in Studio City, Ca., she said, “I picked out all of the furniture myself, and that makes me proud.”

As though that were a big accomplishment worth noting. Would that fall under the category of first world accomplishments?

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of possessing the skill to go to a really expensive furniture store and pick out whatever you like because you’re a TV star and, well, you can. Jennette McCurdy, like so many of us do, realized that the statement was ridiculous almost as soon as it came out of her mouth.

She posted to Instagram for a little self-chastisement.

“A piece on me and my home in the latest @People magazine home issue. ‘I picked out all my own furniture, and that makes me proud. That quote doesn’t make me proud lol,” she said.

The piece was about her home, which she says centers around her lovely bedroom.

“My whole setup is bedroom-centric. I order a pizza, then set the box on my bed. I read in bed. I even have an office, but I never go in it to do work; I just plop my laptop on my bed. It feels like a comfy little haven.”

Poor Jennette McCurdy. She made a dumb statement just like we all do. But, it is kinda nice not to have the dumb things we say published for people all over the world to read!

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  • Keith Swann

    she ovviously did not think he was so ugly as she sent him those pictures also your reporting is bad as she does not or never worked for the Disney Channel.

    • Corie

      Actually she played in the Disney Channel Movie..Tiger Cruise

      • panparadise

        and as we all know 90% of disney stars end up with some sort of sexual, or drug contraversy. so thus, idk why people are surprised

        • Paul Lamote

          That because Disney is a protected environment. It goes wrong when they eventually enter the real Hollywood.

  • trinibini1

    You kind of suck at being a snarky writer wich is the easiest kind of writer to be.

  • Really

    One sentence into the video, and you already lost me. Jeanette McCurdy is of NICKELODEON fame, not Disney Channel. That’s the simplest of simple fact-checking.

  • Cousin Eddy

    Lay off this young actress. She recently lost her mother after a lengthy illness, so picking out her own furniture may have, indeed, been a big deal for her. Clearly there is some issue(s) between her and the show’s producer, Dan Schneider, or her and her (former) co-star Ariana Grande. It is obvious to this non-Hollywood outsider, that she is hurting from the loss of her mother and the timing of the leaked pictures probably didn’t help the situation either. Give her her space and I’m sure she’ll eventually comment on all of this (or not) when she feels the time is right. You don’t hear stories of her running amuck in Hollywood clubs or being arrested for driving impaired or being difficult to work with, so leave her private life where it belongs.

    • adorable

      They were selfies so by definition who else could have “leaked” them? Btw, I think she is not only a very pretty woman but a very smart one. Personally, I think this is all for PR.

  • Bob

    I think she is proud of picking out the furniture because most celebs would just pay an interior decorator to do everything for them. Good job kiddo!

  • 3 Point Guy

    Good post Cousin Eddy…Jeanette McCurdy seems like a great kid, talented, funny etc. My kids love her to pieces. I agree she isn’t one to publicly do stupid stuff and tarnish her image. She has a lot going on. She’ll bounce back, just watch

    • Teresa Farrow

      Unlike the writer of this “mean girl” article.

  • Karla Tompkins

    When did 2600 sq ft get to be a mansion?!

    • Idontwannagiveaname

      Only in L.A. where a 2600 sq ft house costs as much as a mansion.

    • Dana G.

      Just posted same comment. I live in a 3300 sq. ft. home. That’s all it is, a home.

  • Karla Tompkins

    Never heard of her, but she’s a cute young lady. I just hope she doesn’t end up shaving her head, sticking out her tongue and twerking!

    • Charlotte K

      My age is showing. When I started reading your comment I thought you meant Britney Spears. Took me a minute to figure out why you would say twerking when Britney didn’t do that. Yup. Miley Cyrus. I got it.

  • ReallyReally

    Is this really an article?

  • kaless47

    That’s ok Jen… I would still lick you ALL over!

  • Alice

    Your article sucks! Sorry, but I don’t feel like putting effort into my comment. Just like you didn’t feel like putting real effort into your article. Try again.

  • jason sutton

    way to do your job,she’s on nickolodeon not disney.

  • Tyra

    Ok, not only does your story suck but it’s also stupid! I’m not understanding the point of your story please stop trying to make this young lady look stupid. …I think you do a better job of that yourself!

  • FK

    So….I am proud when I pick out my furniture too….it is nice to have independence and to make a room the way you want it….

    You are an awful writer and should be fired immediately……

  • Will Cabrah

    Spend more time caring for your chickens and less time writing. You don’t hear about Jennette McCurdy crashing cars, bar hopping, doing drugs or posing for playboy. She seems like one of the few young and decent Hollywood actresses.

  • Enceladus

    Get a life Lacy………losing your mom is tough……especially when you are young………

  • txkboy

    Nothing like garbage journalism. Shouldn’t a salary issue be between the actors and the studio or production company?

  • Go Away Lacy

    “But, it is kinda nice not to have the dumb things we say published for people all over the world to read!”

    Well first off, she has nothing to do with disney channel. Secondly, learn to do some research and then come back to talk “dirt” on celebs. Lay off Jennette

  • Colonel Douglas Mortimer

    Geez what a poorly done article. I hope this young lady puts her past behind her & lives a happy life. My daughter loves her & we both wish her nothing but the best.

  • norcaltc

    Can’t writers find better stories to write about. Picking on a young lady who proud of picking out her own furniture is childish. I would like to see what this writers apartment looks like.

  • jane

    The writer sounds very immature.

  • Chaz

    After reading this, I think author Lacey Langley take her own advice. Stop publishing things that show how shallow she is.

  • Bulldog

    Jennette always plays the “tough girl” to say but we can all tell when she plays her “twin sister”, she is gorgeous and is always having to hide a great looking figure and legs! She’s been having to play characters years younger than she actually is so now getting away from Nickelodeon, perhaps she can start getting to play parts of the young lady she is. Being out in the dangerous world of Los Angeles and having just lost a mother, I would also be very proud of myself for buying a house and picking out all of the furniture myself!

  • RomoAustin

    Uh? She’s a kid.

  • dgh1965

    it seems as the writer of this article just wanted an excuse to take a shot at her. There is nothing bad about the statement, or anything else the young lady had to say in the interview. This article is a bit of waste and well, the writer is a bit of an a** and the editor is a bit of idiot for even approving and letting it go live.

    • Ahparayam

      Probably because Ariana Grande is so popular right now (at least this is what they tell me- I have no interest in her “work”). But, McCurdy had some issues with her and it’s kinda like the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” idea. The writer sees Grande is popular among a wide range of people (so they say), and so if she wants to be in the good graces of that many people, she’ll call out their enemy to gain a little of Grande’s popularity in a “degrees of separation” type way. Low blow, and a waste of time.

  • Matthew Berkovski

    How in the hell is this childish? She’s simply talking about her new house. And it’s funny seeing someone who should be a “journalist” get her facts wrong and everyone call her out on it.

  • B

    2600 square foot mansion?

  • chrissie

    I only watched sam & cat to see jennette mcCurdy I have been watching her from Icarly and I love her character as Sam I don’t know what she and her cast member have but I wouldn’t mind watching her in a show about her. Grande can continue singing but thumbs up to Jennette just continue hanging on in their some of these ediots don’t know that you are still human like every body else and you do have feelings and every one makes mistakes. Some people need to be in a certain position to now how humiliation feel instead of them being the one dishing it out at others

  • Semprasectum

    It appears to me that McCurdy must have dissed Lacy Langley at some point. So this Lacy Langley pig takes her anger out on McCurdy, who is by all metrics a SUCCESSFUL actress. . . that must have really angered Lacy Langley because after all, what has Lacy Langley every done except write snarky hit pieces about people a who are much more successful than she will ever be. . .sort of sad. Lacy Langley, a portrait of an American failure .. . the ugly jealous pig

  • David

    I chewed my own food and swallowed it all by myself this morning. #Soproud!!

    • guest

      David, the author will probably write an article about you tomorrow about what a thoughtful and exquisite comment this was.

    • Fauna


  • 179107199999 .

    Well…this was pointless. She picked out furniture and was happy and made a comment about it. There is no problem with this.My sisters and My mother bragged to me about furniture they get. Not everyone does it I get but if they do then so what? Seems the writer is bashing for attention or something. I don’t know what but honestly all those words just about a woman who bragged about her furniture.There has to be something worthwhile for this writer to talk about.As said this was pointless.

  • me

    Lay off of her. If picking out all her furniture herself instead of having her assistant help her or whatever makes her happy that is all that matters. This article is such a fun-sucker, trying to take happiness away from people. If we could all only get so happy about the little things in life…..

  • ImLacyLangleyWriterOfPoop

    WebProNews picked out their writers all by themselves…and that makes them…not so proud.

  • guest

    The title should read “Lacy Langley Makes Lame Article” I think it’s a cute comment not a dumb comment. She is only 22 years old, not 40 years old.

  • Bmore Jake

    Let’s see…she is 22…is more successful than the average 22 year old (male or female) and she owns her own house…which she decorated herself and felt a great sense of pride in doing so…what the hell is wrong with that?

  • nationofone

    What a pathetic and hateful little article. What early 20 year old on this planet does not get excited about their own place and picking out their own furniture? Just because she has money she doesn’t get to be excited about these kinds of things. It is a part of growing up.

  • John Galt

    I don’t know about the last part of your article since this entire article was pretty dumb. How does it feel to post really dumb things to the internet?

  • Buck Wheat

    These two girls are 21 years old, how can anyone actually take anything they say seriously. They been in the entertainment business since they were in there early teens, basically living in a glass bubble. They are a pair of bubble heads

  • America Rising

    McCurdy isn’t lying. Andre Drummond is an ugly dude

  • Guest

    Boy can we make something out nothing. She is proud that she earned herself and did not have to rely on anyone else. That is wonderful.

  • Lacy

    OK, so yeah, I don’t watch McCurdy’s shows because I’m not 12. So I’m sorry about confusing Disney and Nickelodeon. My bad.

    Also, this article is not making fun of her, it’s kind of laughing with her and her Instagram post wherein she made fun of herself.

    I thought it was cute how she could laugh at herself instead of being so ashamed. I also pointed out how it’s unfortunate that her dumb statements are made public, when most of ours remain between us and the person we made them to.

    I may have accidentally came off snarky, but there’s no mistaking the direct hate in some of these comments.

    • Edwin Smith

      I still don’t see how her statement is dumb. That part doesn’t make sense.

  • Izzy

    Wow, I can literally feel the jealously. Stop being jealous of Jennette and move on with your bitter life.

  • Guest

    I like her, she has been through some hard times with her Mom passing away. At least she is not arrested or on drugs. I’m glad she is happy!

  • Joules

    You know she’s 22, her mother (who she was very close to) died last year. Picking out furniture for your “own home” is something a mother and daughter would do together, I can see how she might be proud of herself for doing on her own, it’s a big girl step.

  • JB

    The writer clearly has an axe to grind – why else would she snidely refer to a 2600 sq ft home as a “mansion”. LOL! It’s completely believable that a 21 year old could be proud of picking out all her own furniture. Hell, I was proud the first time that I no longer had furniture that I had to snap together myself – and that was far older than 21 yrs!

  • Denver Broncos

    See a hotter woman here!
    *Please repost/Tweet that site!

  • Sydney

    This article is actually a thrash. Gross. Slandering a female celebrity because she felt proud at choosing her own furniture THAT she worked hard for. I dont see what’s wrong with it except this writer probably doesn’t have any better to write than this.

  • kmillian

    Using an ableist term in your headline is pretty rotten, inconsiderate reporting… Don’t quit your day job. Horrible writer.

  • B.a. Goodwin

    she is proud of her decorating~~ I am proud when I redo my home. what is wrong with that~~

  • Guy Karr

    Nothing wrong with her comment. She’s what 21 or so. Still pretty young and she picked out her own furniture. Great. I’m a 66 your old grandfather and if I want furniture I ask one of my daughters to help me out. Everyone out to get a big scoop on these young girls. Why not leave them alone and get a scoop about Obama. There seems to be plenty of those to go around.

  • Summer Smith

    Cut her a break. I’m not even sure it was such a lame statement, only that it was picked out and emphasized by the magazine And if it was lame, so what? I probably make a lame statement every day. Fortunately, nobody is publically picking apart my every word.

  • Jay H.

    Is this really news? Talk about “much ado about nothing”!

  • Katie

    A 22-year-old bought her own house and is proud/excited. Shouldn’t she be?!?! I guess the media has decided that it would be fun to hate Jennette now.

  • Katie

    This is so stupid. I wouldn’t be able to pick out furniture for a whole house on my own, not in a million years, so shut your mouth and move on with your life.

  • tracysomething@yahoo.com

    whats wrong with saying i picked out my own furniture and I am proud? Most stars do not they have a decorator do it

  • Teri

    What young adult wouldn’t be proud of furnishing their own place? Just because she has money shouldn’t make it less of an accomplishment. She earned that money.

  • lukedukeitout

    She is happy she is an adult who can pick out her own furniture…she has every right to proud! Thats a big step in growing up when you have to buy furniture because you are living on your own!

  • Lance Burton

    Lacy Langly is just jealous of the rich, young, and talented McCurdy. If not for mediocre outlets like WPN letting her throw up her green eyed rantings she would have to find a real job.

  • http://www.bookoflife.org Michael

    Nothing interesting here by Jen…. She makes me laugh and is fun, but Cat was some type of spoiled rotten quacking complainer.

    What is the point of the article. that Arianna was not from a spoiled family, rich elitist haters? And so she used that as her back, her fall back?

    Jennette McCurdy, had a hit TV Nick. show with Miranda and others; Arianna sounds like shreaking loon, as her characters demonstrate. It is notorious that Disney and Nick pay their stars crap and hires spoiled retards that destroy careers like A that do not need large paychecks because Daddy paid their entire career, spoiled little rich girl.

    Don’t cry me a river. How about A. taking in 100 refugees, with all her dough and political weight? Put your money where your mouth is!

  • JustDan

    Since when does a 2,600 sq. foot house qualify as a mansion? Or even a “mcmansion”?

  • Jess

    She is only 24, and probably had people pick out her furniture. My goodness, give her a break.

  • ATL_Pussywillow

    2600 sq ft a mansion???!!!!!

  • MightyMissMmm

    she should go on that reality show Little Women: LA

  • La

    So wait…if I bought my own house and decorated it so beautifully that it got featured in a magazine I shouldn’t be proud of it? Sheesh! She’s young. It’s probably the first house she bought a decorated that I think that would make anyone proud. What makes this “article” even more ridiculous is that the poor girl even says, “That quote doesn’t make me proud lol.” But still you rip into her. What’s the point??

    “But, it is kinda nice not to have the dumb things we say published for people all over the world to read!”

    Hate to break it to you but this whole article is dumb and published for the whole world to see. I feel the need for self flagellation just for even bothering to click it.

  • Dana G.

    Since when is 2600 sq. ft. a mansion?

    • Edwin Smith

      I said that same thing

  • AdinaKay

    This is what passes for a news story these days? Really? I regret clicking on this stupid article.

  • Jude

    Poor Jennete only made $75,000 a week and had no problem shuting down a show full of actors,writers,directors and crew members.I feel bad that $75,000 a week wasn’t enough! Poor girl!

  • Edwin Smith

    What’s wrong with someone being proud of their selection in furniture? I would rather pick out my own furniture than to have someone else do it. So I did, and I’m proud of it. I honestly don’t think the world cares.

  • Keith Jones

    Release the single Gen Love to country stations it will jump to the top this coming from a older Generation guy who knows good songs !!!!!!

  • Savannah Sparks

    Ok so what is wrong with the statement? She is a young woman who got to decorate her first home. Isn’t everyone proud of themselves when they get to do that for the first time?

  • niggerkiller11

    What a ignorant little spoiled brat. Andre Drummond must have banged her stupid

  • Mike B

    Worst. Article. Ever.

  • peapers

    A 2,600 square-foot house is not a mansion. Especially for a celebrity and especially for Los Angeles. The writer of this article just sounds bitter and petty, and I think the person that should be embarrassed is her.

    Jealous much?

  • Ahparayam

    Honestly- this was one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. I say that because of the negative purpose of the article, and then how it attempts to support it’s purpose with a horrible example. I think of it like a group of snobby girls gossiping about another girl, and one of the girls says, “…and to top it all off…she was proud of herself for buying her own furniture!! Her own furniture!! Hahahaha, what an embarrassment!!”- and all the other mindless girls laugh and sneer at the girl in a similar fashion. What babbling idiots.

  • Pepé

    This article is lame! How is what she said a dumb statement? I’m proud of the furniture I picked out for my place too. This isn’t even worthy of a news story.

  • barfOrama

    Whoever wrote this……really? Tearing down a young person? Jeanette is adorable as is Ms.Grande. The writer of this article is just so mean spirited. God Bless this yoing woman for being able to buy her furniture wherever she darn well pleases. She has the money for it because SHE WORKED….SINCE SHE WAS A CHILD.

  • Reality Bites

    Girl’s got good taste.

  • greg

    I give her a year before shes another Lindsey Lohan

  • John Juan

    Sour grapes… If you think picking out a house full of furniture let alone a room full of it is fun or easy regardless of budget, you live in a cave with no life

  • forizzio

    There’s nothing wrong with what she said and she should’t be ashamed for saying it. If I was 21 and can afford a nice home and an all the furniture, I would be proud too. She is an independent young woman, not depending on anyone else to support her. At 21, I was still living with my parents..

  • rr

    This writer is acting quite hostel against Jennette McCurdy in her article. The bias comes out in every word. Why should she be embarrassed at leaked photos. Like she is the first girl whose ever done that and showed her boobs to the world. Stop blaming her for the shows failure. Her co star acts like a Diva everyday and no one says anything about her bad behavior. The writer needs to get a life and stop wasting our time on pass news.

  • Paul Lamote

    Hard times to come for Jennette I’m afraid. At Nickelodeon she was in a very comfortable position where she got her contract extended year after year never feeling any competition. When she was then last year confronted with the very competative Ariana (who learned at Broadway what competition really means), she already felt overwhelmed and threatened. I’m therefore wondering how Jennette will survive in the rough world outside Nickelodeon.

  • Jeff

    Bet thats a great sex tape. Her and miley and Selena gettin it. Dicked down. Gettin iggyed. J loed. Hehe.

  • woo soo

    just hug the pain away.