Jeb Bush: Should He Run For President Or VP?

    June 22, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Jeb Bush is famously silent on his intent to run for President. It is rumored that even his brother, George W. Bush, doesn’t know his leanings on the subject yet.

But, while many have said that Jeb Bush would make a great Republican nominee, some say that he would make an even better candidate for Veep.

Jeb Bush’s stance on immigration reform and education make him swing a little more moderate than some on the far right and Tea Partiers would like. However, should an extreme conservative (see Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, etc) gain the nominee, many think that Jeb Bush would be a great way to find balance and draw in more moderate Republican voters who otherwise wouldn’t touch a double Tea Party ticket.

A prominent Republican consultant is quoted as saying,

“Jeb would be perfectly acceptable to the base if the nominee is a proven conservative. If it’s [New Jersey Governor Chris] Christie or some moderate, Jeb would be a no go. On the other hand, if a right-wing nominee wanted to make a bow towards the middle and add some Hispanic vote appeal, Jeb would be a good choice.”


There is rampant speculation as election talk begins to fly, of course, but many maintain that Hillary Clinton could be the Democratic nominee. So, how would a Jeb Bush/Hillary Clinton face off go? Not that well, says a reporter from the National Journal.

“Clinton’s challenge will be to maintain her above-water favorability ratings, despite being closely tied to an unpopular administration…. Many of these voters have become disillusioned under the Obama administration and have been trending away from the Democratic Party. The good news for Clinton is that they’re receptive to her candidacy. The bad news is that once she announces as a candidate, there’s a risk that her appeal fades away with these groups as Republican attacks begin…. As accomplished as Jeb Bush is, the notion that he’d be the party’s strongest contender against Clinton is fanciful—and that’s if he could even manage to get out of a primary. He hasn’t won an election since 2002, he’s proven slow to adapt to the new media landscape and navigating the waters between establishment leadership and the tea-party grassroots. Most importantly, his last name carries significant baggage.”

It is rumored that Jeb’s wife, Columba doesn’t want him running for president because of the time and incredible stress involved. But, Jeb Bush’s mama thinks he’d be great in office.

“I just don’t understand it. And maybe Jeb’s given all he should give, because he’s worked awfully hard for a long time. But he is the best qualified person in the country, there’s no question about it.”

Could a run for VP make the most sense to satisfy Jeb Bush’s diligent commitment to serving his country as well as his wife’s wishes that he not go overboard and become a slave to his campaign?

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  • bob

    Dog catcher …..

    • Michael

      With the money the Bush family have, Jeb will not shooting for VP.

  • shart of turin

    Jeb has tried to discuss his presidential aspirations with his brother a hundred times, but there’s no getting through to that man when Spongebob’s on.

    • pollymac

      you should know

    • EmilyGoodall

      Actually, not a whole lot of time for SpongeBob in that household these days . . . W is hard at work on that new pop-up book about his life.

  • WIllWallace12

    I think he should retire. We are not a monarchy. Thats too many years of power for one family. Same goes for the Clintons. We need new ideas and new people.

  • Dora Glasberg

    VP to WHO?
    Not one viable candidate with NATIONAL appeal.
    None of the usual list of GOP clowns ever leaves their comfort zone
    and only make their silly speeches before friendly crowds.
    I am no Hillary fan but as least her following is national.

    • Get real

      You are of planet earth correct?

    • robo14

      She has a following of idiots just like Obama..?The country is falling apart and you want the same old rino morons who will lose yet again..

  • Marilyn

    Florida is a mess. Its elections are always a mess. Its public education is a mess. Its criminal justice is really, really a mess. For-profit, prison corporations practically run the place. Jeb did not help as governor. Do not let him follow his brother’s footsteps into the White House.

    • Get real

      Show me your proof arylyn. You spout off, but offer zero backup. Typical liberal tactic ,Attack without regard for facts. Jeb Bush would make me sit out the election, he is too progressive minded

      • steve

        I live in Fla. and can verify that Jeb was a terrible governor and he’s hardly progressive, he’s just not crazy.

    • Scott

      Thank you for you’re opinion. I was thinking he would be our only candid choice. Since you have had him as governor and given him bad marks, I will have to rearrange my thoughts about him.

    • EmilyGoodall

      Marilyn . . . you noticed. But ya can’t beat Floriduh for entertainment value!

  • Lula Britton

    Jeb ?? LOL LOL He is a joke we don’t need any more Bushes in the White House. Even his mother told him that. His wife tried to smuggle some things into the Country and got caught but of cores she got away with it when any one else would have gone to jail. No these people are not good for the people. Besides If She Runs She Will Win.

  • lm1b2

    We don’t need,or want another Bush for President please !

  • Monochrome in Technicolor

    No more family legacy political ‘leaders’.
    No more Kennedy, Clinton or Bush.
    The office of the president is not a monarchy and does not belong to any family.
    Enough of these out of touch, silver spoon, ivy league spoiled brats.
    We need someone that understands the VALUE of hard work and not just the concept.

    • jeaniebgd

      And no more Cheney’s!!!!!

      • Monochrome in Technicolor


    • Shirley Jackson

      Thank you. Right on!

    • Anja J

      and no more Obama’s either! One is WAY too many!

  • mikebayray

    He should follow in his brothers footsteps and go for VP

  • renfro t zetz

    Oh, please. run for president. With the trail of dead bodies, and thievery from the other 2 Bush’s fresh in our memory, it would be fun watching him squirm

  • Shayne Logan

    The GOPers have no one with any leadership qualities to run. Too bad you just can’t fix stupid in America. The Republican party is TOAST!

  • benevolent_dictator

    Jeb is cut from the same cloth as his progressive-one-world government father and brother. They are as indifferent to the US Constitution as Obama is. The US citizenry has devolved to a point of rational deformity as is portrayed in our elected leaders. Such a tragedy as we have lost the basis of reasoning that places the liberty of the individual as paramount for a free society and replaced it with the state as paramount for which we must always ask for permission on every action.

  • frank fitzsimmons

    He should run….. away, far, far, away.

  • Eddie1R

    run for president!

  • Morbian

    Let me make this perfectly clear we do not want or need another Bush, Clinton or Obama in the whitehouse, im Sure Kerry’s idiot ass will try to run again, dont need or want him either!

    • Anja J

      he would have to work off that frozen, mask like botox face he has, OMG, I can’t believe what Kerry looks like now, vain, vain, vain!

      • Morbian

        Kerry does not just merely look vain if you paid attention to the 08 election, you would know for sure he is a very vain person, it is a shame he is a human.

  • Billy Torry

    Stay out of it Jeb………..Your presence will only assure another democrat win.

  • EdwardWJones

    We have had two 2 many killers named bush in the white house. Another one hell bent on out killing brother, AND father is far from what the USA needs. War crimes is what bombs away bush and his father need to happen to them.

  • Bteri

    Democrats and old and crusty Establishment RINOS need to give up on their pipedream of Jeb Bush being President. There are far too many that can not look past his unacceptable support for Amnesty and Common Core. One would hurt him.. but two? two kill him before he starts. He has ZERO chance of winning the nomination and if they try they will permanently wound the GOP as the only energy and new ideas and growth are from the Libertarian and Tea Party elements of the party (what they are really about, NOT what Democrats and media propagandists PRETEND the Tea party is about)

  • Lyn

    Before he thinks of doing anything – perhaps he should pay back the millions he defaulted in loans from saving and loans. All the Bushes should still be in jail for bilking millions – re: the Savings and Loan scandals.

    • Anja J

      I think that was the other Bush brother, Neil, hard to tell them apart, I agree, as they all seem like crooks

  • $19762480

    Bush should run for neither. His stance on both immigration and common core
    is more than enough to eliminate him from running for anything political, period!

  • steve

    Neither Jeb or Rubio would even be able to carry Fla. in the general election. Jeb playing 2nd fiddle to Paul or Cruz is laughable (truthfully neither has a realistic chance of gaining the nomination anyway) as his ego would never allow it and beside who’d want to be attached to a ticket that sure to crash down in flames in such a spectacular fashion

    • Anja J

      both of them together, ie Jeb and Rubio, could not deliver Florida for Mitt last election. Both need to stay home and stay out of presidential politics, they are illegal lovers.

  • Chucky Smif

    Both… @ the same time.

  • Jökr

    Neither. Re-open the 9/11 investigation (not the little Benghazi one) now and get the truth out.

  • ElmoS

    Not No, But Hell No, we the people have had enough of the BUSH’s. As Mrs. Bush told he son Jeb, don’t run for President. Jeb, mind your mother and do something else. Like community organizer. Stay out of it. We don’t want you.

  • Jimbob

    A vote for Jeb is a vote for his brothers expanded police state. I’ll pass!

  • $12386437

    The Marianas Trench with cinder blocks tied to both feet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.dalena Stephen Dalena

    Take a long run on a short pier – arm-in-arm with your whole family.

  • Deport all illegals

    No way in hell will a bush ever get a vote from me. Deport all illegal trust me there is NO LOVE

  • Anne

    Jeb should run for the next bus———this country has had all of the “Bush” and their cronies it can take————-

  • munk

    Jeb Who? He needs to stay on the side lines 3 Bush’s will a bit much. The other 2 (Bush’s) didn’t not work out all that well.

    • munk

      Should I ready the water hose?

  • Jay1

    Id really like to know how the voters in his state feel about his running f their state.

  • munk

    When I lived in Florida during his 1st term as Governor, the people said he needed to move out of the Governor Mansion because his daughter was busted with illegal drugs. According HUD and state law, people convicted of felony drug charges can not live in public housing. Just saying.

  • Don

    As a middle of the road Independent, I wouldn’t vote for Bush!
    340 million people in this country and we keep recycling the same names and people around presidential elections!
    we do need a middle of the road president granted, but we need someone who hasn’t been tainted decades in politics, I know its wishful thinking, but there it is.

  • thetnrebel

    i am so over the bush family.. i hope none will ever get another office in the future

  • Scott

    Offering his family ? What does he have to offer our country ? As much as I couldn’t stand “W” and his smirky face appearing on television. Jethro would be our own candid choice, even though he has nothing to offer our country. I just can’t stand knowing that teetotaler “W” is lurking in the back ground. Or even putting up with whole Bush clan again frightens me. What a bummer.


    We don’t need no more bush’s and clintons or oblamo’s!

  • godbadass

    What will you do if another Bush becomes president? Watch him go in as VP and there be an assassination of the president six years later, then he gets to be president for 10 years.

  • informus219

    Hell No:>{

  • nilremo

    Too many bushes in this garden already!

  • Helene Champlin



    Really can’t wait to see Kevin McCarthy,Thom Tillis,Sheldon Adelson,Rupert Mourdoch,Karl Rove,Lindsey Graham,John McCain,Hayley Barbour,Grover Norquist and the GOP stuff Jeb Bush down the tea party’s throats EXACTLY like they stuffed Romney down. Straight no chaser. Hillary will drink to that.

  • Nick Mele

    I think we have been Bush Wacked for the last Time, along with everything else the gave us Obama because they were so disliked.

  • Merritt J. Staley

    yeah we don’t need another wolf in sheep’s clothing as president.

  • Charity

    Barbara Bush, former First Lady and Jeb Bush’s Mama, made it clear how SHE feels. She said, “We do not need a family dynasty in the White House. No more Bushes or Clintons,” she said about two months ago. I AGREE!

  • Jessica


  • Suan Dire

    Another bush I dont think so they have done nothing for the country but bankrupt us and then think we forget like most people do today! Are we going to make them work in congress or vote think in to attack average people! Its time to watch your congress and stop giving away large salaries lifetime benefits and play mind games with you. START NOW NOT AT ELECTIONS voting these idiots back in for corporate interests!

  • Anja J

    how about NOT running for anything at all? I don’t look back fondly on the Bush years, we don’t need another Bush! We don’t need another Clinton! And we certainly do NOT need someone who is pro amnesty! We need someone who is pro American and American workers!

  • Shirley Jackson

    Here’s something you must remember….when you pick a president you also pick a First Lad who represents our country in many ways. When Bush was Gov. of Florida you never heard of his wife, she did nothing. She is from Mexico and she preferred to stay out of the limelight. EXCET for when she came back from a personal trip in Europe and was caught trying to smuggle in merchandise to avoid paying duty fees. Their one daughter has had a history of drug abuse. We need to consider all aspects of our leaders lives for a change.

    • Anja J

      I agree, if they have crooks or druggies in their own immediate family, tells me they can’t even run a family, let alone a state or a country

  • ellism66

    He needs to just DISAPPEAR.

  • Kathy Howard

    Nobody in their right mind want another Bush. Jeb that is, No Ted Cruz, Nor Condo Rice. Ms Thang go away. or find your dear friend AzzMoZ.

  • Ammoguy

    I don’t know if he will run,.but I think if he does we should Run! as far and fast as we can. We need another Bush like you need a hole in your head,..didn’t need to last two!!

  • Guest

    I agree with his mother that he should not run.

  • Guest

    His mother made a public statement that she does not want to see him run for President and I think he should listen to his mother. Mothers know best.

  • DavePeck

    The last thing this county needs is another Bush espically one that married a wet and then claims that all these illegals are tresspassing in our country for “love”…..this guy is a bigger idiot than his Brother !!

  • Lady Vet

    Sure! Let him run! I just hope the Democrats have a good candidate because whoever they choose will be President if Jeb-Boy does. He proved his moral compass when he trashed the voting process in FL to make sure Dubya got in.

    • ATW

      Good grief! I guess the old adage is true. “You just can’t fix stupid”.

      • Lady Vet

        I assume you’re referring to the GOP.

  • Mister_YT

    No more Presidents, we need a White Fundamentalist Christian Ultra-Conservative dictator or better yet a Fuhrer! Heil Jesus!

  • Mister_YT

    His grandfather Preston Bush knew the right people to support. He was the Nazis banker here.

  • Heather

    How about NO. The last thing we need is another Bush in the White House.

  • Scott Eaton

    Why doe’s he want to get shot at ?

  • Jebwatch.com

    NEITHER! is the answer. He should go away and forget politics. Who would pick him for their running mate? He would be the kiss of death and immediately doom them in the general election.

  • loony1975

    NEITHER…we can’t afford to have another ignorant bush in the White House…nor do we want one….

  • ATW

    As a native Floridian, there are many things that Jeb did
    that I approved. There were also a number of things that he did that I didn’t
    approve of. But the nail in Jeb’s coffin, as far as I’m concerned, was his
    revised stance on immigration. That’s when he lost my vote. I voted for him
    twice as governor, but will not vote for him as president.

  • EmilyGoodall

    bob . . . please, not Dog Catcher . . . OMG, so W would be a Jeb adviser?

  • Suzy

    Hell no he shouldn’t run for anything. What a joke he would be. He has felons for kids and his wife isn’t much better. WE don’t need a little short Mexican woman as first lady that tried to snuck thousands of dollars of clothes through customs without paying tax on it. Jeb paid off the fine of almost 5,000 so she didn’t get into any trouble.

  • dm

    Please let him run it will be an easy win for Democrats. His own mother told him not to run there has been enough Bush’s destroying there name. Disappear like your brother did, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

  • Alex Landi

    He should run -AWAY and leave us alone!
    No more from the Bush Leagues!!
    What are the Bushs-a royal family? Didn’t we fight a Revolutionary War over 230 years ago to get away from such a system where power was kept in the family? It was called royalty and was considered totally undemocratic. We are sliding back into that. NO WAY!!!!!!!!
    And no more Clintons, either. After Hillary, (though I don’t think she can win and may not even run) are we expected to elect Chelsea??

  • Bette

    He should not run.

  • Shootist

    Jeb Bush: Should He Run For President Or VP?

    Neither. If he wants to serve let him serve as silent tribute.

  • speakez6

    Who cares what CONDI RICE thinks…she’s another establishment Bushie RINO.

  • robo14

    Lacy,seriously,when did a “moderate” Republican ever bring in votes?Do your electoral history…

  • JoeThePimpernel

    No more Bushes. No more Romneys. No more Clintons. No more Obamas.