Javonte Douglas: See a College Player's Insane Dunk [VIDEO]


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You sometimes hear hyperbole about a basketball player being so good that he can jump out of a gym. Now that doesn't seem so far-fetched after watching a video of a junior college player's amazing dunk that went viral. Javonte Douglas, a JuCo player for the College of Central Florida, pulled off a dunk that will make most NBA players a little green with envy.

This Twitter user says it best:

Check out Javonte Douglas's crazy dunk (video above, GIF below) for one of the best sports clips you will see all week.


This obviously wasn't your run-of-the-mill dunk. After a teammate shot the ball, Douglas ran up to get the rebound. Instead, the 6-foot-8 forward from Charlotte, NC jumped over three players and slammed the ball in the basket. Make sure you take note of the location of Douglas's chin and the hand that is on the basketball at the peak of his dunk. Granted, it appears that he gets a little help from another player that was going up for the ball and got under him, but still...watch out, Blake Griffin!

College of Central Florida has commented about the video on their Facebook page and says that it has received more hits than any other video in Patriots history. The video is expected to appear on ESPN sometime this week.

How did Javonte Douglas's dunk rank compared to others you have seen? Respond below.

[Image via Facebook and EveryJoe]