Jaden Smith Looks On In Horror As Gaga Gives A Show

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The MTV Video Music Awards were a feast for the eyes as well as the ears on Sunday night, as Lady Gaga hit the stage in typical grand fashion and Miley Cyrus shocked the world with her tongue-waving, twerking, crotch-grinding antics during a duet with Robin Thicke. Several funny reactions were caught by the audience-cam--Taylor Swift's "Shut the f--k up" during One Direction's time onstage, for instance--but one in particular is making the rounds on the web today.

Will Smith, who was seated with his wife and two children in the audience, got an eyeful during the Gaga set, and Jaden's reaction is priceless. The photo caught some attention today because it was initially reported that it was captured during Miley's performance, but either way it's a pretty accurate expression for how many viewers felt during the spectacle that is the awards show.

There were some other noteworthy events at the show; Katy Perry had a successful performance of her new single "Roar", which she debuted live on a stage made to look like a giant boxing ring under the Brooklyn Bridge, and Danity Kane announced their reunion on the red carpet.

Image: Courtesy MTV

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